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07/11/2019 07:41 PM 

AC 130

01.   Jade has to sleep with her bedroom door closed, if the door remains open, she will remain alert and awake.

02.   Any time she feels hurt, saddened, or angry, she shoves those emotions down—faking her happiness and choosing to swallow any feelings that don’t suit her.

03.   With everything that has happened since she has come to Sloane, Jade’s mental health has slowly started to dwindle, recently she’s picked up a taste for Codeine to numb everything out.

04.   She keeps her nails long, refusing to cut them short, in case Tom has another PTSD episode and she needs something to quickly pull him out of it.

05.   Jade throws herself into work at the bookstore when she’s feeling particularly overwhelmed, stressed, or scared.

06.   Jade still sleeps with a stuffed giraffe that her father bought her when she was only a young girl—if ever she can’t find him, she starts panicking and becomes unreasonably upset.

07.   Thomas holding her until she falls asleep provides her with a sense of safety and security that she often needs now as she lives in a constant state of fear that someone is watching or following her.

08.   Frequently Jade uses Thomas as her sounding board, running all of her anxiety thoughts by them for reassurance that they are only thoughts, not her reality.

09.   Jade must shower with the door locked and a weapon of some sort close by. She believes showers are the time she is most vulnerable and because of this wants to be ready for anything.

10.   The female is always eating something. At events and parties she always packs food in her purse just incase something happens and they all get trapped or taken hostage.

11.   She often wakes up in the middle of the night petrified or has random anxiety attacks through out her day. When this happens she starts verbally listing off things that are real, for example: “My name is Jade. I like the color yellow. Thomas is my boyfriend. I only eat red skittles.:

12.   She is uncomfortable in big, crowded areas, when in these situations she tends to drink heavily to feel less uncomfortable and socially awkward.

13.   Exercise is a huge part of the female maintaining her mental health, she frequently goes to the gym, and is always taking exercise classes.

14.   Jade has go to snack foods that she enjoys eating when she is feeling particularly sad or stressed. Strawberry icecream with Hershey’s chocolate syrup and any kind of cereal being the main ones.

15.   She intentionally tries to push people away when she starts to care about them—only to eventually discover that she can’t do it.

16.   She overthinks everything and because of this she overloves—something that often gives her anxiety and causes her to constantly second quess how much people mean to her. To ease these thoughts she remembers happy memories with the people in question.

17.   Jade hates the feeling of being thirsty or dehydrated, especially since the cabin. She always makes sure to have bottles of water in her car, office, and nearby, and is constantly guzzling down fluids just in case.

18.   Ever since Polynesia and the games they were forced to play, Jade has learned to always be prepared for anything. Because of this she keeps a knife and pepper spray on her persons at all times.

19.    She has a blog with many follows and posts on their daily. This gives her a place to express herself and get anything off her chest that is bothering her.

20.   Jade drinks a bottle of wine atleast four of five nights a week to help relax her.

21.   When she feels lonely she cuddles with Swan on the couch and watches sad movies.

22.   When something is bothering her, instead of just discussing it, she turns everything into a joke.

23.   She writes letters to her father when the guilt of his death feels like too much to bear.

24.   If she has to sleep alone, she has her dog Swan sleep in bed with her, and also sleeps with a bat next to the bed and a knife under her pillow.

25.   Jade constantly licks and sucks on her lips when she is stressed, bothered, irritated or overwhelmed—because of this her lips are perpetually chapped.

26.   Before she gets into any vehicle she has to check the back seat to make sure no one is back there.

27.   When she first wakes up in the morning she sends a heart to her boyfriend and closest friends so they know she is okay but also so they can reply and she can know that they are also okay.

28.   Jade frequently has panic attacks and when one comes on she hunches over, putting her head between her legs, and does a series of breathing exercises.

29.   She listens to a lot of music from the 80s when she feels sad or misses her father.

30.   Jade jiggles her right knee when she’s feeling anxious or uncomfortable in social settings.


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