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Einar (Sword)

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October 12th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 33
Country: United States

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September 16, 2013



07/12/2019 03:02 PM 

Prey? Or Predator? Drabble

Day Number.... ???

Stalking the tall grass bent over in half from it's own weight. A silver colored hue casting everything into a deep shadows outlined by grey light. The only light he had really seen for hours... days? He could no longer re call. His knuckles white as he tightened his grip on the wooden shaft of a made spear the tip made from some sort of bone.

Strange fauna rising from the tall grass foreign to human eyes. Einar's almond colored eyes locked in a permanent state of determination his large frame crouched low to the ground his bare feet making the slightest sounds as hie moved forward. 

He was not alone.. this much he knew he had heard the calling already once.. it was calling out trying to bring in prey, but Einar was not the prey in this situation.. lost was the man who sought answers replaced now by a hunter.. primal in certain aspects. 

A slight glance to the sky revealed a multitude of stars filling the night sky mixed in between three of the five moons that rotated around. with a quick looks he knew his shadow was behind him and would not give way to his approach.

A voice echoed across the plains like wasteland. A yell for help from a voice that was familiar to him from his time on Earth. The light voice carried across the wind. He placed the feminine voice quickly as belonging to Alexandria Singer-LeBeau. 

A woman who had become very close to him. Friend? girlfriend? Something that way or something in between? Or was this relation something he made up? either way he could not afford the distractions.. not here. 

Slowly creeping through the brush eventually revealing no monster.. no creature, but the long blonde hair and slender form body belonging to Alex every detail down to a T as Einar remembered her.

Alex appeared to be bound and chained sinking into a pool of dark ichor with viable way of physically escaping her binding. Einar did not hesitate in action. to save her? No.. not even in the slightest. Tip of the bone spear leading the way as he entered the pool of liquid that splashed and stained his legs in it's inky blackness.

A gasp of air burst from her form as tears formed upon her eyes as with the gasp of air formed words. "Why? Why would you hurts me?" an animalistic growl echoed through Einar's throat as almond colored hues shifted to a slight glow of chartreuse as he removed the spear from her breast and began stabbing over and over and over again until the illusionary form dropped.

The illusion faded to reveal a hideous barely recognizable humanoid form. The skin of this creature wilted and runny giving a visage resembling that of a humanoid candle  that was mostly melted.

As this monster like being fell to the ground Einar let out a yell resembling very much more like a bestial howl as he then bent over the punctured body plunging the spear tip back into the melted like flesh cutting open the body and peeled out the innards and what little meat that was on the inside.

Einar grumbled incoherently sounds little more than growls of some made up language that had come from being alone so long in this hostile land. Einar took the meat and few bones the creature had back to what could only be called a temporary sanctuary. 

A small gathering of stone circle and some branches inside of it. He took his time lighting the fire, but kept it very low. Being the only source of bright colored light for miles and miles around he did not wish to draw anymore attention than necessary.

Placing the meat in the fire he began using some rocks to smash bones into points and placing them into a pile with others. He murmured out some more incoherent words that was his way of saying that's enough for now. His plan for these were more spears and some arrow heads from smaller bone fragments.

Reaching into the low flames he did not even flinch eating the meat or that the fire licked up his hand burning it slightly, but was nothing that would not heal rapidly. This was not the first of these mimic creatures he had come across nor would it be the last. They were the weakest creatures physically he had come across by preyed upon the mind drawing prey into a trap then absorbing them into it'self as a nutrient.

Alex.. Jack.. Adam.. Katy dozens of people he knew or cared for had been used against him. He had however been able to tuck away in some dark corner of his mind Aine hidden from the scrying eyes of these creatures... so far.

As he chewed on the leathery texture looking up at the stary night? Day? it all was the same on the grey lit planet that saw maybe an hour of actual sunlight of the course of a very long time. How long had he been here? Days? Months? Years? He had stopped counting. he was never going home this was his new reality. 

with that realization the conscious thinking mind of Einar moved to the background and the entity he had named the hunter took over going back to task to try and prepare for the next meal... attack.. or whatever came next. His primal survival instincts returning back to the surface as a dull chartreuse glow came to his eyes.


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