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08/04/2019 05:15 PM 

He knew.

He knew.


Frankie knew that he knew. He held a solemn worry in the glint of his eyes. Even after he watched her take a life in cold, careless blood; Ivar didn’t hold that concern. But this was something much deeper and darker. She wasn’t a stranger to weird and wonderful sins. This was not weird and wonderful though. This was dangerous territory they were both treading.


“I can see it in your eyes. You hold the same troubled look that my victims have..” Frankie’s voice trailed off as she sat herself down on the side of the bed with a solemn sigh. She had never mastered being able to confront another. She found it easier just to kill them and be done with it. But she had allowed feelings to get involved and found herself slipping from the persona she perfected over the centuries.


“You know. Don’t f***ing lie to me, you know!” And just like that, Frankie’s personality switched. Lunging forward to her feet, the angel grabbed him by the collar and held him against the wall, releasing a deep growl from within.


“Is this a game to you? Did you think that I wouldn’t find out? That you could play dumb to me? The very person who taught the pathetic human race how to lie and be deceitful in the first place?!” Frankie whispered aggressively through her gritted teeth. She was careful not to raise her voice. As distraught as she was, Frankie didn’t want to do this to him. She had wished that she never looked into it. Just took his personality as a pinch of salt and let it all come naturally like everyone else did. But she wasn’t everyone else. She was Azazel. 

Breathing heavy and agitated, her nostrils flared as her face pressed against his. Her eyes held rage as she firmly kept Ivar pressed against the wall.


“And I suppose he sent you, eh? This is his response to all of this. To try and heal me? He can’t even face his own f***ing daughter, so he sends the very Brother who did this to me!” Frankie shrieked, her eyes beginning to well with tears, blue iris’ almost glowing as the whites slowly turned pink from distress.  She wanted to claw his eyes out. She really did. But her stomach ached in pain at the harsh reality of it all. Mentioning him gave her an awful sinking feeling in her stomach as her grip loosened and she lowered Ivar back to his feet. It was as if her bowel lined itself with knots as she swallowed hard. She rose the palm of her hand to wipe her eyes as her gaze met with his once more as Ivar sighed in relief to still be breathing. But before he could get a word in edgeway, she started again. But her rage had fizzled out as quick as it went from an ember to a blaze, her voice becoming a caught-up mumble.


“I’m OK. I’m always OK. But you..” Frankie paused as her hands took hold of his, her watery hues falling to the floor in regret.

“You could perish for this. You’re my brother.” She didn’t have to state the obvious. Their distorted state of minds wasn’t the fact they were both angels. It wasn’t even the fornication which was a problem. It was their direct relation. Yes, no angel shared a womb and was created from God’s visions alone. But it was still one of the most highly punishable sins.


“I can’t let him hurt you. I won’t allow it.” Frankie pulled on his hands like a sulking child as she let go of his arms and pulled him into an embrace. Her wheel of personalities consistently spinning. It was never certain what personality would come next. 

Frankie sighed, burning her face into his chest to cover her eyes. 

“I love you.”


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