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This is a list of connections that are vital for Bennett. If they are bold they are taken. If you are interested in a open connection send me a message!

High School Sweetheart- This person started dating Bennett at the start of his junior year in high school. They dated for 2 years and everyone, including Ben, saw them getting married. After he broke his leg and became hooked on pain killers (his secret) things took a turn and the relationship fell apart. He has kicked himself for this ever since and often wonders if he lost the love of his life. [ Alora ]

Childhood Best friend- As a kid Ben always had one person he could turn to when his father came home drunk. His best friend was also going through similar things at home. They'd bonded over sports and would on occasion run off to the quarry to just escape. They'd even devised a runaway plan multiple times. To this day they are close and have each others back no matter what. [ Julian ]

Older Brother- Bennetts brother is 7 years older than he is. When he graduated from high school his brother packed up and moved to New York. He was smart and found a way out of their fathers grasp. They were never really close due to the age gap, but Ben always knew his brother was there to look out for him.

Ex- Girlfriend- This would be someone he dated during his dark years. He never really labelled the relationship, though anytime he felt lonely this would be the person he'd call. The relationship was mainly about sex for Bennett but for her she thought it was more. When she saw it was clearly going nowhere she ended things. The two could still be friends as she was around during the worst part of his life. [ Dixie ]

Female Best friend- Growing up by each other was not the only thing that brought them together. Their mothers were best friends so it was only inevitable that they would be as well. She was always the sister Ben had wanted and he would do absolutely anything for her. She was and still is the only person in his life who was there through every good and bad moment, and she is the only person who knows just how bad his addiction became.  [ Bowie ]

Older male cousin- As cousins (on his mothers side) Bennett always looked up to him. He had a scarce relationship with his older brother Mason, and Abel was always there for him. He feels as though he can go to his cousin with anything. They both now work for the high school, and still remain close. [ Abel ]


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