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say that i'm cryptic
a little bit twisted
my blood's filled
with mischief
can't figure me out
a bit problematic
touch psychosomatic
that's how you see me
and what i'm about.


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August 04, 2019


08/07/2019 01:30 AM 

Category: Guidelines


This page is reference for those outside of Double Impact.
Hey there! I'm Bluebell and I'm the writer behind this Harley account. I am 21 and I have just completed a degree in criminology and psychology meaning that any psychological references used by Harley will be as accurate as possible within my expertise.This blog post is just a quick rundown of how I write Harley. All my current experience writing Harley comes from Tumblr (Quiinnsanity) and Twitter (Quiinnsane)and therefore these rules may be updated often to reflect the changes in platform as I get used to them. All images/gifs used on the layout/blog and in replies are of my own creation. Credit to HIGH TIMES for their layout and blog codes.

I do not claim to own the character of Harley Quinn, own or be any part of the DC franchise, or own any of the gifs and pics posted on this blog. I made all the edits on this page but original images were not my own. I also create and use all my own icons with my own psd. Screencaps where appropriate are my own but mostly I’ve just cropped the comic pages where needed with scans taken from here.


First things first I will be slow. Roleplays outside of the RPG will not be priority. This does not mean that they will not occur but please expect a delayed response comparatively. I will always try my best to carve out time to make sure everyone gets a reply eventually and this could take a while. If it's been a week you are more than welcome to shoot me a message/comment asking about it but please understand that there is a life outside rp. I do only work Mondays and Fridays at the moment but this is not my only account and that (surprisingly) there is a life outside rp.


My layout and main bio focuses on Suicide Squad (2016). This is not the only portrayal of Harley I am familiar with but it will be my main focus here. Please take a look at the list of verses available HERE and let me know if there is a specific verse you would like to roleplay in that is not my main biography. All info to each verse should be linked to the verses page as of its availability. Any information not currently available can always be asked for. I am always open to any questions anyone has about my characters or my bios. You will liekly notice that I have read/watched/played a lot of Harley Quinn orientated verses but if there is one that isn't mentioned please feel free to ask anyway as I'm sure we canfigure something out.

Writing Style

Here I will write anything from a couple lines to a full blown multi para/novella like response. This will depend on muse but for the most part I will match your response length. If it's a comment I may occasionally stylise some of the writing to make it more aesthetically pleasing but that is just me as a writer and you are never obligated to do the same. If you choose a certain style of formatting I will likely edit my style so that our replies match more. If we click as writers as you wish to become one of my connections, feel free to shoot me an ask and if I agree then you will be added to my layout.Double Impact connections will come first in the list in order of priority, please bare this in mind.

A Note to Joker Accounts;

I understand that many portrayals of the Joker do not involve Harley in their timeline and I accept that. Because of this I developed my own Nolanverse where Harley is more of a fangirl towards the Joker despite never having met him. If you would rather start with their relationship in Arkham or have your own AUs you would like to try this is also more than welcomed.

This is likely far from finished

That's all I can think of for now but as things become more apparent, and the way things work around here outside of an rpg setting make more sense to me then rules will likely be added or edited for this to become a fully functional space. I appreciate you reading through this. I do not expect anything in the comments but if you do have any suggestions etc. I'll be happy to read through them and take them on board. 


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