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my blood's filled
with mischief
can't figure me out
a bit problematic
touch psychosomatic
that's how you see me
and what i'm about.


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August 04, 2019


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Dr Harleen Quinzel was working at Arkham Asylum, assigned to by the psychiatrist for the Joker. She believed in herself to cure him, but in fact had fallen for the mad man, helping him break out of the asylum by giving him a machine gun. She got caught up in the madness and before he made his escape Harleen was promised that the Joker wouldn’t kill her, only hurt her really, really bad as she was strapped to an ECT machine without a muscle relaxant. Claiming she’d helped him, by giving him the machine gun the Joker retaliated the game only going this way as she subjected him to the same treatment on the machine leaving him a hole of rage and confusion with he proceeded to take out on her. Harleen claims she can take the pain and whatever else he wants to throw at her as the leather strap to bite down on in place in her mouth and the ECT machine shocked her; her first step into madness.

Her next step came during a car chase when she demanded not be abandoned by him. Chasing down the road, no helmet, and hardly any experience on a motor. She tried to get his attention as they drove side by side, but he didn’t seem to care and she did what would’ve been unthinkable before him to demand he looked at her more than once. Speeding up she went in front of him before climbing onto the side of the bike as it skidded to a halt, handlebar sparking off the road. When it stopped she climbed off and stood firmly in his path as if daring the Joker to run her over.

Emergency stop in play the bonnet started inches away from her legs. In frustration her hands came crashing down on the bonnet as she practically begged him not to leave her. She’d done everything he’d asked her to and passed every test he’d set just so she could be by his side, even if he thought of her as nothing more than a pain in his ass. She had proved she loved him and was now trying to force that acceptance onto him.

This backfired, the Joker claiming he was only an idea, that he wasn’t someone who could be loved as he said outright that he was no longer part of his plan. All Harleen needed was to be let in, to allow him to accept her and she’d prove her worth more times than he would ask, promising she won’t hurt him. Their conversation was interrupted by a truck driver, demanding them to move their quarrel from the middle of the road. Without hesitation, Harleen took Joker’s gun out of its holster and fired a straight shot at the male so that they could have a chance to talk. Seeing this, the Joker warned her that he wouldn’t have done such a thing. Teasing her he pushed his forehead against the chamber of the gun, laughing telling her he’d be her friend before tormenting her further, asking her to do it over and over again. Harleen, slightly confused and bewildered wonders aloud why his heart scares him and a gun doesn’t. Shouting at her to do it he moves quickly taking the gun from her, commenting that if he didn’t think she were crazy, he’d believe her to be insane. He tells her to go away but clearly this didn’t happen.

Her final test came at the ACE Chemicals plant, she’s found glancing down at the chemical was, the Joker asking her a seemingly straight forward question: Would she die for him? Without hesitation Harleen responded yes. Claiming that question was too easy she asked her if she would live for him, to which again she responded with a simple “yes”. He warned her to be careful, telling her not to take such an oath thoughtlessly as power becomes surrender and surrender becomes power. Asking her whether she truly wanted this Harleen answered “I do” before asking her to say please. Telling her she was so good he looked down at the bubbling vats, and without him telling her, and without her having to ask she knew what she had to do. Turning to face him, she held out her arms and let herself fall into one of the vats. Presuming it would kill her the Joker, went to leave, a moment’s hesitation stopping him from doing so as in frustration he jumps in after to, bringing her to the surface. Kissing her, in an attempt to get her breath back she smiles, proceeding to kiss him more passionately as he laughed. With this, she became his Harley Quinn.

During a party at the Joker’s club Harley was his star performer. The fire in his loins, the itch in his crotch, the infamous Harley Quinn and the Queen of Gotham City, and god help anyone who disrespected the Queen. Whistling Harley to his side the Joker offered her as a little gift to a man he was consulting with after his consort declared her a bad bitch. His consort declared he didn’t want no beef as Harley’s flirtatious nature ran all over him to the annoyance of her Mistah J. She was his and she wasn’t going to be taken away. Thinking something was wrong Harley backed off and before the moment had passed the consort was shot dead and the King and Queen went for a ride through the city in the Joker’s purple Lamborghini. Batman picked up the ride through the city, following them in the Batmobile. Claiming he was ruining Date Night Harley, crazier and more fearless than her Joker, forced him to go faster firing shots through the rough as Batman hung onto the roof.

