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aV_Franciotto Orsini_Va-{Cardinal}

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April 17th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 114
Country: Italy

Signup Date:
May 29, 2019


05/30/2019 04:52 PM 

Rules to follow
Category: Stories
Current mood:  blah

1. Do not waste my time with stories and characters that simply do not make sense period.

2. No drama no where on my profile won't put up with that crap not whatsoever.

3. Do not add yourself to Impalers family won't allow non canons to the family.

4. Must be able to para correct not sentence separated each other that is not paragraphing.

5. I do not do comments messages only please and much thanks.

6. Better know the history of the Impaler because I won't put up with stupid people who knows crap.

7. I won't do gay stories Impaler is straight so don't go there.


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