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Roleplays may take place at any point throughout these timelines. They are a simple relay of events that occur throughout and can be tweaked/altered to fit roleplays at any point in those timelines. The verse name is linked to a bio if one is currently written or present. Some bios are linked together to form an overarching plotline as they take place within the same universe. Triggers are involved for the majority of bios.
These include violence, manipulation, suicide, murder and a lot of general dark themes. This is not an exhaustive list.

This is an amalgamation of Arkham video games and the Arkham comic as they follow the same line of continuity. Where the comic and video game names are similar with the comic acting typically as a prequel the stories have been combined under one verse. The related animated movie, Batmas: Assault on Arkham has been separated and paired with Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay as a Suicide Squad animated movie due to the moves away from the Arkhamverse canon and the similarities in animation to Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018).

Batman '66
As the verse title may elude, this verse is based off the comics that were inspired by the Batman 1966 tv series. Although Harley was never an official part of this despite many fan theories, since her introduction wasn’t until 1992 she did make a few appearances in a slightly altered story under the name Dr. Holly Quinn within the Batman ’66 comics. For any roleplays that are set in the 1960s this is the verse and storyline that will be used.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Within this series it is acknowledged that in an alternate universe a creature with magic called Bat-Mite exists and that within this world Batman is acknowledged as a comic book hero alongside Robin as they fight the Joker. Bat-Mite has the ability to force/alter the reality that Batman and Robin live in, like a writer of fate as he pops up in time ‘fangirling’ over the Dynamic Duo.

Batman: The Dark Prince Charming
Overview to be released.
▶Batman: The Dark Prince Charming

Batman: Hush
A DC Animated Original Movie with a new villain; Hush. Although Harley's role within this film was short, the development of Hush led to this verse being written and separated from other animated storylines.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Overview to be released.
▶Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Batman and Harley Quinn
Although strictly a part of the DC Animated universe, due to its length and popularity, date difference and features that are slightly different to the DC Animated Universe (such as the introduction of Superbabes and Harley's complete separation from the Joker), it has been separated from this group of verses.

Batman Li'l Gotham
Originally a digital comic, this series has water colour-like artwork and a more joyful tone as the comic passes through time with one-shots focusing on special events throughout the year, starting with Halloween.

Batman Ninja
Created by a Japanese Studio for DC a Japanese anime style was adopted in terms of look and storyline. Where the storyline becomes overly complex with a few interpretations available, my own opinion of the outcomes has been used within the bio. Some aspects of the storyline also just have to be taken for granted as limited explanations are offered aside from 'it's just an anime trope'.
▶Batman Ninja

Batman vs. TMNT
Overview to be released.
▶Batman vs. TMNT

Birds of Prey (2002)
This is based upon TV Series set in New Gotham City, as opposed to the upcoming film. Within this the Joker is long gone and psychopathic Dr. Harleen is running the show on her own. For this universe real life face claim Mia Sara will be used.
▶Birds of Prey

This is set during World War II so Nazism and the Nazi Regime will be mentioned. It is not condoned by the blog and will be tagged ‘tw nazism’. If you want me to tag it in any other ways please let me know. I don’t want to offend or cause any harm to any of you. Also please be aware that the end of this plot is considerably jumpy. I apologise for that but a lack of Harley’s involvement jumping through the end of the main storyline makes rounding off this retelling difficult without it becoming irrelevant.

Please note this verse is substantially darker than the DC SuperHero Girls world. Initially made to be a GOTHAM verse this has been moved to a CIRCUS alternative universe given Ecco’s Harley-like vibes within GOTHAM. This will allow for expansion of her timeline beyond her teenage years if seen fit. Harley’s bio has been written to include many dark themes, including murder as she works her way up to being a Ring Master and one of the younger Crime Bosses in Gotham, the second title, by accident. Face Claim for this verse is Kathryn Newton with icons specifically edited to change her hair colour.