Distracted by Batman, the Lamborghini was driven by the Joker straight through a barrier into the bay. Harley being unable to swim screamed at the car crashed and she went through the windshield. Trying to fight Batman whilst underwater he quickly put her out with a light punch before bringing her to the surface, carrying her to hood of the Batmobile to check she was alive. Thinking he’d lost her, Batman performs the kiss of life which Harley tries to turn into a make out session, Batman pinning her down by her neck to prevent any further injuries. Under Waller’s command he dropped her off at Belle Reve; the prison base and home of Task Force X.

In Belle Reve Penitentiary, Harley Quinn was living a life of solitude in an electrified cage in an open space. Every now and then one of the many gates leading to her was opened by the security guards who she always flirted with. Warned to keep off the bars, despite her hammock that was tied to the top of the cage, the blonde proceeded to lick the bar as a small act of defiance. Trying to convince the main guard to join her, the plan backfired. They clearly weren’t willing to go after the same plan twice with five previous guards ending up in hospital. Alerting security, he bar`23s were shocked and her mind was sent through a few flashbacks to the hell she’d already been through at Belle Reve. At first the guards seemed to underestimate her but soon realised her lethality and lack of sanity opting to put her on a diet of total meal replacement fluids keeping her alive; a choice of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. In a rage she went for the guard, walking straight into one of the bars on her cage. With a chuckle her guard labelled her a whole lot of pretty and a whole lot of crazy.

The next person to walk passed her cage from one of the upper floors was Amanda Waller, Argus Agent founding the Task Force. Harley asking whether she was the devil, Waller replied simply; maybe knowing the Task Force was nothing more than a potential Suicide Squad where the best agents weren’t worth the risk but skilled fighters were necessary. Somehow the intel of Harley’s potential release got through the Joker who was alerted to the Black Site; home of Belle Reve with his intentions now on finding his Queen. June Moon, as the Enchantress, released her own plan to form her own army alongside her brother and form a machine for the humans to worship, as they no longer appeared to worship Gods. Targeting Midway City, Task Force X was released and Harley alongside Deadshot, Killer Croc, El Diablo were pulled with Rick Flag at the helm, a Special Forces Operative and June Moon’s love interest.

Harley had been planning her own escape for some time, coughing up a key she’d kept hidden and tucking it behind her pony tails as the guards came through the gates to her cage this time. She held up her hands to surrender claiming she was co-operating as they approached her with caution. She sprung into the action trying to fight her way out. The guns weren’t to be used to shoot her but instead she was tasered and hit the floor of her cage. Strapped into a chair with a chin strap Harley was giggling all the way before panicking as unknown people started to crowd her intending to do something. Her hatred of needles topped most things so being restrained made it easier for the medic staff to inject a nanotech bomb. Going off on what was considered a magical mystery adventure Harley was smuggled a phone by her main guard who’d overseen her stay at Belle Reve claiming it was from “Mr J”. With a laugh Harley only claimed that everyone was screwed as she was transported onto a plane to take her and the rest of Task Force X away from Belle Reve and the Black Site.

With Enchantress’ brother wreaking havoc on Midway City, June came back to Rick Flagg to warn him that Enchantress had control, who then alerted Waller. Taking her anger out on the heart of the Enchantress which was kept in a sealed container Enchantress rushed to her brother for his heart and support, becoming the Task Force’s key enemy in the process as she vows to build a weapon to wipe out humanity and claim back her heart.

