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04/15/2019 05:19 PM 

Roleplay with Gallant Prince (David Nolan)

David Nolan, the prince of the Enchanted Forest, broke up with Snow because he wanted to something exciting in his life. While Snow just wanted to stay in the Enchanted Forest. David rode his horse out towards the woods. Once he got there, he got off his horse and stood in the middle. "Reul Ghorm, I need your help!" David called out. A few minutes later, a blue light floated towards him. "Prince Charming, it's nice to see you out here." said the blue fairy. "Now, what can I help you with?" She asked. "I want to go somewhere that's exciting, somewhere that's unlike the Enchanted Forest." Said David. "Somewhere exciting?" Blue Fairy asked. "Well, alright. Hold out your hand." She said. David held out his hand and she tossed something at him. It landed in his palm and it was glowing. It was a magic bean. "Just think of a place you'd like to go, and it'll take you there." She informed him. "Thank you!" Said David. With that, the blue fairy floated away. 

David rode his horse away to another part of the forest while another voice resounded. "Reul Ghorm, show yourself!" said a voice. It was Rumpelstiltskin, or better known as The Dark One. The Blue Fairy floated towards him. "How do I follow him?" Rumple asked. "You had the way and you didn't take it. And there are no more magic beans." Said the Blue Fairy. "That's a lie." Said Rumple. Little did Rumpelstiltskin know, David took the other magic bean that the Blue Fairy had. Meanwhile, David stood in the center of the woods alone with one clear bean. "Take me to another world." He said, and tossed the bean into the ground. The ground opened up with a green glow. David looked around and jumped in. 

David felt lost and confused when he first got to the new world. He learned something new about a 'glass window' and 'automatic sliding doors.' At first, David thought the door was going to bite him. People laughed at him for trying to start a fight with a door. After a few times, he finally learned that this 'sliding door' is an object and doesn't bite people. Finally, David realized he needed a place to crash for the night. Just when he was lost in thought, someone bumped into him. It was a young man with a beard, and his hair just starting to turn grey. "I'm sorry." Said the man. When he saw David's face, his eyes went wide and was ready to bolt. But David grabbed his shirt before he could. "Young man, I need a place to stay for the night. Please help me." He pleaded. "Um..." The man thought for a moment. "Okay, follow me." He said, and David followed him like a lost puppy. 

The man opened the door to his apartment and walked in. David stood in the door way, wasn't sure if he should go in or not. "Well, come on." said the man. David walked in and looked around. The apartment was quite small, but it looked cozy. "I'm Neal. Neal Cassidy." The man introduced himself. "It's nice to meet you, Neal. I'm David Nolan." Said David. "I know who you are." Neal mumbled. "Excuse me?" David asked. "Oh, nothing." Neal said, with a nervous laugh. "You take the bed, and I'll take the couch." Said Neal. "It's okay, Neal. I'm the guest. I'll take the couch." Said David. How could he make the Prince of the Enchanted Forest sleep on a couch? "Oh no. I insist, David." Said Neal. "Okay, okay." Said David, raising both hands up. 

Neal brought out his extra blanket from his closet in his bedroom, then set it on the couch. "I'm sorry I drove you to the couch, Neal." Said David. "It's okay, your maj..." Neal cleared his throat. "I mean, it's not a problem." He said, correcting himself. "Hm..." Said David, eyeing Neal with suspicions. "Well, goodnight." David said, and walked back to the bedroom. Neal sighed a feeling of relief. The next morning, Neal made breakfast. David woke up, grabbed his money pouch and walked into the kitchen. He set a gold coin on the counter. "For your hospitality." Said David. "I can't use that here, your majesty." Said Neal. Neal's eyes went wide as he realized he let slip the only thing he didn't wished to. David stared at Neal and frowned. "Who are you?" David asked. "Uh...No one." Said Neal nervously, his eyes looking away from David. David sighed. "Alright. I won't force you if you don't want to talk about it." He said, with a nod. "But you are going to need a job though." Said Neal. "A job?" David asked, confused. 

Months later, David got off from his job and rode his bicycle home. When he got to his apartment, he got off and opened the door to his apartment with his key. David pushed his bike inside and set it on the balcony. Then he locked it. He walked back into the apartment and set things down. He walked into the kitchen and washed his hands. When he was just about to start preparing dinner, the door bell rang. Neal? David thought. Could he have forgotten his keys? "Coming!" Said David, so whomever could hear. "Did you forget your keys, Neal?" He asked with a chuckle. But when David opened the door, a stranger stood in front of him. He blinked. Who is this? He thought to himself. "Can I help you?" David asked. "If you're looking for my roommate, he's out right now." 

Modern Day

It had been 6 years since the Evil King had shoved Ash Black down a well to get rid of any challenge to the Kingdom of Happily Never After in The Dark Forest. He had unfortunately ended up in New York courting old rich men…. Who paid for an identity to be created for him. He had chosen the name Jake Johnson for himself and though it was deplorable he had always slept with them and sent them into either cardiac arrest or a stroke which usually killed them once he had been put in their wills.

Having amassed a small fortune he was able to live the life of a Prince. He often argued with Gay Tony in Liberty City but preferred the upper-class life of New York City. Today he had been mulling over memories of David. He might’ve cheated on him but he had still loved the man. That’s why it hurt. He knew full well why Reginald had shoved him into that Enchanted Well. So that he could live with the death of loved ones as Reginald had. But really the only person Ash had thought about right now had been Charming.

Guilt washed over him. Maybe in time Charming would’ve changed. Maybe he would’ve actually been a better husband. He knew it probably wasn’t possible But he had to hope for the best. It was after all what made him the Fairest of All. It wasn’t really his beauty. That was just some wise tail kids told their children because it’s what Disney had told them and when did Disney ever get a fairy tale right (am I right?).  He was really a little out of it as he walked into the apartment next door to Neal Cassidy’s.

He was house sitting for yet another potential suitor while they were away on a business trip. Unfortunately he was often distracted by the neighbor Neal whom he couldn’t quite put his finger on where and why he looked familiar.  Could it have been back when he had been whisked away to Neverland and been the Runt of the litter of Lost Boys Pan had commanded. He was known to them as Little Sparrow and now all grown up he had no idea what to call himself other than the identity that was created for him.

He had rang the bell expecting to ask Neal if he wanted to go out and catch the latest Slasher flick, Kill Them Hoes: The story of A Pimp Named Slickback. It had gotten good reviews so e supposed they could both enjoy the film. But that’s when the door had swung open and Ash froze. "Can I help you?" David asked. "If you're looking for my roommate, he's out right now." Ash’s icey-blue eyes locked with David’s emerald green eyes. His mouth almost fell open as he took two steps back.

No. It can’t be. He thought as he burst into tears taking two steps back, stunned by the image of the man in front of him. It couldn’t’ve been Charming. They looked very similar but there were small differences due to the fact that every Author wrote one’s story a little differently than others. The man who stood before him now was not Ash Black’s Prince Charming but someone elses. It was almost as his heart stopped as he lurched forward clutching his own chest. In truth his heart beat had sped up out of fear, love, sadness, and most importantly guilt.

Ash considered himself to be he most vile of all after that day and constantly punished himself for the deeds he had performed that day.  But here a David Noland stood with a face not unlike his first late-husband’s face. “No,” He finally choked out fighting the tears which were already flowing from his eyes like little ant sized waterfalls and regaining his composure, “You’re dead. There’s no way you could be here. He killed you because of me.” While this might’ve seemed like incoherent babble to David it was all very, coherent to Ash whom feared he had now been haunted by a man who’s death he had been responsible for.


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