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05/15/2019 12:05 PM 


“We’re closing the city limits, nobody is to leave the town.” Mayor Colyer spoke to all attending the meeting at town hall. The sound of his voice and the reactions from that night replayed over and over in her head like a broken record. Nobody wanted to be there anyway but Colyerville was like a black hole, it sucked you in and never lets you go. Leaning onto the railing on her back porch she exhaled her smoke. Baby blues looking up into the sky at the moon, studying the stars above her. A series of emotions running through her. Sadness, the fact it had came to this was hard for her to swallow. Confusion, if people would leave freely and there were still so many murders then what did they think would happen if you kept all the crazies locked down in the town with nowhere else to go? Somebody was bound to end up dead. Lastly, frustration she hated damn near everyone in the god forsaken place and now she couldn’t escape them if her life depended on it.

Running her fingers through her long dark locks, she placed the cancer stick between her lips once more. Eyes fluttered closed as she inhaled the thick smoke. Anxiety began to consume her as the thought of getting caught for her own acts was triggered. Aubree Ward, she never stood a chance. It was a night of tragic events to say the least. A feud that was taken all too far, something that wasn’t /fully/ Mackenzie’ fault. One arm wrapping snug around her figure she exhaled the smoke, before taking another drag, now taking a seat on the patio chair behind her. One leg now under the other as she took her place sitting ‘indian style’ her mind began to remember the events of that night. She was drugged, had taken it too far, but when she came to she had been consumed with guilt.

All the blood, the sight of the dead girl something that Mack could never forget. She was one to not give a f*** but now with the ability to be labeled as a murderer she was frustrated with how the events took place. It had been a while since it had happened and everything seemed to be getting back to normal. All except the fact that now the mayor had every Tom, D*ck and Harry out on the case trying to find out who murdered his beloved daughter and nieces. Little did anyone know they weren’t linked at all. Everyone in the town had a little crazy in them, some more than others. But, Mackenzie was fearful, and the anguish surged through her veins like a wildfire unable to be stopped. A lump formed in her throat that seemed to be something she was unable to swallow. Prison wasn’t somewhere she wanted to end up, especially for something that wasn’t intentional. She was drugged for christ takes. However, she knew that eventually her freedom would be gone, she would rot in a cell for the entirety of her life and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it.


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