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08/12/2019 10:24 PM 

get to know me - nsfw

WARNING: i stole this from Cal and this is going to be super dirty and I'm excited to write it - so read at your own risk. this was also way more fun than i was expecting it to be and gave me a great insight on ken

x. A = Aftercare ( what they’re like after sex ) 

unless it was some kind of quickie in a public place, Ken always needs to take a shower after he gets down and dirty. he doesn't understand how people lay in their sheets and soak up their musk - it disgusts him.

 x. B = Body part ( their favorite body part of theirs and their partner’s ) 

Ken's favorite part of his body is his entire body. the way that every piece of his body moulds together to create his body is what he loves about it. there isn't a single part of his body that you would hear him talking negative about (plus, he puts all that time in the gym for a reason).

for his female partners, definitely their legs. there's something about a woman that can wear nothing but a button down and a pair of heels that highlights their form. for his male partners, it's a tie between arms or pecs, he loves grabbing onto those two parts.

x. C = Cum ( Where do they like to cum? How long does it take for them to do so? ) 

Ken loves to see it. he never wants to finish inside his partner or inside the condom. he wants to know exactly how turned on he was and wants other's to see the effect that they had on him. his favorite two places to cum are: on his/his partner's stomach or his partner's back.

it really depends on the situation that they're in. if it's something super high risk where his adrenaline is pumping at the thought of getting caught, he can finish pretty quickly. if he wants to be able to hold himself back to make it last long as possible in a bed, he can do that as well. 

x. D = Dirty secret ( A dirty secret of theirs ) 

Ken has a little black book that not many people know about, detailing all the information that he can remember from every sexual encounter he has. not every entry has the other person's name, but it at least has the date and location of the encounter. 

x. E = Experience ( How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing? ) 

for most of his life, ken definitely acted like he knew what he was doing way more than he truly did. probably around the age 22, did he finally discover all the best ways to pleasure his partner. if you were to ask him that same question, he'd say age 13.

x. F = Favorite position ( pretty self-explanatory. Will include a visual ) 

it sounds cheesy, but ken's favorite position is missionary. he loves being able to see his partner while they're f***ing, being able to watch their facial expressions and make eye contact. it's alluring to him.

x. G = Goofy ( Are they more serious in the moment? Or are they humorous? Etc. ) 

definitely more serious. he treats sex like it's the last time he's ever going to have sex so he doesn't want to laugh his way through it. depending on the partner, it might be a little more lighthearted at the end of it, but the goal is to get off. 

x. H = Hair ( How well-groomed are they? )  

ken is very well groomed. naturally, he doesn't produce that much body hair and as for his pubic hair, he always keeps it trimmed very low. he kept it completely bare for the longest time until he entered in his twenties, figuring it was time to at least leave some hair and grow up a bit. 

x. I = Intimacy ( How are they during sex? The romantic aspect? Etc. )

he's never had a sufficient enough relationship for sex to truly be intimate. as stated before, he treats sex as the means to get off and that's what he's going to do. no fluffy rose petals, scented candles or marvin gaye playlists happening in ken's oom. 

x. J = Jack off ( how often do they do it? )

probably close to every day that he's not actively getting laid. he's notorious for jerking off on planes during his travel. it helps him relax. 

x. K = Kink ( one or more of their kink. ) 

the thought of getting caught is intoxicating to ken. he's not sure if it's just the public aspect or the fact that he's known in the media but there's truly something about getting caught that makes him want to do it more. 

x. L = Location ( their favorite place to have sex? ) 

anywhere that ken can get off, honestly. it doesn't matter to him where he is when nature calls. 

x. M = Motivation ( what turns them on? Gets them going? ) 

a light breeze in the right direction up his shorts would be all it needs to get ken going. he has the sex drive of a kid going through puberty. the fastest way to get him hard when the time comes is to kiss his neck, right behind his ear. there's something about that spot that just sends shivers down his spine. 

x. N = No ( Something they wouldn’t do. Turnoffs. ) 

there's definitely some kinks that ken would never want to partake in - anything involving bodily matter or any sort of domination. 

 x. O = Oral ( Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc. ) 

all day, every day. sex is great and all, but foreplay is definitely the way into ken's heart. whether it be male or female, vagina or penis, give it to him. in all sense of the words. when it comes down to it, he enjoys giving to a female and receiving from a male more. watching his women thrive under his touch and being able to hear how much his male partners are enjoying him are what send him over the edge. 

x. P = Pace ( Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? )

more often than not, ken enjoys it fast and rough. as stated multiple times, he's trying to get off. he's not going to sit there and take twenty minutes just to set a light and easy pace. he wants to feel as best as possible. 

x. Q = Quickie ( their opinion on quickies rather than proper sex. How often? Etc. )  

love, love, love it. especially in public areas - party bathrooms, airplanes, parking  garages, etc. the thought of having to get off as quick as possible and move on with your day, having people look at you as if you weren't just f***ing in the bushes over there, incredible. 

x. R = Risks ( are they game to experiment? Do they take risks? ) 

there's not many kinks that ken wouldn't try out, except for the aforementioned. he would risk a lot. he wants to risk a lot. wants to feel like sex is something new every single time he does it. that being said, he definitely plays it safe. he's not going to be experimenting with any potential std's. 

x. S = Stamina ( How many rounds can they go for? ) 

ken needs some time to reset after every encounter. it doesn't take long, but he can't go round for round immediately after finishing. give him a bottle of gatorade and forty-five minutes to recharge, and he's ready to go. 

x. T = toy ( Do they enjoy using toys? Do they own them? Etc. )

he's not opposed to them. he doesn't actively seek them out in order to get what he needs done, but if his partner mentions it and wants to bring it out, as long as it doesn't slow him down, he's game. 

x. U = Unfair ( how much do they like to tease? ) 

ken loves teasing when he has the time to do it. often times, he catches himself being oggled at by other parties. so if his shirt lifts a little to expose some of his stomach? so be it. not his fault. he never leaves anyone hanging though. being able to tease someone turns him on and he doesn't want to leave giving himself blue balls. 

x. V = Volume ( How loud are they? What sounds do they make? ) 

when he has the chance to be loud, ken loves making noise. he loves being able to tell his partner how they're doing. but when he needs to be quiet? he's like a mouse. you'll never know he's there. and being able to hold his hand over his partner's mouth to silence them... even better. 

x. W = Wild Card ( random headcanon for your character ) 

there aren't many people that can make ken cum with just a blowjob or from just their hands. he's not sure if it's because he jerked off so often when he was younger, but the feeling of someone else controlling his orgasm never works. he knows exactly how he needs to stroke himself to get him to finish and other people just don't do it right. 

x. X = X-ray ( What’s going on in those pants? )  

ken is definitely not small but he's not the biggest person in the world either. around a solid 6.5-7 inches. he's definitely never received any complaints.

x. Y = Yearning ( how high is their sex drive? ) 

his sex drive is definitely still through the roof. he believes in part it's because it doesn't take much for him to get laid. not that he's a slut, but if he wanted to, he could get laid whenever he wanted, allowing his sex drive to still be through the roof.  

x. Z = ZZZZ ( how quickly do they fall asleep after sex? ) 

usually never. as stated before, ken needs to shower afterwards and if it's a particularly risky location, there isn't room for ken to fall asleep. 


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