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June 13th, 2019

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 113
Country: United States

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June 10, 2019



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Information NAMES: Angeliah Gloria Mikaelson No Married Name Angel Ang (By her Mother) Liah (By her Father) ALIASES: None DATE OF BIRTH: October 6th PLACE OF BIRTH: Mystic Falls, Georgia (Before 200 AD) CURRENT RESIDENCE: New Orleans, Louisana ETHNICITY: White/Norweign HAIR COLOR: Brown EYE COLOR: Brown HEIGHT: 5'2" WEIGHT: 100 lbs SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Homosexual PARENTS: Esther Mikaelson (Mother) - Ansel(Father) - Mikael Mikaelson (Step-Father) SIBLINGS: Klaus Mikaelson (Older Brother) - Add Rest soon RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single CURRENT RELATIONSHIP(S): Single PAST RELATIONSHIP(S) None OCCUPATION: None Yet PERSONALITY: Sarcastic, cruel and mean LIKES: Studying - Partying - Killing DISLIKES: Hates sports - Hates not having control of her shifts ADDICTIONS: None STRENGTHS: Shifting to full Wolf Form WEAKNESSES: White Ash Stake BIOGRAPHY: Angeliah Gloria Mikaelson is the biological Daughter of Esther Mikaelson and Ansel, as well as the step-daughter of Mikael Mikaelson. She is the half-sister of Rebekah, Henry, Kol, Elijah, and Freya as well as the younger sister of Niklaus Mikaelson. She was born on October 6th, around 200 AD. She grew up with the North Atlantic Pack and was cared for by Cary. When she reached over 9 00 + years old, she and cary went to New Orleans to find Klaus, there the Siblings met for the First. She decided to stay and get to know her siblings. She is an evolved wolf, cured to shift on a Full Moon. She is the third member of the North East Atlantic Wolf Pack to survive. She hopes to one day become an Alpha of her own pack. GROUPS: None Yet Mikaelson Family Member (Pending) PACKS: North East Atlantic Pack 
Connections Esther Mikaelson - Mother - She doesn't know her Mother at all, she hopes to one day. Ansel - Father - Add Mikael Mikaelson - Step-Father- She doesn't like her Step-Father, even though she only met him once. Niklaus (Klaus) Mikaelson - She loves her Brother,even when she first meets him. Elijah Mikaelson - Freya Mikaelson - Finn Mikaelson - Kol Mikaelson - Rebekah Mikaelson- Henry Mikaelson - Cary - 
Rules List Disclaimer : I am not the actress nor my character. My Character is my creation, set in the Vampire Diaries, The Originals & Legacies verse. Rule # 1: Oneliners - I will not be accepting one-liners or Semi-paras. Why? Because I can't work with any of it. I prefer para to multi-para. I can't do Novellas, but I can try. Rule # 2: Availablity - I am mostly on 24/7 but not always on here, I do have other things oneline that I am involved with Rule # 3: Connections - First off for a love connection, I only ship with Chemistry. Any other kind of connection is fine. Rule # 4: Smut - I will not be engaging in Smut, so don't think of sending me any, I will delete you! Rule # 5: Starters/Plotting - One, never send me a Starter without knowing about my character first, I will give you an introduction soon as I make one. Second, I will not answer any Starters sent my way unless we have talked it over first (Plotted), also note that I will not reply to comments.. Rule # 5: Please be literate. Please be able to write in complete sentences and check your Spelling (I know auto-correct and non-english speakers will have trouble, so let me know.) Also please give some thought to a Starter, don't use the same thing over and over again, be creative! Don't copy and paste then change up the words and such, be original! YOU CAN ALSO TALK TO ME AND SET UP A PLOT TOGETHER (MY PREFERED METHOD). Rule # 6: Oc & Ic - Please keep the two seperate. If I am gonna be out of character I will place {Brackets} so you know I am out of Character. Storyline Tracker Storyline Title - Roleplayer - Thread Theme News Tracker Date: Information


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