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06/11/2019 09:14 PM 

St. Berry: The Neighbors

-Closed RPG-

Rachel Berry was heading back to New York and back to NYADA as Hollywood and the big screen wasn’t ready for her star power yet.  She came from Los Angeles with her tail between her legs and just shut herself in room.  The one person to help pick up those pieces was Blaine of all people.  He gave her courage which is exactly what she needed to get back on that saddle again.  Blaine gave her more than that as he also gave her a shoulder to cry on and he did as well once he told her him and Kurt broke up for the final time.  He told her he still loved him but what he thought was meant to be wasn’t.  After the crying ended they started to hang out a lot.

Rachel had a mission while she was home and that was to get The New Directions going again.  Blaine needed something to do and helped Rachel out.  Even with all the failed attempts on Sue Sylvester’s part, Rachel soon had the New Directions started.  Then when Dalton Byrnes to the ground.  Blaine came on board with his Dalton Warblers and they both co-captained The New Directions to a Nationals win.  With bringing New Directions together her and Blaine got even closer.  Even Mr. Shue questioned what was going on between them.  She was falling for Blaine and apparently it showed.

She was in shock when Blaine told her he had feelings for her as well and they decided to start dating.  Blaine was a perfect gentleman as first he kissed her on the cheek.  Though that one night she was over at his place watching a movie together and he then kissed her.  She felt like she was back in high school, she thought Blaine would reject her after the kiss knowing he was gay.  Though she was surprised as soon they were making out on the couch.  Apparently that Warbler wasn’t as  gay as she thought.  There was more and more dates like this and she couldn’t wait for Blaine to go all the way.

Everything though changed when she got her letter back from NYADA as Blaine insisted she try to talk to Madame Tibidoe and get back in.  After flying to NYC to see her, she then received a letter that she was accepted.  With Nationals around the corner she’ll need to travel back and forth.  Though Blaine and Mr. Shue had it all handled without her.  Now she needed to find a place to live for both Blaine to come visit and eventually move in.  Kurt apparently left from the loft and it’s now leased to someone else as he apparently moved in with Elliot.

It was moving day and even though Rachel was sad to leave Blaine, Mr. Shue and her kids The New Directions she knew she had to do this for herself.  She first stayed with Kurt and Elliot but it was too cramped.  She quickly got admitted back to NYADA and fall classes were starting soon.  Now she was looking in the newspapers for apartments to rent.  She still had money saved away from her flop of a show.  Blaine couldn’t visit at first as he had a family issue as his dad fell ill and he had to stay back.  He did call and face time her every evening.

So apparently Rachel had to move on her own.  She got a furnished apartment so all she had was the few suitcases with her clothes in it.  She found an apartment close to the school.  So she pretty much could walk each day.  She had her head bent when she was waiting at the elevator as she heard the ding and grabbed her four suitcases.  “Can you hold the elevator for me please”?  When she looked up her jaw dropped as inside the elevator was no other than an old high school flame of hers.  “Omg Jesse St. James what are you doing here”?


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Rachel was okay sharing a kiss with Jesse, though she knew from their past that a fire will quickly build and tonight was no different.  Soon as their lips made contact again their were no boundaries as she gave her all as her hands went up into Jesse hair and gently pulled as she moaned into his lips.  She then felt her right thigh being picked up by his hand and his lips going down her throat. “Oh Jesse”!  She did want this as a bit of making out wouldn’t hurt.  She wasn’t ready for anything else as the last person she was with was Brody in college and Finn in high school.  Her and Blaine just started to date and only shared a kiss or two.

It just seemed whenever she was around Jesse sparks would fly and she was already getting lost in the moment and froze a bit and gasped as Jesse picked her up and carried her quickly to the bed room.  She was in a daze as she continued to match his heated kisses and then moaned as she felt his trail of warm lips along her neck.  “Oh Jesse”!  She wanted him, her whole body did, though it was the sound of the zipper as she knew very much what it was.  “Um Jesse?  Jesse we can’t at least not yet”.  She then felt him start to retreat as if she was rejecting him.  She also saw the hurt in his eyes as she had rejected him not once but twice before.

