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06/11/2019 02:07 PM 

What Do I Know Anymore?
Category: Stories

Groaning, Koré held a hand up to her head, eyes closing as the soft pain began to grow. This was something she was getting used to, these minor headaches or migraines that seemed to sprout up now. And always at the most inopportune times. "Koré, are you-?" The concerned voice reached her through the ringing in her head. Holding up a hand, she gave a nod. Still, Xia expressed her concern as she knelt down next to her, arm going around her shoulder. "I'm going to get your mother." That concern was touching, but she shook her head. 

"Do it and I swear I'll force you back onto my body." Her tone was light and teasing despite the frustration she felt, and the truth behind that threat. Xia hated being transferred that way. Not that she could blame the demon. In a way, it was an imprisonment. Koré had been imprisoned too much herself to know what that was like, how lonely it got. A small huff escaped the demon, eyes narrowing at the goddess, but she kept her lips shut and stayed put.

Relief shot through her. She didn't want her parents to know she had those headaches. Ever since she asked about her sister, about Makaria, they had been different. Distant. Guarded. There was something huge they were hiding. If they found out about these migraines, and what they preceded, she knew they would keep her in her room once again. She couldn't go back to that imprisonment.

"Xia, I-" She couldn't get her words out before the world began to fade once more. It was happening again. Darkness overtook her, swallowing her up yet again.

Blinking, she looked around the prison. Makaria paced back and forth before her, muttering to herself. It was as if she hadn't even realized Koré was there again. Did she not summon her here? That was new. "I can't. I won't. I need. Let me." Mutterings came from her sister, nothing but incomplete thoughts. She seemed even more erratic, more unhinged than before.


Those dark eyes shot up at her voice, lips curling into a snarl. "It's about time!" Taken back by the ferocity in the tone of her voice, Koré stumbled backwards. She thought there was a little harmony between them now, but it was as if the past few months hadn't happened. Makaria reminded her of when she first saw her. The anger directed at her, the loneliness she felt. "I need out! Let me free!"
She still couldn't do that. "Makaria, you need hel-"

"SHUT UP! You don't know what I need." Before she could blink, Makaria was upon her. Hands gripped her arms, squeezing her tightly before slamming her against a 'wall', thrusting her knee up into Koré's abdomen. "I know, you know. I've finally figured it out." Laughter filled the air, a maniacal sound. Bringing her lips to Koré's ear, she whispered into it. "I know how to get free."

Those words sent a chill down her spine. After their first encounter, Koré went to learn what she could of Makaria. Very few would talk about her, and any records of her were even fewer still. What she did find, however, was alarming. Events throughout history that she was responsible for, but were attributed to something else to hide her involvement from mortals. "You can't be free. The Fates told me so."

That laughter continued, even louder than before. "The Fates? Those bitches? They're the reason I'm locked up. The reason you're my jailor." A grin spread across those lips. "They're also the one responsible for my powers. For everything I've done. If anyone should be locked up, it's those three." Makaria's hand lifted up, patting Koré's cheek. "But they're wrong. They can't keep me locked up forever. They've never been able to." That word was stressed out, an emphasis placed on 'never' in such a way it sent a chill down her. What was she saying?

"Koré, my sweet Koré. You will let me free again. Just as you've done in the past." Her heart skipped at those words. There was no way she was speaking the truth. She had just found out about her, after all. "Oh no honey, you haven't just found out about me. You've always known about me. But your- I mean our- parents have changed that. Mnemosyne has seen to that." That laughter escaped from Makaria once again as she released her hold upon Koré, who collapsed to her knees.
"I don't-"

Makaria didn't even give her time to finish her thoughts before she was kneeling down before her. Fingers cupped the goddess' chin, lifting her head up. "You don't have to know. You don't have to believe. But believe me when I say this: my memories have returned, and I do remember how to get free. You will free me, and it will be glorious.

"Now go home, little kitten. And take a message with you. Tell dear old Father that I'm coming. Tell them all that I am coming for them. They will pay." Fingers pressing to her forehead, Makaria shoved Koré back, and the darkness faded, the world lighting up once again.

Her room came back into focus, Xia seated on the edge of the bed as she looked over her with concern. "You collapsed again Koré."

"I know." she murmured her reply. As the demon's lips parted to speak, she held a hand up to silence her. "I don't need to hear it Xia. You want me to tell them."

"You need to tell them."

"Tell them what? That I go to some sort of 'shadow prison' where I see my dead sister? Yeah, that will go over well." Koré shook her head. "I don't know what to believe anymore. My parents say Makaria is dead. Chronos showed me her death. The Fates say she is imprisoned, which is why I can talk to her. Everybody else pretends to not know who I am talking about when I ask about her." Groaning, she pushed herself upright, sitting straight. 

"If she's dead, who is pretending to be her? And why am I seeing these 'visions', or whatever they are. If she's alive and imprisoned, then why am I now seeing her? Talking to her? I don't know anything anymore.."


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