Taken to the Midway City Evacuation Point at the airport, Task Force X were released from their chains, briefed on their mission and given the property that they were arrested in back to them, weapons included. As soon as the ropes were loose on Harley she didn’t hesitate to try and build up conversation and an escape plan telling everyone she should just kill everyone and escape before blaming that comment on the voice in her head before telling them that wasn’t what it really said. Another two recruits greeted them here, Slipknot and Captain Boomerang, before Rick Flag took command. Here he explains the injection they all had was a nanite explosive, smaller than a grain a rice but powerful enough to blow someone’s head off. To make things simple Rick tells them they if they disobey, escape, irritate or vex Rick he will not hesitate to blow their heads off. To this Harley warns him that she’s known to be rather vexing, which he shoots down, telling her to shut up. Going back on his ‘pep talk’ he tells them that they are about to go on a mission to a bad place, to do something that is going to get them killed but before that happens they’re under his command and his problem.

They’re told the helicopter will leave in ten minutes and to grab what they’ll need for a fight from their own possessions. Harley changes into a white t-shirt with ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’ printed on it, a pair of red and blue hot pants, fishnet tights, a red and blue ‘Property of the Joker’ Jacket and a pair of white and black statement knee-high heels opting to grab her baseball bat, and pistol, with love and hate written alternately on the chamber. Whilst fixing up her makeup she starts a conversation with Deadshot as he seemingly hesitates to put on his mask. As he reassures her that he likes putting his mask on, Harley shows her slightly more sadistic side, claiming that she thinks a whole lot of people are about to die. El Diablo states that it’ll be them as they are about to be lead to their deaths as Harley directs a question to El Diablo asking if he could light a cigarette with his “pinky” as in her mind that would be classy. With Deadshot warning them that he could torch the whole airport if he wanted to although El Diablo denies he would do it.

Calling her “the Voice of God” Rick, gains the groups attention to a tablet with a message from Amanda Waller as she goes through their mission after introducing herself. Stating there’s an active terrorist event on Midway City she asks the group to enter the city, rescue HVT-1 and get them to safety. HVT-1, in Waller’s words, is the only person the group can’t kill. Complete the mission and they are given time off of their sentences, fail and they’ll die. If anything happens to Rick Flag she will not hesitate to kill them all. A pep talk considerably better than Flag’s in Deadshot’s eyes as in comparison “she killed it” before boarding the helicopter to take them to Midway City.

Just as the helicopter leaves Rick Flag is joined by his new assistant, Katana, who has Rick’s back and whose sword traps the soul of its victims. Offering to introduce herself Harley holds out her hand before commenting on scent, asking if her perfume is the stench of death before laughing. Offering to kill them now, Rick tells her to sit as they head for Midway. Commenting to Deadshot that Katana seems nice she receives a text from the Joker stating, “I’m coming for you”, shushing Deadshot in a way that asked him to keep quiet about her phone getting distracted as Killer Croc is travel sick, commenting on the smell.

A short time later, Harley’s taken off her seatbelt to watch the pretty lights that was the remnants of the terror attack, and the construction of Enchantress’ weapon; currently a typical lightning bolt surrounded by an orbit of concrete, rocks and rubble and other materials found from the destroyed buildings. The helicopter entered the main airspace of the city and was immediately shot down sending the Suicide Squad, Rick Flag, Katana and their pilot crashing downwards to the ground. Commenting “what a ride” as she left he helicopter it seemed that everyone within their team had luckily survived to their own and Waller’s disbelief.

With the assets undamaged, they started exploring their new surroundings, Captain Boomerang seemed to think the nanite technology with the imbedded explosive was a ploy to get them all to listen. Using Slipknot as his guinea pig he tested his theory the two of them working together to fight for their freedom. Katana chased after Captain Boomerang, and Slipknot used his grappling gun to escape. Without hesitation Rick Flag detonated Slipknot’s bomb, terminating him for good and losing a member of the team. It was a killer app in both sense of the word but also made the stakes even more real as Waller hadn’t been lying at all.