DC Animated Universe
Please note that all the series grouped together here are all a part of the DC Animated Universe and have therefore been placed under a verse together despite many series being considerably shorter or, such as the case with Gotham Girls, be relayed to the audience in a different manner. The only exception is Batman and Harley Quinn which due to its popularity has been placed in a verse in its own right.
▶Batman: The Animated Series
▶The New Batman/Superman Adventures
▶Gotham Girls
▶Static Shock and Justice League

DC SuperHero Girls
This verse is based off a light-hearted world but that does not mean this verse will necessarily stay that way. I am willing to put Harley in darker situations although the chances of her staying serious are slim. She can play up to attention, and often tries to outstep herself in darker behaviours, which in the web series wouldn’t typically be considered. She messes up and tries to be on the good side, but balances it out and walks on the line between good and villainous all the time, just to seek a thrill.  The darker edge was initially built around Harley’s seemed abandonment from her parents as they make no appearances and weren’t even seen to sign her own paperwork allowing to go on a trip, with Harley signing this herself in canon. The bio below does not go into this detail due to it’s focus on the film, not the graphic novels but is a concept set to be explored further. 
▶Hero of the Year
▶Adventures at Super Hero High
▶Going Viral
▶Switch Up the Style

Overview to be released.

This verse is based upon the ‘Harley Quinn-esque’ character within GOTHAM Ecco. A verse had previously been written for Harley Quinn within the GOTHAM verse and is now available under my Circus verse. Due to the similarities between Ecco and Harley in terms of relationship to their respective Joker’s it didn’t feel right to keep my own GOTHAM verse under the same header.

Gotham City Garage
Please note this is an alternative universe where Lex Luthor runs a city under a dome and calls it his own, with the rest of the surrounding lands becoming a desolate desert-like wasteland, where the majority of action takes place.

Gotham City Sirens
Due to the nature of this verse Poison Ivy (Pamela Isely) and Catwoman (Selina Kyle) may make guest appearances throughout this verse as  Harley is working directly with them. Where possible this will be avoided where wanted but as seen in the plot below the story entwines the three ‘Sirens’ so are often spotted together. 
▶Gotham City Sirens

Overview to be released.

Harley Quinn Animated Series
Due to release in America in November.
▶Harley Quinn: The Animated Series

Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass
Overview to be released.
▶Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass

Harley Quinn: Mad Love
Overview to be released.
▶Harley Quinn: Mad Love

Heroes in Crisis
Overview to be released.
▶Heroes in Crisis
▶Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Annuals from Years One to Five have been added into the biographies when appropriate. Injustice: Gods Among Us takes place and is identical in storyline to Injustice: Ground Zero but pays less attention to Harley’s actions and focuses more generally on several characters within the world itself, telling many stories at once to bring Superman to justice. Injustice: Ground Zero pays closer attention to Harley’s actions throughout these events when she’s on and off the screen. The story itself is written as a retelling of events from Harley after the events as she’s talking to the Harley from Earth One but for this biography that element of the story will be ignored and disregarded to make it easier to understand. Icons from this part of the storyline, however, may still be used.
▶Injustice Year Two
▶Injustice Year Three
▶Injustice Year Four
▶Injustice Year Five
▶Injustice: Gods Among Us
▶Injustice: Ground Zero
▶Injustice 2 Comic
▶Injustice 2 Video Games

Joker (2019)
This verse is alternative universe story of my own design based on Joker (2019) featuring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck. Due to the differences with on this Joker’s origin story it was thought best to develop an AU story for Harleen Quinzel where she is an admirer of the Joker’s work.

The Joker Blogs
Overview to be released.
▶The Joker Blogs

Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity
Overview to be released.
▶Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity

Justice League Action
Overview to be released.
▶Justice League Action

Justice League: Gods and Monsters
This is canon divergent and heavily based upon headcanons due to the fact that in the first episode the Harlequin gets killed. However, as Batman is revealed to be a vampire in this universe I have instead opted to write this as if she was sired by the Batman instead of drained. Vampire lore where appropriate will be similar to that of Buffy the Vampire Slayer due to Bluebell’s familiarity with this. Please note due to the nature of this verse and her characterisation that Harley is more unstable than usual, opting for a chainsaw and is a serial killer. You have the warning here. 

