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07/22/2019 07:04 PM 

The Sea of Secrets - Uncovered.

How could she let herself be so careless? A stupid mistake. That’s how it always was between humans, right? Mistakes. They did mistake all the time - thanks to the power of her knowledge, humans leaned how to lie, cheat and deceit. But, that was how she got into this mess. 

No one could know. Azazel had already destroyed the Greek soul she had consummated with. But she had allowed herself to become immersed in the moment before hand. Falling for the beautiful sweet nothings he whispered into her ear. The lustrous words were her teachings – he had just brought then to life. An idiotic move which she needed to resolve before symptoms of this disease began to show. He was such a pure soul before her dark aura was consumed by him in a lover’s kiss. 

Azazel never knew she could do such a thing. Laying with anyone was a sin. Let alone reproduction. The laws of celestials were strict ones with consequences worse than her initial banishment. She would surely perish if her body began to grow maternal – which signs had already begun. Swollen breasts and an unearthly glow more prominent than usual.


It was 208 BC. The world was still to be populated muchly, with settlements being focused within the Middle-East and Eastern Europe. It flourished in primary and secondary colours. The sea was calm and turquoise; holding nothing but tranquillity. Hiding the secrets of the world. And it was about to release her own secret into the unforgiving waves. 

She nervously fumbled with the pristine blade she held between her fingers.  It was created by a Roman blacksmith who clearly had a passion for his work. It gleamed in the sunlight which beat down on the balcony which overlooked the world. Like a Rapunzel of sin, Azazel had made sure she was confined. She couldn’t risk her father seeing her. Her radiance was beautiful. She stood out like a sore thumb – if the glorious wingspan wasn’t obvious enough. The Romans worshipped their angels. As had that young soldier worshipped her that night 3 full moons ago. 


Azazel prodded herself with the razor. Only lightly. No skin was torn but she was curious. She had never been pained by a human weapon. Or any at this stage. Her body was untouched by everything apart from man’s hands. Naivety laced her mind as her fall was still relatively recent compared to some of her other siblings. Young and impressionable, Azazel was soon to learn the hard way. It was either this, or perish. 


Bottom lip quivering as her eyes closed over, she took a deep breath before taking the plunge. Fingers wrapped around the emerald-stoned handle of the blade, Azazel jolted her arms into herself, sinking the knife deep into her lower abdomen. A bone-shaking shriek left the young maiden as she felt to her knees, quivering in pain. The agonising cry from her so disturbing that even the walls of the building dusted slightly. She had never experienced anything like it. God had even made sure that the winged beauty’s fall was as delicate as possible. Wrapped in cotton wool but now in the hands of her own self-destruction. Piercing through her skin and into her womb, her tensed hands released; falling forward as she heaved in pain. On all fours as she cried from the ache, it was done. Blood seeping from her wound into the material of her magnolia chiton and onto the mosaic tiles of the balcony floor. No one was to know. The tower was far from the nearest town. Her secret remained with her, and the sea. 

Tear stained cheeks glowed in the sunlight as Azazel threw her head back, nervously looking up at the skies above, only hoping it was enough to avoid being smitten. It was a significant victory when she was greeted with a silence breeze of clarity. But little did the young angel know that the significant moment would haunt her for the rest of eternity. 


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