She was just afraid to put her heart out there as Brody crushed her heart in college after he was the first man she slept with since Finn’s death.  Brody crushes her as he slept with her dance instructor at NYADA Ms. Cassie July.  So she dumped him for cheating on her. So her heart was very closed and very guarded as even Blaine couldn’t break down those walls.  Though with Jesse the chemistry was always there. She quickly scrambled off the bed and she quickly grabbed his hand to make him face her.  She then smiled and had to be sincere as he slowly turned back toward her.  “No apologies needed Jesse and I do care for you deeply as I always have and always will… it’s just…”.

Rachel took Jesse other hand in her so she was holding both looking down at them.  “It’s just I’m not one to jump into bed right away.. “. She then looked up and smiled. “I mean my body is saying yes… but my mind and heart are saying not yet… we’ve always had chemistry Jesse”.  Her hand then went to stroke his cheek.  “I’m not saying I don’t want this but can we take it slow and maybe try and date a bit”?  She also had Blaine to worry about as he already text he was in town and she didn’t know it. She did leave him a key at the office.  She then leaned close and kissed Jesse softly on the lips with her hand still on his cheek.

Blaine let himself in as he wanted to surprise Rachel and maybe take her out to a nice restaurant.  “Rache? Rache are you here”?  She quickly moved back from Jesse’s arms.  “Omg Blaine… I.. I forgot he was coming.  She then ran out of the room and Blaine smiled as he saw her and opened his arms.  She knew Jesse was hot on her tail and she was sure wasn’t happy Blaine was here.  She bit her lip as she needed to explain but Blaine quickly kissed Rachel on the cheek and extended his hand.  “Ah the infamous Jesse St. James we haven’t formally met but Rachel has told me about you… I’m Blaine… Blaine Anderson Rachel’s boyfriend”.

Rachel didn’t dare look at Jesse as she already knew how rejected he was feeling once again.  She wasn’t wrong as he didn’t shake Blaine’s hand and Blaine let his hand fall to his side.  “Hmph what’s the matter with him”?  She looked up and saw Jesse retreating steps at a fast gate retreat out of her apartment and she soon heard the door slam shut.  Blaine was watching as well.  “Hmph what is wrong with him?  So my dear”.  He pulled her in his arms and smiled.  “What would you like to have for dinner or would you like to go out”?  Rachel’s eyes were still glued to the door and she feels she should go explain herself as she needed to break things off with Blaine as it didn’t feel right with him.  He was more a friend or brother to her than a boy friend. 

Her heart was now longing for the boy that was now grown up in the apartment across the hall.  Maybe she’d give him sometime to cool down and enjoy the weekend with Blaine whom was going to sleep on the couch.  She sat down on the couch.  “Maybe order in as I’m not very hungry”.  She felt awful inside as she must of really hurt Jesse ego this time.

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Rachel seemed frozen at the spot, even though they were both tired as she was from her long train ride from Lima.  Her gaze still locked with Jesse’s.  Her hands still on Jesse’s legs as she teased him till that look was on Jesse’s face, the look that she saw when he wanted to kiss her.  She caught her breath as his face came closer and winked at her.  Though she was partly relieved and partly disappointed as he took a few strands of her chestnut brown hair and tucked it behind her ear.  “Deal….Thank you Jess”.  She managed to get out after she didn’t know she was holding her breath.  With his smile it made her smile as well and if she didn’t have to unpack maybe they could of shared a kiss for old times sake.

She still felt nervous around Jesse, they only kiss and made out back in high school but the only boy she went all the way with was Finn.  She just couldn’t with anyone else or wanted to.  Rachel made a promise to herself that the next person she was intimate with would be also who she gave her heart too. Though she always had a soft spot for Jesse in her heart and he might just be the one to heal it. Her feelings for him were just locked away, though just spending some time with him was already opening the flood gates.  She then got up and she tucked her long hair back behind her ears and smiled as she slowly get up.  “There’s not much to unpack as it’s mostly clothes… then I’ll let you order anything you like”.

