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wild world.

Now that I've lost everything to you,
You say you wanna start something new


When the sun came up over the water and the sailor was all I could see, I found the sea in your hair. We're floating there. I'm safe, I'm safe when you're with me. Come on, take my hand. We'll sink into the sand alone, alone and deep beneath.

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June 3rd, 2020

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March 19, 2019


06/11/2019 06:52 PM 

( hc to damon. )

Four years ago.

”What are you hiding from me, Damon?” Enya interrogated. Damon had been cold with her all day. Leaning in for a kiss, brushing his lips away from hers caused a sinking feeling in her stomach and really, she thought he was going to end it there and then with her. His eyes were glued to the floor of her bedroom, hands in pockets, shoulders stiff. She dreaded the worst, anyone she ever cared for wanted to leave her one at some point in her life. Why was he going to be different? She sat herself down upon the edge of her bed, patting the space beside her. Reluctantly, he followed her over, tensed up and he seemed scared. Any colour that was typically flushed in his cheeks was gone. ”Talk to me.” Her prompt was softer this time, placing a hand on his shoulder. ”You know you can tell me anything.”

”I’m gay, Enya.” The words were out there. For something that should completely break her heart, it didn’t. She sat back, shaking her head some. ”Oh my god.” A slight laugh came from her lips, placing her hand up to cover her face, throwing her head back. ”I know.” She answered, which caused his eyes to instantly lock onto her. ”You knew?!” He repeated, causing Enya to shrug it off. ”I’m your girlfriend, I think I should sense these things about you.”

”You’re still my girl.” He said with a smile, playfully nudging her which caused a small giggle to leave her lips. ”Yeah, and any future boyfriends you have must be approved by me first, deal?” Deal.”

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