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“It was the darkness that I now lived in which made the days I’d lived in the past seem so bright.”

The decision was simple as she stood at the top of the bars, her hand around the male’s throat. ‘This is for you… For you and for Josie.’ Hope thought to herself. In that very moment she was at peace, there was no racing heartbeat, no fear and absolutely no regret for what she was about to do. Now Hope knew how her parents felt when they sacrificed themselves. Thoughts of how her two lovers would feel if they knew about this loomed over head, threatening to shatter her from the inside out. ‘Now or never…’ Pushing the thoughts from her mind Hope swayed to the right, taking the man before her into the pit. Within that room the pit disappeared entirely, leaving the raven-haired boy who’d stolen her heart safe and sound.

I was a cosmic mistake, the creature that never should have been born. Somehow, that was what made me the perfect answer to Malivore. It was created by the three supernatural powers, all of which I possessed. As the thick liquids consumed the two of us, I could feel my energy draining away. Memories of holding Landon’s face, kissing him tenderly and looking into those hues comforted me. It was an eternity of smiles, laughter and warmth that left me hoping that his life without me would still be great. Those weren’t the most visited though. The memories I visited the most were those with both of them, Josie and Landon. Legs entangled beneath blankets, arms wrapped around Landon’s waist, fingertips trailing along Josie’s skin. They were my one weakness, my epic love and everything I’d craved.

Minutes turned to hours, hours into days and those days turned into weeks. If my father had to endure anything like this never-ending loneliness I didn’t want to know. Thoughts that once were comforting became torture. I found myself yearning for the outside world, just one moment… One look, one taste, one touch. That was where it all began, the plan to make them remember me. Either I was slipping into madness or I was the most selfish creature that had ever walked the Earth, I wasn’t sure which was true. All I knew was that I needed them, I didn’t want to let go anymore.

Realizing that she didn’t want to let go gave her the one thing she’d lost when falling into Malivore. It gave her a reason to fight to be remembered, it gave her a reason to force her way out of the darkest pits of despair. Months had gone by but Hope managed to unlock the key. At first it was a complete accident, walking into their dreams. Then she began doing it on purpose just to see them, to take those moments back. It wasn’t enough though, Hope wanted to come home and to do that she needed them to find her. ‘Under the bed, under the floor.’ She began to tell them, praying that somehow her books were still there. Ric couldn’t have gotten absolutely everything, not when there had been things hidden in both of their rooms. Those things were supposed to be a fail-safe plan in case the school was ever attacked again. Dark magic or not, Hope knew that if she could just make them remember her that Josie would do anything to get her back. Or at least the old Josie would.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as the dream faded into darkness. Josie must have been waking up in the real world, because she’d lost her only connection to her. Waiting to know if this plan would work was even more excruciating than knowing that those she loved were living their lives and moving on without her. If the plan was working for them to remember her, she wouldn’t know until they came for her or until they somehow communicated.


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