Rachel then moved as she needed a bit of space away from Jesse and headed out of Jesse’s apartment and back quickly into her own.  She didn’t know her other neighbors and was always to trust worthy.  Though she grabbed one of her bags wand wheeled it inside.  She then grabbed another as Jesse came over after locking his door.  She smiled and grabbed the next one.  She had four suitcases in all.  She then followed Jesse inside and admired how fit he looked from the back side as she rolled her next suitcase in.  She saw Jesse place the suitcase on the couch.  She came over and placed a hand gently on his shoulder.  “Actually the bedroom Jess… these are my clothes mostly”.

She chuckled as Jesse followed her to her bedroom, she liked the décor but the landlord did say she could change the furniture and make it more her apartment which she planned to paint and maybe keep the floral print.  She did want a bigger bed as well as she only had a full size.  For her it was okay but for anyone else it was too cramped.  She tossed one set of luggage on the bed and opened it up.  She smiled at Jesse as she grabbed some dresses that were still on hangers and put them on the rod in the closet that she noticed was kind of small.  She prefer a bigger closet but Blaine reserved the apartment online so she was kind of stuck for now what she got.

Rachel heard the zipper of her other suitcase as Jesse apparently started to open her other suitcase.  She then grabbed another handful of dresses and such to hang in the closet.  She then came back and saw Jesse piling her shirts and tops on the bed. “Um those I’d like to put in the bottom drawer of the dresser please”.  She smiled and gently rubbed her hand on Jesse’s shoulder.  She then took the last bunch of dresses, slacks and suits and put them on rods in the closet and already it felt cramped and she still had another suitcase to go with closet clothes. “Thanks Jesse I really do appreciate it”.

She was a bit more bold when she kissed Jesse’s cheek but he moved suddenly and she ended up pressing her lips on his.  She was shocked but wasn’t disappointed either.  She felt him react happily that he kissed her back.  As much as she wanted more, it wasn’t the time.  She then slowly moved away, her lips a bit dampen from their kiss, her heart pounding as well and she bit her lip as that nervous feeling was back.  “Um let me put these things away”.  Soon she heard him whistle and she quickly shoved the clothes to make them fit.  She then quickly came out and laughed.

Leave it to Jesse to make unpacking eventful. He was standing there with her red lace bra between his hands.  “Omg St. James that’s my ah… my under garments”.  She quickly snatched them away but he was being playful and moved them out of reach.  “Please let me have my bra… your not suppose to see my ah….”.  She blushed once Jesse moved close again to her and she backed away.  “My ah yes sexy lingerie”.  She tried to snatch it again out of his arms but she felt herself being pulled into his arms and this time when she closed her eyes the kiss was passionate and soul searching.  She hasn’t been kissed like this in a long time and she felt her arms wrapping around his neck.

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Rachel didn’t know what Jesse was doing as he nodded his head toward the his own door.  “Yeah I’m going to rest so see you tomorrow as well”.  She was already inside and watched him turn, she thought he was going to then walk down the hall back to the elevators again but he surprised, no shocked her and hen he opened his door she then dropped the rest of her stuff and ran over.  ‘Why didn’t he tell me’ her thoughts started to run wild.  She didn’t even notice as he stepped through and left it open for her to come in.  At first she just took a peak as she saw Jesse head into the kitchen.

She noticed his apartment was different than hers as she immediately stepped into the living room.  For one the furniture was definitely more manly with matching black leather couch, love seat and recliner.  Hers was a floral pattern, no love seat or recliner.  Just two matching chairs.  She moved in slowly and saw a wall unit with pictures of his family as she remembered he was big on family.  Also his trophies he won when with ‘Vocal Adrenaline’.  She was still looking around when she heard Jesse again and saw him coming into the room.  She smiled as he approached her.  “Why thank you St. James it’s good to be back as I really did miss it”.

Rachel smiled more and took the glass of water as she batted her eyelashes and smiled more, Jesse always had a way to make her more at ease and then sometimes the opposite.  “Ah Lima is not that bad”.  She then went to sit down on the couch and was shocked on how comfortable it was.  “Its just after my flop of a show I’d figure I head back to my home roots… then when I saw the New Directions were dismantled both Blaine and I got them back on track”.  She smiled when she thought about Blaine and wondered what he was doing as she missed him already.