Deadshot spoke to Harley, claiming he was going to kill Flag, to which Harley advised that he better do it quickly before he killed them all one by one. Formulating a quick plan Deadshot vowed to take out Flag and Katana before starting on seven of the SEALs (Sea, Air and Land Special Ops Forces) that joined them, asking Harley to help pitch in then. Always opting to stick by his side, Harley asked about the nanites implanted into their necks, Deadshot using her hoping her ‘friends’ could help her out with that, since they were tracking her down. With a soft smirk Harley’s only response was that Deadshot was her friend too. Asking her to “Stay evil, Doll Face” the group continued as Harley set out to spread the word of Deadshot’s plan to free them all. Her first target to converse with was Captain Boomerang where she kept things simple, pointing out his flaw that they didn’t all work together when him and Slipknot was trying to escape. Offering him a chance for them to all go their separate ways afterwards, Captain Boomerang agreed that it sounded good as she asked him to spread to word. Before Harley even has a chance to speak to El Diablo about pulling the stunt he refuses, having already refused help by Captain Boomerang.

Approaching a crossroads Flag and SEALs move up ahead, opting for a diversion so as to not cause harm to the hostiles in the area. The Suicide Squad hang back a little to discuss their ambush plan, trying to convince Deadshot to go for a shot on Flag, with Boomerang stating that he liked the odds, given the distance Flag had on them. Holding the gang back, Deashot realised that the “hostiles” weren’t fully human, changed into a servant by Enchantress herself. With the warning clear in Deadshot’s mind he hesitates and a fight against the mutated humans ensues. During this Flag is dragged away by some of the mutants, Harley believing it was Good Riddance before getting shouted out by Deadshot as if Rick dies, they die. Going to saving him alongside Deadshot, Flag thanks her, only for her to tell him to shut up as the fight continues.

As the fight ends Harley is found beating one of the bodies passed death with her bat, stopped by Deadshot even though she claims to have seen it flinch. With Harley asking what they are, Flag could only describe them as no longer human since the crew clearly put together that the brief wasn’t completely true as the truth itself was close to unbelievable. Heading onwards, the group continued until the sounds of smashing glass was heard, Harley breaking into a shop window to take a new designer back she was a bad guy and it was what they did, after all. They regrouped to gain their bearings to be given more information, their task to time to the top of the building at the far end of the road, Harley drifted off, into thinking about her past.

Deadshot pulls her out of her trance, asking her if she’s coming along as she steps over the empty bottles scattered along the floor and picks up her pace, opting to strike a conversation with Killer Croc asking him why he eats people. Claiming it gives him power she goes a little further, asking him if he’s like to eat her. With a hell no as an answer, she questions his answer but doesn’t like his response. He tells her he doesn’t want her crazy which she can’t believe as he lives in a swamp, even if that’s something he knows. She giggles, saying that Midway City was like a sewer too only with nice shops and restaurants. Rhetorically asking him whether he hated mankind, the blonde concludes that it was because his mother didn’t take him to Chucky Cheese on his sixth birthday before commenting that she could recommend a good therapist.

El Diablo chimes up asking why she was teasing Killer Croc. Initially claiming she was bored, the blonde goes further telling she needs a victim, and mind to pry apart and spit in. Captain Boomerang tells El Diablo to leave it, as she’s a rabbit hole. Turning her attention to Katana, she rattles off some basic details about the woman, concluding she’s an only child without being told so. Going further she tells Katana she’s got deep seeded father issues, saying that her father wanted a son, which was why she hid behind a mask. Retaliating, Katana removes her mask, despite her slightly rattled cage. Deadshot pulls her away to stop her pulling apart the group telling her ashes’ acting like a drunken stripper. Harley fried back demanded to know what was going on as she smells a rat. Asking her to quietly go and play with the other children as if their heads don’t get blown off they’ll still have to fight their way out of the situation, Harley smirks declaring she’ll go back to her cage. Calling him a sell-out she sarcastically tells him that she gets it. Telling him she knows how the world works, saying that when it comes down to the heart, to love, its everyone for themselves. Grabbing her bat off of him she turns on her heel and walks away.

