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05/14/2019 06:23 PM 

A year with the Devil
Category: Blogging

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Four walls have become a prison. Fear will either take you or break you unless you fight the walls that confine you. Three days since the events that led her here had transpired. Daddy dearest is on the prowl again. Notes sent by messenger, flowers now stacking in the trash, and a box filled with horrible memories lay in the kitchen table. There was nothing she could do to stop him. Even the police had refused to help, and that was her last resort. 

"Sorry, Ma'am. Do you know who your father is? We can't touch that man even if we wanted to. May I suggest you ask him to forgive you?"

Were they serious when they asked a female with a fractured jaw to ask her abuser to forgive her? Sadly they were.

Spencer John Kennedy, the grandson of JFK has immunity to any crime he will commit. Even murder all over his hands will never see a day in court. Newly nominated and sworn into the Supreme court, he would remain untouchable. His daughter would always be his obsession and his greatest loss. 

The door slammed as they left. Not by their hands, but hers. It was unbelievable that even in this fortress she had built, she was not safe. Security had left. She was now on her own to take care of her life. At 18 years old, that scared her for the first time since she left home. 

There were only two things she could do. Move, which she was in the process of looking for a new place, or call in a favor. That was something she didn't want, but at this point, she needed security who could handle her father and his men. Chomping down of her lip, the pain of the fracture resurfacing the moment she did. The pain pills had helped, but only to a point. The pain may have exacerbated due to her clenching her teeth. The police officers had brought that on.

The deep sigh vibrated her chest when released, her phone dropping from her hand to the carpet. It was the pictures that made her laugh. "It's a Beth thing," the engraved note on the back was a gift from someone she once loved. "A**hole!" shaking her head, she didn't mean it, but it seemed fitting at the moment. Taking your anger for one on another wasn't right, and she wouldn't participate in that behavior. 

Growling, her voice rattling in her chest as she grabbed the phone from the floor. A swipe of her finger opened the contacts, but it was the name that seared her orbs with fear. Asking for help would mean she had to dance with the devil. Honestly, this would be the hardest call she had ever made. Exhaling, her lips vibrated as the breath escaped. 9 numbers had never been so hard to dial. 

"I need help. My father, he is threatening to release pictures. Bad ones. Ones that could destroy me," her voice cracking, the male on the other end remained silent for a few moments. On the other end, the evil would collect his due. "If I help you, one year is what you owe me. You do as I say and work where I want for a year!" his voice soft, he never wavered in the tone. He was a businessman first, and a human last.  

"Okay!" one word would change her life forever. 


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