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Styx SM of Hell

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September 15th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 45
Country: Greece

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July 24, 2015



05/12/2019 10:16 PM 

Mother, Goddess of Darkness Nyx

At the cuspid of the underworld were the legions bellow turns my river through out a landscape that we had fabricated along the eternity, seat on a rock out this hill thinking of her. Alone before the Universe whom smells back to me with an ironic symphony.

Yes, yes you would be out there I guess in the anti-matter holding the planet's elite, hugging us inside your womb, in invisible manner without being notice and as the beautiful body you gave me to carve out this lands a river let me remember how creation exploded in you as a bing bang orgasm of God. A God Father called Tartarus to me, a king of a burning hell such as the sun, egoist as no other God and realm, centred as the Sun, reincarnates to teach us from our sins. While you birthed me the realms you both had created for the illusion to return to Heaven, those Elysian fields were only truth is spoken and lived in divine harmony. How noble of yours to keep hidden from this cycle, indeed a circus.

 It's not easy mother, call me the Goddess of Hatred if you wish perhaps your only talented daughter, enough with one Titan out of your's I guess. The first waters this world ever had, filled with bacteria and gases before the biological impulse of you two floated out into land. It's not easy mother, my husband Pallas keeps crafting you know, all Machiavelli and childlike at the same time in his Palladium and of me, well you see that it will remain unrecognised as you do, but wait.

Not before the unified theory is revealed you know, as they got to the particles and Quantum Theory now they can see you mom, now the anti-matter exist in this last decade of 2019, and nothing you cared yet, as the cortex of the brain is recognised as well.

The theory of relativity has driven reason to no extend, let me relax in the night of yours and thank you, let me feel beyond the moon the lullabies of horror and sweetness you evoke, is the unknown yet so mysterious to understand. How much do I know you darkness as for this river, is all it breaths for at the serenity of your bliss. How generous and sexy to have open such platform, how many particles can be collide in the deepest darkness, how much peacefulness and space you have given me to flow as river. 

Mother, when all I ever asked you was freedom and you yet made me feel eternal. Mother, always there and here in the new night, would let me cherish your old age, you are beautiful to me as no tomorrow, do please stop hiding on your own when your figure rises out this vage touch I beg you to let me see the force of your palpitation, I'm yours mother, can you see the river Styx flowing through you and for you, century after century carving the shores to a new hell and heaven to the dimension father honours the extension of your power. 

Mother, I'm now a mother too, miserable indeed having my children as Olympian Warriors at the airs of Zeus, oh! Mother please, bring them to me for Eos will rise in vengeance for this separation ones called for me to be a Binding Oath to the Gods and Mortals. Oh, mother grant me the power of your Darkness to bring death to whom ever stands in the way of my children. 


STYX Sedna Mortificare of Hell, Heaven as it's Hades.


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