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June 18th, 2019

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June 01, 2019



06/12/2019 12:10 PM 

short drabble

My mother was always one for surprises, each day a multitude of tiny things... how they made me smile from toe to lips. Which hand was my cookie in? Which way would we walk to school? Would we be splashing in puddles or leaping over? Would we dance our special jig if we saw a cat? It was so fun, all those little everyday adventures... I can still feel her excitement at seeing a simple flower or the way the light played upon the path. In a life so ordinary it was her that was extraordinary, not because she was given so much, yet because she made it that way. As the baker turns flour and water to bread, as God turns seed and water to flower, mother turned the mundane into fascination and love; she was my heaven, my superhero.

But Caroline was no longer the little girl learning to ride her bike, she wasnโ€™t the frail child desperate to be clutched in her motherโ€™s arms, she was a grown woman with twin daughters and a man who basically worshipped at her feet. Did she really deserve the life she had been blessed with? The single thought crossed the blondes mind, turquoise hues lost amongst the crowd, slender digits gripped around her cellphone. She had been scrolling through old pictures of herself and her mother when her mind had wandered off to a place she hadnโ€™t been in a long while. The corners of lips curved into a genuine smile, Car missed her mother more than anything in the entire world and would do whatever it desired to be able to at least see her mom one final time. There were a million different questions in mind and all she desired was to sit on her momโ€™s kitchen counter, her mom burning their dinner while Caroline distracted her with the million different questions.

Shaking away the memories of her past, the vampire returned her focused to the phone call she was about to engage in and pushed down on Ricโ€™s contact. Once he answered, the words poured out of lips and were uncontrollable. โ€œRic, I know Iโ€™ve been searching for a way to break the curse on the Parker family but I miss our girls, and I miss you. They will always be my first priority, but itโ€™s been ages since Iโ€™ve seen them and I know you need help with the school. You can try to tell me you can handle it and that youโ€™re fine, but I know the truth. Emma has called me multiple times and is very concerned with your well being so itโ€™s settled, Iโ€™m coming back home.โ€ Her tone was challenging as she invited him to try and argue with her, though she knew he wouldnโ€™t dare disagree if he knew what was best for him.

โ€œI think thatโ€™s a lovely suggestion, Car. The girls miss their mother and I could really use the help. Iโ€™ll tell them youโ€™ll be arriving on the earliest flight you can get. Goodbye, Car.โ€ He responded, which brought an even wider grin to the blondes lips, he always knew exactly what to say. In the next second, phone was slipped into front pocket of her purse and a plane ticket was retrieved from the inside pouch. Caroline being who she was had already bought the ticket and was minutes away from boarding the flight, a rush of warmth washed over her as she realized the answer to her earlier thought. Of course she deserved the life she had been given, despite being a vampire and all the innocent lives sheโ€™d taken, Caroline was a mother and the love she had for her children was extraordinary.


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