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05/15/2019 09:37 PM 

Prologue: The King Of Hell

The King of Hell -Prologue

Life always came with its challenges. To say that it didn't leave the King without interest, would be an afterthought. He sat there, short hair.. Long enough for him. It didn't cover his face, which had a scar across his right eye. Deep blue eyes scanned the arena that was his throne room. Hearing the wails and cries of sorrow of lost souls within the endless river below, only had him realize that with each victory came a bitter reward.

He looked down at his wrist, the Mark of the Demon Cain burned through him. It made his blue eyes light up into a crimson red. He was wearing a black shirt and vest, that looked more like tactical battle armor. Black pants and black boots, a black leather trench coat hung across his shoulders and down to his ankles. His sword Cerberus was resting by his side. More on that later. He had the ability to heal, but scars remained scars and those could never heal.

Signs of an ancient soul,wear and tear across his body from centuries of intense battles. He was a weary ruler, but a ruler nonetheless. Formerly a Prince, now a King. The Underworld, Hell.. it was all the same to him. After Lucifer fell and all the other Prince's were destroyed, he was the last of his kind. A man came into view. The beasts that were protecting and guarding him snarled. Ugliest creatures you would ever come across, but they did their purpose.

Azrael held up a hand, motioning them to cease. “It's been a long time.. brother..” He spoke in an ethereal tone. Angelic and ancient. Wise and powerful. “Gabriel..” Azrael said with a dark grimace. It wasn't really out of hatred, out of all the Archangels, he hated Gabriel the least. “You have a lot of nerve coming to the Underworld my friend.. Nerve, or stupidity.. I can't really determine which..” Azrael said, offering him a drink.

Gabriel grinned and took the drink. His eyes traveled down to the Legendary blade sitting next to him. It had a presence about it, almost as if it were alive in its own right. “Is that?” He asked and Azrael nodded. “So, the rumors are true.. I didn't want to believe it.. You really are the King of Hell now..” Gabriel said to him. “I hate that name..” Azrael said, now with a little bitter tone to it. “Should I call you by your real name? Michael..” Gabriel said to him. Which made Azrael grip his goblet tightly, tightly enough that the drink spilled out of it some.

It made his beasts hiss and snarl at the name. The temperature within the room began to rise and slowly heat at the thought. “It's Azrael now..” He said darkly and it made Gabriel roll his eyes. “To these peons, and creatures, you may be Azrael.. but you can't deny your heritage.” He said. It made Azrael lean back against his throne. “Why did you fall?” He asked and Azrael let out a breath, loosing interest in his drink, he tossed it aside.

“Everything in life requires a balance. When Lucifer/Hades fell, the Underworld fell with him. Chaos ensued. Former Knights and Prince's of Hell fought for position of power. I had to come in not only as a Prince of Hell, but a Knight of Hell as well.” Azrael said which made Gabriel grin. “Still holding on to that ancient order. The Knight's of Hell are all but instinct, you are the last and as for a Prince of Hell, it was a position you took for yourself, it's not a birthright like the others..” He said and it made Azrael grin.

“I fell because of the war, and my ambitions had gotten the better of me. But, there were more reasons to that than just falling to fall.” He said and took out a breath. Looking onward. “I fell for love.” He said and it made Gabriel roll his eyes.

“You fell for a Demon.” Gabriel said, in disgust. You were his Sword, the first son. His favorite, and you committed a worse sin than Lucifer did. You fell in love with the enemy..” Gabriel said, coldly and it made Azrael grin.

“I'm not as cold and heartless as your species. I had a soul, a mind.. my heart.. she opened me up in ways I never thought were even possible. So, I fell. I knew I'd be hunted. I was the only entity that could destroy Lucifer at the time. Little did we know that there was another force that took him out. When I fell, I encountered Cain and he bestowed upon me his Mark. At a price.” He said, looking down at the Mark.

“The Mark gives you power, to control Demons and kill them. Each Demon I slaughtered for the right of the decent, I began to turn and get twisted from it. The power was overwhelming. My Archangel grace was having a bad reaction to it. I had to make a choice, retain the power of controlling and killing Demons, or remaining an Archangel in a war that seemed to never end. My wings turned black. Before I lost them I ripped them from my being. Purging my Grace, I renounced my Archangel presence. My vessel bonded permanently with me, fusing with me so I didn't have to give him up.”

Azrael said softly, and looked at Gabriel. She was the reason, for everything. But, now.. with the power and endless rage I felt, the blood consumed me and I couldn't stay within a few feet of a Demon without needing the urge to kill them. I melted my wings into ash, and with that remaining power, I fused the Demon Dagger with it, heightening the power. With that, I traveled the Earth and came upon Excalibur. Somehow, it survived through the war and time. Driven from the stone, Camelot was a thing of the past, there was no Kingdom to rule and I had no drive to recreate one.”

He paused and poured a drink for himself. Gabriel looked at him, and took a seat. “Now that the blade was stronger, I could feel the surge of power through me. It was starting to wound Angels, but I knew that if it needed to kill Archangels like myself and you, it needed to be stronger. I needed to be stronger.” he said quietly. “The woman I fell in love with became concerned, she wasn't like your typical Demon. She cared about people. She tried to help save people actually and when she saw what I was becoming, she tried to change me. She tried to help me.” He said, there was a sadness in tone now.