Outside the John F Ostrander Federal Building, the group are held back by Flag, Deadshot opting to go straight in through the door. As the group take a look at the entrance, Harley goes for the elevator, waving to them all as she takes off up the building. The ride is peaceful at first, receiving a text from the Joker that reads “I am close be ready…” she gets interrupted by two mutants, the first crashing through the ceiling of the elevator, the second, breaking one of the glass walls. In the confined space with her acrobatic skills on her side they’re both quickly diminished, and she’s given a chance to catch her breath as the elevator open a little further up. She’s greeted by the rest of the Squad, Flag and his SEALs all on standby with their weapons. With a “Hey” she greets them before asking “let’s go” as they all look bewildered escape. On the next floor they’re told to stop by Flag, under Waller’s orders as they are all around. Deadshot puts on his white mask, Harley calling him a p**sy before he claims that will knock her ass out, not caring that she was a girl. With many enemies dropping from the ceiling another fight breaks out, Harley’s acrobatics saving her again as the enemies go after Flag again. Without hesitation this time the group rush to his aid, and circle around him apart from El Diablo as if he dies they die. When the rest of the enemies are dispatched in that room they move out to the corridor, where the fight continues. With El Diablo not raising a hand to fight since the start Deadshot called him out telling him that he didn’t stand for sh*t in an attempt to aggravate him as he destroys all the enemies on that floor with his fire powers. Harley standing their in awe she rushes over to give El Diablo a kiss on the cheek, telling she knew they’d come through, trying ignore how the rest of the building was on fire as they set the climb many flights of stairs. Telling the group she needs to work on her cardio, Harley stops for a rest, the long drop between there they were and the floor reminding her of the Chemical Wedding to the Joker.

Drawn out of this thought by Deadshot she jumps and aims her gun straight at him. He puts his hands up telling her to relax to which she questions him: Has he ever been in love? He denies it to which she calls bullsh*t. He notes that he couldn’t have killed as many people as he has whilst feeling love. Declaring him another textbook sociopath she turns to head up the stairs as they reach the top floor. The SEALs, commanded by Flag, head to the roof to make sure that it’s secure before asking the Squad to let him go into the room alone so as to not to give the guy a heart attack, to which Harley claims means that he’s embarrassed of them. Inside the room, was Amanda Waller, this building only proving as a training exercise, researching Enchantress to the last possible moment before the building goes down. Shooting the crew aiding her, leaving Waller on her own, it seems unclear who the actual bad guy is as her crew wasn’t cleared for the information on Task Force X.

With Waller out of her hiding shell, Harley is in disbelief. With Flag telling them to go home, Captain Boomerang sparks up saying that he does want to go home, but doesn’t want to go back to prison, which was what Flag was insinuating. Harley declares that she is not going back to prison. Boomerang formulates a plan to kill the both of them, but Waller takes control, nanite detonator in hand as she asks the Squad to not get too high spirited on her and ruin a good thing.

Climbing up to the roof they prepare for a helicopter landing, but the pilot doesn’t seem to be responsive. The helicopter has been hijacked by the Joker and his goons, their intentions to rescue Harley Quinn. Guns start firing as bullets rain down on the building many fired from the Joker’s automatic weapon as the Squad take cover, Harley next to Deadshot. He gives her a look, as if asking why she didn’t let anyone in on this plan, to which all she believes was just a look telling her she had a hickey. With the professor on-board the helicopter disabling Harley’s nanite explosive, and a text from Joker declaring her safety she makes a move for it, Deadshot calling after her. Telling her to come on baby, Harley comes out of hiding in awe at the Joker coming to save her. Waller demands her nanite to be detonated but to her own and Flag’s annoyance his detonator doesn’t work and the blonde takes off her jacket, run and jumps to grab a hold of the rope kicked out of the helicopter by the Joker blowing the Squad a kiss as the helicopter flies off.

