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June 7th, 2019

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April 14, 2019



04/15/2019 09:48 PM 


Rules, read fully if you wanna write with me, I will know if you didn't read them!

Rule 1. I'm an original character, I'm the daughter of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones but my character lives with my mother in Beacon Hills, California, if you don't like original characters then delete me!

Rule 2. My character is a single shipper, I will only date ONE person, so if your the type to date more then just one woman then I'm not your girl, that's just cheating in my book and I don't tolerate cheaters or liars! 

Rule 3. Don't message me and call me babe or baby, if were not together then don't call me that, only my IC LI a call me baby or babe! And don't message me for sex, I only sleep with my LI amd don't become my LI just to sleep with me and then delete me! That is extremely rude!

Rule 4. If you want to become my LI then our characters need to get to know each other first see if there is any Sparks between the two, I will not say yes to anybody unless I feel something!

Rule 5. Don't add me unless your gonna talk, I will not tolerate non talkers! I will delete you, I send out greetings, I will give you time to reply but if you take a week or more to reply then I will delete you!

Rule 6. If we discuss a storyline then don't ignore me when you get a LI! or ignore me when you already have one!

Rule 7. I like picture comments and cute comments, I'll return the favor!

Send me something cute down below! 💙


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