He looked on, and traced the ring on his finger. The silver ring. He lowered his head. “I could still hear the screams, of terror and fear. She begged and pleaded me. But, I struck her down. In cold blood. The woman I loved, fell for.. my wife.. I ended up killing in a fit of power hungry rage.” Azrael said, looking down.. “I blacked out and I couldn't.. I didn't..” He said quietly. “I couldn't stop, and I went on an endless killing spree, Demons and Angels. It didn't matter to me, my soul darkened and turned black. I began feeding on Demon blood.”

“It gave me power beyond recognition and when I came across Excalibur I forged the Blade of The Demon with the mystical blade. I warped it's pure light and corrupted it with the darkness that surrounded me. I had one of the ultimate weapons now. It could kill Archangels, Demons, Knights of Hell, ect.. It turned me dark, and I became a Prince of Hell. I renounced my name, and put the past behind me.” He said. Looking at Cerberus. The two were connected. Each felt the hate and darkness of the other, each yearned for blood and chaos like the other.

He looked at him. “The sword. I forged. Its length is 41'' and the blade length is 28 ½'' It's alive for all purposes. It has a soul and I can feel it every time I wield it, we become one. It's more than a sword. The blade itself is forged out of the rarest metal on Earth, coupled by the Demon Dagger, and my Angel wings, the ash of a fallen powerful Angel..” He said and continued looking at the sword.

The guard of the sword is solid steel, shaped like talons curving inward. The tips of the talons caress and house skulls of defeated foes that were extremely powerful, two. One on top and the other on the bottom of the handle. The handle of the sword is steel with concentric dulled gold rings in an hour glass shaped figure. The pommel of the sword is steel mounted with a double sided skull of one of the former enemies I defeated. Piercing the top of the skulls are two solid steel talons curving down like horns.”

“When I forged the sword into the new one you see before you, something clicked within me. I was aware of my power now. I could control it, and it didn't control me. All the pain and images of my slaughter came flooding back to me.” He said in a sullen tone. “I remembered my wife's cries, of agony and sorrow. Tears and pain. She had that look of fear, I'll never get over.. no matter how much good I do. I'll live with that scar for the rest of my life.” He said looking down at the floor. He let out a sigh and then looked at him.

“I know why you're here, but I can't help. I know my status is that of an anti-hero. I've helped the Earth a lot, but I can't. The war is over now, I know there's not a lot of Angels left and Heaven needs to be run.. but you are more than capable of handling that Gabriel. I have to be here in Hell, because it's my punishment. My eternal torment and sorrow, my pain is my purpose. I torture the souls that torture me and because of that, I am the King of Hell.” he said to him. The Darkness and purpose, fused with me. The sword and I are of one entity and spirit.” He said to him.

Gabriel kind of rolled his eyes a little. “Say what you want, but you're still an Angel. You can deny your heritage and past all you want, drink all the Demon blood you want, but you are what you are..” He said and Azrael looked at him. The ground shook a little. Azrael had surpassed Lucifer in power and strength. He was the ruler of the Underworld now. The Hells and everything he went through, it made him grin. “That's what I like about you brother.. you never hid anything. You always spoke your mind. It's that little fact, that you're still here. And that fact, that I'm allowing you to leave..” Azrael said to him..

Gabriel grinned amusingly at him. “Always the theatrical one brother.” He said while he took a moment and paused. “I'm not here to fight you. You know why I'm here. You think your Demon whores will stay loyal to you? The look on their faces? The moment you show a sign of weakness, the moment they'll turn on you..” Gabriel said and it made Azrael laugh a little. “At least I know where I'll stand. And the truth be told, this place is more real than Heaven..” He said and it made Gabriel grimace. “You've always had a lust for blood and carnage. Even when you weren't guzzling Demon blood like some cheap Prostitute..”

It made Azrael grin even more. “See..?All that posturing and bravado about being pure in spirit and light, and you resort to name calling.. You amuse me brother.” he said with an amused tone. He leaned back against his throne. “I barely help the Earth anymore. Not with everything that has happened within my life, we fight our own personal war. Heaven and Hell. The war between Angels and Demons will never die. It'll never end. It doesn't matter.. how many convert and turn to my side. Or how many Demons you smite. Good and Evil, the balance will always be there..”

“Don't worry, I am a different kind of evil.. an evil that the world will need one day. My fire burns brighter and darker than most. I don't let the weight and pain of my past bare me into the grave any longer, I am the Demon King.. The King of the Underworld. The world and Earth will always be protected, because I love a challenge and I won't let it get to the point where it's not worth saving. Plus, I know it pisses your lot off when I do something good.” He grinned darkly.

Gabriel looked at him. “So, the mighty hero is going to be there when the Apocalypse finally overwhelms the Earth?” Azrael grinned and said nothing. Gabriel rolled his eyes, and rose from his seat. He started heading out. It was clear the meeting didn't go as intended. Azrael was far more gone than Gabriel expected and he needed to know the rumors were true. A fallen Angel, The Angel.. Has taken over Hell. Well, not the first time and certainly not the last. The fire within the Underworld, and the spirit of the damned master will always be there to ensure the balance is and always will be equal.


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