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08/13/2019 01:29 PM 

"Am I Excelling Yet?" Drabble (Dark)

"Am I Excelling Yet?"
The rhythmic reverberation of blood trickling over the edges of the rickety wooden table in the center of the shed like structure onto the floor boards below seemed amplified by the silence of the world outside. His eyes fluttered wildly as he returned to conciousness, the back of his head split open by something similar to an out of contorl freight train that sent waves of pain crashing through his skull and the muscles in his neck. He gave an audiable groan and tried to move his arms but thick ropes buried into the skin around his wrists which caused him to trace them to their source. They snaked their way from their place on him under the corners of the table he laid on, no doubt wrapped around where the uneven legs began. The same was done around his ankles and he thrashed violently which only made the table shake. He hadn't realized the chill that graced his flesh until a soft gust from outside danced through the cracks of the structure and met him where he lied. His head craned forward, limited by his position flat on his back to how far his neck would allow but it was just enough to gaze upon his fine suit resting under him. It had been slit down the front and the same had been done to his pants leaving him exposed except where his undergarment began.
"What in the hell?! What is this?!" The authority of the words was lost when the fear lodged in his throat coated them on their way out.
Tglow of the incandescent light over head illuminated the space, glinting off stainless steel surgical tools to the side of him. He knew those instruments, he used them himself in his lab. His confusion slammed to a stop when his eyes caught glimpse of a pale complection emerge from a shadowed corner. " can't be." His rising panic tightened the string of words as they tumbled from his lips, it was a sound she knew well. He was terrified. The girl stepped forward placed hands down beside his frame, close enough that he thought he felt her slender fingers drift against his skin. "Yes. It can." Her voice was almost as cold as the bursts of air coming from the outside. He gazed up into those dead orbs, the once vibrant sapphire hues of Subject 006 now hollow as the light in them had been snuffed out years ago, he would know, he was the one who wanted to see it gone from her. Slender fingers glided over the tools at her side and she took the first, a flawless scapel. "Please." The phrase held no meaning in this moment. It fell on deaf ears as she shook her head, tangled chestnut locks slipping over her shoulders.
"Did you know it takes the human body just five minuets to bleed out. Less if there are other more severe injuries." She stopped and a broken grin cracked her features that made chills run through his spine. "You taught me that."
T The blade of the scapel stopped just inches from his eyes as she pointed it towards him. "Shall we go over our lessons Doctor?" It was simply a formality as the razor sharp edge met its mark and began carving through his flesh in a precise Y shape starting from his shoulders down the center of his chest towards his stomach. The crimson liquid contained beneath the thin layer of epidermus flowed in rivers once it had been unleased. He screamed in agony as she took her time in pulling back the skin, carefully using her tool to seperate it neatly from the muscle tissue. He begged for his conciousness to slip away but he knew that would remain an unaswered prayer. He taught her well, she would make this last, draw it out so he felt every ounce of what she had prepared for him. Once the flesh was peeled away from his torso she began to work on what remained intact on his arms, then his legs, the once soft pattering to the floor becoming a constant stream, soaking into the timber and gathering in a pool at her feet. He tried not to make a sound, he didn't want to give her the sastisfaction. His eyes squeezed shut so tightly it blocked out the glow of the light above but Six did not approve of his method of dealing with the agony. "Doctor....We are even close to finished." He felt her anger hang in the air around him before his eyes were pried open. The progress he had made of silence now shattered with the scream that ripped from his throat when his eyelids were sliced off causing his sockets to become nothing more then deep lagoons of sanguine fluid. "Shhh, shhhh." It was not meant to soothe but remind him of who he was dealing with. "Tell me Doctor, am I excelling yet?"


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