Justice League: No Justice
Overview to be released.
▶Justice League: No Justice

Lego Batman
Due to the varying storylines and outfits for Harley throughout this franchise it was thought best to split up the universe in this way. Although the bios are separate however, icons from all may be used in a thread with the likelihood of all threads within this verse just being titled as a lego thread rather than it be overly specific. 
▶Lego Batman Games 1-3
▶Lego DC Villains

New Earth (pre fifty-two)
Despite the New Earth timeline stretching from 1986 to 2011 I have opted to focus purely on her own comic line Harley Quinn (2000). Elements of her characterisation and icons from these previous comics may be brought in for reference but her biography will solely focus on this series.
▶Harley Quinn
▶Batman: Harley and Ivy

New 52
Despite Harley Quinn having several crossovers between 2011 and 2016, I have opted to use the main storylines from her three main comic storylines; Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn and the New Suicide Squad. Elements of her characterisation and icons from these comics outside these series may be brought in for reference but her biography will solely focus on these three series.
▶Suicide Squad
▶Harley Quinn
▶New Suicide Squad

Face Claim for this verse is Ash Costello as she helps to provide the darker angle of Harley I intend to take with this verse but Margot Robbie may be requested. Harley is not written into the Joker’s past and will be kept separate intentionally although encounters with the Joker and other Gotham villains are encouraged. She will not acknowledge that she knows them personally unless pre-established but does consider The Joker to be a huge inspiration for who she is. The bio is written to imply Heath Ledger’s Joker looks-wise but this is a minor detail. Comic influences and the music of New Year’s Day are there but this is predominantly headcanon based which will be heavily triggering to some people.

Old Lady Harley
Overview to be released.
▶Old Lady Harley

Despite Harley Quinn having several crossovers since 2016, I have opted to use the main storylines from her two main comic storylines; Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad. Elements of her characterisation and icons from the comics outside these series may be brought in for reference but her biography will solely focus on these two series. Crossovers that tie-in exactly with the main storyline (Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Sink Atlantis, etc.) will be mentioned as a part of her plotline. When Harley & Ivy Met Betty & Veronica will typically only be referenced in Riverdale crossover threads.
▶Harley Quinn
▶Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Animated Movies
Assault on Arkham was initially made to add to the Arkhamverse but due to having similarities in art style and an acknowledgement of Task Force X I have paired this film with the release of Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay under the title Suicide Squad Animated Movies. Please note that, however, there is one confusing difference between the two involving Killer Frost as different people who used that name within the DC Universe are used in each film with Assault on Arkham referring to Louise Lincoln, and Hell to Pay referring to Crystal Frost.
▶Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

The Telltale Batman video games are point-and-click graphic adventures where your actions as Batman implicate the potential storyline. Because of this, and help from videos provided by Hippo Reddy, two storylines has been written, depending on whether Bruce’s (or Batman’s) actions can be classed as mostly “good” or mostly “bad” and how these relationships are affected because of these two extremes of the storyline. It is acknowledged that other possibilities and mixes of these storylines are possible but have split them in this this way due to the storylines presented by Hippo Reddy and the use of two basic story arcs.
▶The Honest Batman
▶Batman the Monster

The Batman (2004)
Overview to be released.
▶The Batman

The Batman Who Laughs
Overview to be released.
▶The Batman Who Laughs

White Knight
Please note that this is an alternative universe where the Joker has been reformed as is again known as Jack Napier. This reformation is due to drugs supplied by the Batman during one of their encounters. Another important idea is that this world has two Harleys; A more ‘classic’ style that plays on the character’s intelligence whom becomes known simply as Harleen Quinzel, and a second far more erratic with an initial ‘suicide squad’ style that will be referred to as Harley, and then the Neo Joker as she transforms. Jack Napier will also try and separate himself from the Joker persona, despite them being the same person with the Joker held back only through the regular drugs supplied by Batman, and then Harleen. Throughout my writing these distinction should remain clear but if not, please feel free to ask. There are mentions of self harm in the Neo Joker bio and mentions of prescription medication linked to Jack, across both bios.

Worlds of DC
Suicide Squad (2016) has now been placed under the new header of Worlds of DC as this is now the official title for what was previously referred to as the DCEU. Therefore, Suicide Squad (2016) and any subsequent films within this franchise (Such as the upcoming movie Birds of Prey) will now be under this header.
▶Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn


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