On instinct, Waller sets out a contract with Deadshot, kill Harley Quinn for his freedom and his daughter. Claiming she’s already dead, Deadshot sets up the shot, aims, and fires. Harley tumbles down the rope as if dead before making herself rigid, springing to life with a giggle showing that he’d missed. Regaining control of the situation, Waller asks for the helicopter to be shot down, taking Joker and Harley down. Out of sight, Harley climbs back up the rope, with Joker giving her a hand up onto the loading ramp. Happy to see her Puddin, they embrace and kiss. Playfully teasing him, she asks if he got all dressed up for her. Telling her he’d do anything for her he lets her know there’s grape soda on ice and a bearskin rug just waiting for her. They are interrupted by Waller’s ‘problem’ as the helicopter is hit by one of Waller’s missiles she ordered to bring the helicopter down. The front of the helicopter goes up in flames as they start going down in smoke. Calling the bird bait Joker sets up for their escape telling her it’s ‘me and you’. As they go to jump Joker keeps his hold on the strap attached to the helicopter and seemingly pushes her out of danger, knowing she’s going to fall on a roof of a building not too far down below. It is believed here the intention was to keep her safe as if the Joker was caught by the Suicide Squad after they both jumped they’d have both been killed on sight. Harley falls with a scream, landing with a few tumbles, gripping to the ledge to aid her stop so she doesn’t topple off, watching the helicopter crash and burn as the Joker and his crew have seemingly died in the crash. Her heart breaks as she struggles to stand, the pain of such a heartbreak nearly unbearable as she swallows herself in her pain.

Presuming the Joker and Harley Quinn to be no more Waller instructs for a second helicopter, a Halo this time, to get her off the roof, sending another Helicopter for the Suicide Squad, Waller’s Halo, however, is shot down and she’s taken hostage, brought to Enchantress. With Waller captured the Suicide Squad no longer have the leverage they once did, and with Flag’s finger still fully on the detonator for them their next task is clear; Find Waller so their mission counts for something. With the rain beginning to pour Harley is found sat on the roof of a car. She unclips her ‘Puddin’ necklace and tosses it as far away as she can before trying to make up for her mood, being overly cheerful to the Squad who have found her, telling them she was back and that she missed them all so much. Deadshot saw right through the façade, simply telling her he was glad she could make it before helping her off the roof of the car. Calling her craziness, Boomerang threw her bat back to her and the group headed off, now back together.

At Waller’s crashed Halo, the Suicide Squad find no sign of her, as she’s already been taken. Matter-of-factly Deadshot pipes up saying they must be going to the swirling ring of trash in the sky. Flag looks at him deadly serious, Deadshot speaking again for the rest of the crew, asking when it all ends. He finds a top-secret folder hidden amongst the wreckage and doesn’t hesitate to throw it at Flag to get his attention as it reveals the full details of their mission. Demanding the Squad were to know Flag starts explaining the full details. Three days previous a non-human entity appeared in the Subway Station and Rick and June Moon were sent to investigate. There, changing to Enchantress, June was set to aid the detonation of a bomb but instead bolted, trying to take on the world for herself. Being stabbed by Waller in the heart made her temporarily weaker but her brother saved her. Hearing the true story sent a mental shockwave over the group, with Deadshot opting that he could just be killed but that he wanted a drink, telling Flag he needed a miracle. One by one the group agreed and followed him into the bar, including Katana.

Setting herself up as the barmaid Harley offered a drink to everyone starting with KC, Killer Croc, asking him to drink with them as it was as they saw it, the end of the world. Captain Boomerang telling her to give Killer Croc a beer. El Diablo came up next asking for water, which was seemingly a good idea given his tendencies. Calling her Ninja, Katana opted for whiskey, as Deadshot demanded another shot as she’s already made herself a bright blue cocktail with pink and blue umbrellas, drinking to honour among thieves, Katana not toasting as she’s not a thief. Trying to make light of the situation Deadshot said that despite everything they almost made it although El Diablo claimed they weren’t picked to succeed. They were chosen to fail.

With Harley nodding along to Deadshot’s monologue he worked out that the worst part was they were going to be clamed for it all, they were ones to be thrown under the bus over it all as after all, they were the bad guys. Interested and curious Harley asked Deadshot what his big deal with Flag was. Deadshot opens up that it was similar deal he’d received to kill her. A chance of a life with Zoe, outside of the shadows admitting he’d fallen for it. El Diablo told Deadshot straight that he’d been chasing a carrot on a stick. Commenting she loved the guy, Harley let Diablo carry on, Deadshot trying to cool the situation saying he was only having a drink as for two sweet seconds he had hope.

