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July 25th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 29
Country: United States

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July 11, 2019



07/11/2019 03:38 PM 

Audition Form (send in a message)

1. Which Disney Villain are you auditioning for?

2. How often can you be online and have you been in a group before?

3. There are random activity checks will you be able to handle these?

4. This is a mature and dark themed group 21 and above. Can you handle dark themes?

5. List a few traits about the Villain you are auditioning for?

6. If you don't get this role is there someone else you would rather have?

7. If we make a Line/Discord would you be willing to make one?

8. Send us a 4-5 paragraph sample of your writing in the point of view of the character you are auditioning for.


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