She turned and smiled at Jesse.  “Though I do have to admit I do miss the competitiveness as well”.  She also wanted to say she missed Jesse as well.  She then nervously took a sip of her water.  “Yes New York can be lonely but now I’m here… I have to go to NYADA tomorrow but I’m free later in the afternoon unless of course your busy then”. She still wasn’t sure if he was single or did he have a girlfriend.  It was long ago that they were ‘a thing’.  She couldn’t expect for Jesse to hang around for her forever.  Plus she now had Blaine and couldn’t just hurt him. 

Rachel and Blaine went through a lot together, it brought them closer.  Though she knew that Blaine still was in love with Kurt.  She caught him one night going through his phone and all the pics of him and Kurt. She still didn’t understand Kurt and why he ended things with Blaine, but something didn’t feel right with Blaine. When they kissed there weren’t the sparks she felt when she kissed Finn, Sam and Jesse.  It was almost like kissing your cousin or something.  She also noticed Jesse looked as exhausted as she felt as she yawned.  “Well maybe I should let you go and rest as I’ve got unpacking to do….”!

She then chuckled and placed her hands on Jesses legs.  “Lots of unpacking to do and then maybe I’ll see about ordering something in… would you like to join me neighbor”?  She chuckled a bit more as ‘neighbor’  sounded strange to her but she knew seeing Jesse again and having him across the hall, they were bound to create trouble or have fun together.  She really did miss him.  Her tired eyes then locked with his exhausted ones.  She really should go but was held by his gaze on hers.

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Rachel was still in shock as there stood in the elevator her old beau Jesse St. James, she blushed a bit when he asked her a question.  “Omg I wish as I never should have left…. I know that now”.  She studied him as he helped manage her last few suit cases in the elevator.  “Thank you Jesse”.  She smiled but then noticed Jesse was totally exhausted.  Maybe he just came from a starring role in a Broadway show.  “Well I came back as I’m sure you heard about my tv show ‘That’s So Rachel’ flopped”? She gauged Jesse’s expression.  “Well anyway it looks like I have to start all over again… So I thought I’d better finish what I started at I’m reenrolled in NYADA and classes start soon”.

Rachel noticed Jesse hadn’t pressed a button as they were still in the lobby.  She always was chatty especially around Jesse as he always made her excited and nervous together.  For one he was dropped dead gorgeous still, though he probably had a girl friend he’s about to visit here.  “So are you visiting someone then… I mean you don’t live here do you”?  She was a bit shocked as he finally pressed a button and asked her floor.  “Um I’m on the top floor which I believe is ten”.  Interesting enough she was right across from Jesse’s apartment and didn’t know it.

She thought as he pressed ten it was for her.  “Your so kind Jesse to help me out… Blaine couldn’t come along as he was going to make sure I was settled in.  She even received a text from Blaine asking if she made it.  She text him back.  “Yes sweetie I have and you’ll never guess who I ran into”!  She then smiled and clicked on send. She then put her phone away and smiled more at Jesse.  “So what have you been up to… you say you’re a native here… so why New York Jesse”?  She kind of knew the answer as he always was Broadway bound like her.  

Jesse was so like Rachel in so many ways, maybe that’s why they always got along as they had the same goals and ambitions but as far as being romantic it was always the wrong time.  Just like now she was with Blaine and still couldn’t believe it and wait till Jesse finds out who’s she’s dating.  The elevator stopped and she followed Jesse rolling a few bags as she gave him her apartment number.  He had a shocked look on her face as she still didn’t know that Jesse was her new neighbor.  She followed him down the hall till they got to her apartment.  

She then got her keys out to open the door and turned around.  “Thank you so much St. James this so sweet of you to take the time as I’m sure you’re here to visit someone…’a girlfriend perhaps’ her thoughts got away from her.  She then leaned over and gave Jesse a quick kiss on the cheek. “Thanks again so much and hopefully we’ll run into each other real soon”.  She grabbed the rest of her suitcases and was about to close her door as she was exhausted.  She then saw Jesse walk across the way and was about to open his own door.  She quickly ran over.  “Wait a minute!  You live here?  You’re my neighbor”?

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