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March 8th, 2020

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June 11, 2019



06/12/2019 01:06 PM 


“Beweg dich weiter, du Schwarm jüdischer Schweine!” /Keep moving you bunch of Jewish pigs/ Shouted out one of the Nazi Officers watching over the gates well his team checked paperwork on the incoming families getting boarded on the trains. Erik and his family walked together step his father took step everyone took. His father kept looking around looking for an opening when it had came an open field with tall grass great for hiding and getting to safety. His father looked at Eriks Mother and sister kissing them on the head each before telling them to run and telling Erik to watch over them “Lass meine Mädchen auf das offene Feld rennen und schau nicht zurück, lauf um dein Leben und Erik wache über sie, du bist der Mann der Familie, der jetzt geführt wird” /Run my girls run into that open field and don't look back run for your lives and Erik watch over them you are the man of the family now run/ but before anyone could protest his father sprints off tackling a guard and starts to attack him then thunder hits and Erik's father hits the floor with a shot to his head. Other men start to fight back as their families start to run even Eriks heading to the field. Erik was a bit ahead of his mother and sister running for safety.

“mama, bitte mach weiter so du und meine schwester müssen weitermachen müssen vorwärts drängen” /mama, please keep up you and my sister need to keep going need to push forward/ but when he turns to check on them there they laid next to others with gunshots covering their backs. He runs towards them moving them trying to get them up but they laid still like dolls. His baby sister holding onto their mother's hands. Erik falls to his knees in anger his hands closing into fist his eye shut as his body starts to shake. The soldiers made their way to the young man who was getting up as he stood the floor starts to shake then the fences and the veichles start to shake. “Feuer, feuere deine Waffen ab. töte das mutierte Kind töte den Dämon!” /fire, fire your weapons. kill the mutant child kill the demon!/ yells one of the officers but as they aim to kill Erik's hands go up in the air making their guns go from their hands to under their jaws and the fire on their own killing the soldiers that once held them. Looking towards the Captain Erik lifts a tank in the air with ease and crushes the Captain.

The alarm goes off making Magnus shoot up in his bed looking around his room getting his baring again. He was home in his bed in his house. He sighs from the nightmare and gets up heading to the kitchen and gets a glass of water and drinks it quickly turning on the tv to Fox News and already the headlines were getting him angry “President Trump to send all Mutant kind to camps and have them be given the "Cure Shot” Erik growls but had promised the X-Men he would not get involved in this matter.


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