El Diablo explains his own life story of his pyrokinetic powers what he dubbed ‘The Devil’s Gift’ as God didn’t give him his power. As he told his life story, Harley came to her own conclusions, Diablo had accidently killed his own wife children whilst in a heated argument that lead to his powers going out of control. Her conclusion was spoken so matter-of-factly that it was like coming to any other in her former line of work. Asking for confirmation, his silence spoke all she needed to hear, demanding him to own that sh*t. It was his power and his problem but it was something he couldn’t turn back the clock on. He couldn’t go so all he had to do was own the powers he did have. There was no way he was going to able to have a happy family with this power so she was almost confused by how he tried, becoming more and more agitated as people like them, the Suicide Squad, don’t get a chance to be normal from now. Due to her anger, Captain Boomerang seemed to think Harley was always down for a knife fight whenever she opened her mouth to which she just glared at him. Boomerang continued, calling her amazing on the outside, but ugly on the inside to which Harley then shouted at all of them, telling them they all were, including herself except for Killer Croc who was ugly on the outside too. Killer Croc responded by taking down his hood and calling himself beautiful, which earned a smile and a laugh from Harley revoking her previous statement and agreeing with him.

The conversation was interrupted by Flag walking into the bar, Harley telling him immediately that none of them wanted him there. Rick asked whether Deadshot had read up to the part where he had been known to have formed a sexual relationship with Enchantress to which Deadshot nodded, before asking him what it was like to be with a witch. It was the reasoning behind the monsters aiming for Flag during combat as it was almost ironic that the only female he loved was entwined with a witch spirit intent on trying kill him. Coming to the conclusion that if she wasn’t stopped everything was over, he took off the tablet strapped to him arm that was controlling when the nanites were to explode, smashing it against the table meaning he could no longer control the Suicide Squad, leaving them free to go.

In that moment Harley turned around to check her neck as Rick had another blow for Deadshot, showing him letters that had been withheld, every one written by his own daughter to show she had been writing every single day. Harley didn’t know what to say to console him but tried not to stand there awkwardly as Flag went to leave himself with his gun. Using the letters as motivation Deadshot vowed to help get Rick to Enchantress to end it even if it meant carrying him if he had to. The thought seemed to occupy her time and sounded more enjoyable than where she was no so Harley opted to join in, as did the rest of the Squad, one by one after a little encouragement from Harley, calling them all pussies. With the Squad back in full force and ready to take on Enchantress they walked down the street as a group, Harley blowing bubble gum as she went.

Coming up with a plan, Rick recalled leaving a bomb under the building during previous attempts. With Killer Croc, and a few helpers heading down the flooded tunnel, Harley was there to check her ammo, only trying to join in the conversation when Captain Boomerang mentioned the crazy ones, despite not talking to her. Ready to go with a smirk on her face, Rick Flag gave the orders to do this. In the old subway tunnel, rubble and dark magic seemed to embody it, with corpses lying around a black icicle-like structures spiked off in many directions. These structures didn’t stop until they were inside the Midway City’s main station. Checking she was still sane by her own definition, Harley asked if everyone could see the trippy magic stuff, to which Rick said yes but questioned why she had asked in the first place, to which she told him she was off her meds. Enchantress’ voice knocks off the conversation as she tells them that she has been waiting for them all night. She asked them to step out of the shadows, telling the Squad she won’t bite. Taking her word at face value Harley huffed and tried to reveal herself, gun raised only to be pulled back into hiding by Deadshot, putting her gun down. The questioned them further, asking why were they there, because of Rick, for Waller?

It didn’t make sense to Enchantress as she took over their minds showing them all their true dreams and what they really wanted. For Harley this was a seemingly normal life, no bleached skin, her own head in curlers, two children with the Joker, a seemingly loving husband. She smiled, still in her dream world as he’d married her. El diablo tried to talk them around, telling them it wasn’t what they wanted, even if it was exactly what Harley wanted. It wasn’t real and the fight had to carry on so unfortunately Harley was pulled away as they confronted Enchantress face to face.

