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Nathan Drake

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September 19th, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Divorced
Age: 43
Country: United States

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May 09, 2019


07/10/2019 01:52 PM 


Nathan never called before he came. Maybe he was too lazy. Or too rude . Maybe he just didn't understand that it was appropriate to say something before the visit. But that was no longer important. What was important was the fact that he came and was interested in the job she offered. What was the job? He didn't know.But that didn't bother him very much. In his bones he felt that Eris had found the necessary information. All she needed to know about him.  It was no secret that there was a lot of information and legends about his person, And she looked exactly like the kind of woman who liked things under control. So there was no reason to think she didn't know who was sitting in her office. 

"Did you think of me?" 

His voice was friendly but playful. He always liked the atmosphere that was friendly but straight. When people said: I was just thinking about you. It meant friendship or total horror. Nathan was one of the people who had friends or enemies. There was nothing in between. Either you loved him or hated him.But this woman looked like she was standing on his side. Although you could never be sure. 
"Because if people think about me,  mostly it is about unpleasant thoughts full of death and pain."
He smiled and finally sat down at the place she offered him.

Her next behavior was not surprising. The truth was, Nathan appreciated the people who could be themselves.Not only at work but also in personal life. Working with such people was easier and more enjoyable. You knew how to predict their behavior. 
"I don't like when I have to wait too long. And let's be honest: your offer was quite tempting and at the same time: urgent. Maybe I'm not the youngest, but my senses are still perfect. My cholesterol is not is another story, i guess..."
He said before she began to explain the situation.It looked pretty serious and dangerous. Excellent! That's what he was looking for. Danger and insecurity where your only salvation is your knowledge and skills. 

He listened carefully to every word that fell out of her mouth. It was certainly a fascinating adventure. The story she said was like any other.The reason for creating a rare artifact was almost always the same. Money. The desire for power. Jealousy. Hatred. Love.Like today, people were capable of terrible things.As an experienced archaeologist, Nathan knew that an expedition wasn't a walk through the pink garden.For this reason he loved his work and hobbies.That's exactly why he came here and didn't leave when she warned him. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back on his chair. 
"I don't consider myself a specialist in Greek or Ancient history, but I think there is a real chance of finding that mysterious artifact. I think it is necessary to explain to people that the existence of deities was justified in the past.  If we talk about Zeus, Hercules or Hera : we are certainly talking about important and real stories that have happened. And even if we don't know what we want to find and what we're looking for,  i am sure we can find the way, lady. If there is anything that will help I will be very happy if you share it with me."


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