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December 20th, 2019

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 24
Country: United States

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May 14, 2019



05/15/2019 12:57 PM 

About Shanelle
Category: Stories

Name: Shanelle Charlie Laswick 

Nickname: Shan, Nelle
Date of birth: 01 August 1994
Gender: Female 

Orientation: Heterosexual (straight)
Height: 5ft 5
Eye colour: Brown
Body Build: Slim

Tattoos: Multiple on Sleeve 
Piercings: Ears, nose ring, belly button 

Hobbies: Travelling around the world, Going to concerts, Meet and greets artists, photography, going to the theme park, doing makeup tutorials.

Personality: Sweet, bubbly, sassy, confident, kind hearted, Romantic, will tell you how it is - won't lie, Respectful, loyal, someone that can rely on, protective, outgoing, brutally honest

Occupation: Model and makeup artist 

Martial Status: Single and looking for miracle (aka gentlemen)
Good Habits: Tells you how it is - won't lie, Loyal, Respectful, kind hearted, protective. 
Bad Habits: Tells you how it is - won't lie and brutally honest. 


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