As the Squad weren’t bowing down to her, Enchantress called on her Brother to aid her, as his powers lead Harley to crouch in the middle of the station before trying to find a place to hide.El Diablo released the full extent of his powers, becoming what seem to be a fire demon-lie creature, so as to not lose another family. She goes up to hit Enchantres’ brother but with one swoop is sent flying completely off her feet with Diablo taking control. Driving him into the corner of the building, El Diablo is held down by the brother on his order he demands them to blow the building whilst they can, so they have a chance of destroying one of them, with Deadshot agreeing the rest of the Squad get down and the bomb is detonated and the Brother is destroyed to Enchantress’ frustration as the hole in the ground is indeterminate of El Diablo’s survival.

Facing Enchantress she tells the Squad her spell is complete and once the armies are gone she will be able to take over the world, turning it dark leaving it hers to rule. Her powers bring storm-like weather as the satellites go down on a secret facility. Enchantress gained all her information from Amanda Waller herself to allow for such attacks as the rain starts pouring, Flag explains they have to cut her heart out to which the witch responds by engaging in a fight, letting her orbit and lightning in the sky take control of the world. Losing her human form becoming more of an essence, Enchantress is near impossible to fight. Harley hits her once on the top of the head with a bop, and apologises as she knows she’s going to pay for the attack, before being flown across the room.

Regrouping, Enchantress relieves the Squad of their weapons. According to Enchantress out of all her previous opponents, the Squad were the ones that had earned mercy. They were given two options: join her, or idea. Admitting she wasn’t much of a joiner, Harley asked aloud that well, maybe they should give her a try. Deadshot reiterated the situation for Harley, telling her Enchantress was trying to take over the world. That didn’t seem important, however, as the world hadn’t exactly done much for them anyway, claiming it outright hated them. Turning her back on Deadshot she took a few steps towards Enchantress. To get her attention, Harley calls Enchantress a lady, telling her she had lost the Joker, her puddin’, asking if she could get him back with help from Enchantress. Returning the pet names, Enchantress told Harley, her dear, that she could get anything she wanted, all Harley had to do was join her. Asking for a promise she came face to face with Enchantress, still speaking as she started to kneel down. It seemed a plausible idea, and Harley was warming up to it, or so she was saying.

Unknown to everyone else, Harley had a plan, as she was kneeling before the Enchantress she was able to reach Katana’s blade. With it just in reach Harley told Enchantress that there was just one teeny problem with her whole plan. Telling her she’d messed with her friends Harley picked up the Katana and in one slice, injured Enchantress, cutting straight to her heart and releasing it. With Enchantress’ heart out, Flag knew they could end it. Deadshot called out to Harley as she was the closest to the weapons, throwing over her love-hate gun over to him as an explosive packed by Flag was handed to Killer Croc.

Aiming at the base of the tower made by Enchantress’ powers, Killer Croc threw the package, and Deadshot took aim. Enchantress tried to play mind games with him and failed as he shot the package, right on target, blowing up what she had made, the tower collapsing in on itself, the rubble that had gathered around it crashing to the ground. Enchantress retreated, begging to be sent back to her brother. Flag tried to take control to get June back or else he was to crush her heart. Enchantress told him he didn’t have the balls, but he proved her wrong and he crushed it to ash, fully believing he’d just killed his beloved June in the process.

The Squad seemingly mourned for her as Flag walked away, before there was movement in remnants of Enchantress’ body. It was June and she was alive, as they embraced believing they’d both killed each other, Harley smiled trying to feel happy for them knowing she couldn’t get her happy ending anymore after Waller had intentionally killed the Joker. Believing they were free to go Harley offered Deadshot a hotwired car but was told she wasn’t driving as Waller made her presence known, her nanite explosive device intact. Deadshot asked Waller why she wasn’t dead, with Harley claiming they had just saved the world. With Waller in control, Harley told her a thank you would be nice, which she received and offered a welcome in return. With ten years each off their sentences, Captain Boomerang laughed. With Deadshot demanding to see his daughter, Waller took other requests with Harley asking for an espresso machine.

Back in Belle Reve in reasonable comfort Harley was sat reading a book, her hair in bunches, but curled as a little self-care time. Going back to her espresso machine, Harley waited patiently as the wall to her cell seemingly exploded and gunfire started. A Saw cut open the door to her cage as it was revealed the Joker was still alive, and had come to rescue her. Ecstatic she embraced him, as he told her they were going home.


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