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True Alpha

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June 23rd, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 18
Country: United States

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June 11, 2019



06/11/2019 07:07 PM 

Introduction to people

Hello Luvs, 

I am Scott McCall the True Alpha of Mystic Hill, California. My Roleplay is set in Mystic Hills, California. A Month and a year set during the current time. This Roleplay is a Crossover of The Vampire Diaries & Teen Wolf, with elements inspired by the shows Supernatural & Buffy. 

Wanna know more ask my admin would be happy to tell you more about who I am!

 The Roleplayer behind me is a Para to Multi-para writer, who writes in the First Person. Now all of her, Yes, you heard right a girl is playing me, writings will be done in a group 1x1 or in a group if anyone wants to do a group rp. The reason why is because she can do bold, italic, underline and so much more in a post then she can in messages or even Blogs. She can even edit her writing of me, where she would have to copy and paste then fix everything in either messages or blogs instead she can actually edit and save in a group. If you don't like this then don't friend her, just block or unfriend her. 

Another thing to note. Comments are no can do. She will not answer them or even accept them. Wanna connect message her.

I hope to be able to write an Sl with you soon.


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