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Nathan Drake


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Nathan Drake

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September 19th, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Divorced
Age: 43
Country: United States

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May 09, 2019


07/11/2019 12:50 PM 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

So only a few hours of flight and I'll be in place. Excellent! Finally, it looks like a quiet journey and an even quieter expedition.No army behind my ass. No psychopath who wants to own the whole world. Is it real? What if I get bored?No, it can't be that simple, Nathan! 
"Dear passengers, please sit down and listen to the staff instructions"
Finally. Everything looked perfect. He did not pay attention to the women in tight uniforms who tried to draw attention to themselves with the instructions everyone knew.  The truth was that he didn't count on another expedition. If Sam hadn't called and stunned him with a treasure that lies somewhere in Costa Rica: Nathan would live his life.  But how could he refuse? This was too simple and too tempting to refuse. He looked around. He was trying to find someone familiar. There was always a familiar face that sat on the same plane as you. The truth was, he hated flying. Maybe it was because of the unpleasant experience he had gained as a partner of Victor Sullivan.

"What the...."Those were his first words when he noticed a very familiar face. Miss tried to look inconspicuous and very natural. But that was not possible. Nathan recognized the woman. More than good. More than he wanted to admit. Miss Croft hasn't changed at all. In fact, a woman (harder than any man,) was hiding behind the tender face that was lined with long brown hair. Nathan looked up as he tried to calm down. Was this possible? One expedition without people. That was all he wanted. Hmm.....But maybe there was a way to reveal her plans. Maybe she's going on vacation. I have to reveal the true reason for her presence on this plane! NOW!
 He was lucky because the seat next to her was empty. Mr. Famous treasure hunter got up, cautiously ,and slowly he approached the free seat beside her. When he was close enough he leaned against the seat and he whispered :"Well well well, it seems like Costa Rica is not just my favorite destination. Am i right, Miss Croft?"



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