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April 15th, 2019

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August 18, 2013


09/25/2018 01:01 PM 

Main Event
Current mood:  adventurous

Divas Match
Taryn Terrell w/Daniel Bryan
Torrie Wilson

"Everyday Nightmare" starts playing across the arena lights beamed pink and purple across the arena bringing out Taryn Terrell who looks both ways as she poses in the center of the ring followed by her husband Daniel Bryan who smiles at her gazing into her eyes.

Greg Hamilton:
"The following divas match is set for one fall making her way to the ring from New Orleans, Louisiana... Taryn Terrell!"

Taryn starts walking toward the ring as she gazes both ways.

Mike Rome:
"Beautiful as she is dangerous in the ring Taryn is an accomplished diva in the ring a former women's and divas champion multiple time she has won those championships."

Tom Phillips:
"She sure is a shoe in for a hall of fame induction accomplishing so much in her career."

Byron Saxton:
"Taryn was one of the pioneers in the divas division taking it back to 2010 the early start of January as she has seen many come and go the likes of Leah and Kelly come in and go."

Taryn looks both ways rolling her eyes at the crowd as she made her way toward the side of the ring and then slides to the side of the ring as she then sits on the side and blows a kiss crosses her legs then helps herself up as she poses for the crowd then steps through the bottom half of the second rope and climbs up the the top rope and posing for the crowd as she has this crazy look as she looks at the crowd Daniel stands by her as he stand back clapping for her.

"Need a Little Time" plays lights beamed pink across the arena good crowd reaction for Torrie Wilson who emerged from behind the curtains sporting an all red attire as she waves at the crowd and continues her way toward the ring now looking focused tonight.

Torrie continued her path toward the ring as she high fives some of the fans as she walks toward the ring.

Mike Rome:
"Here comes one of the most popular divas from the past and present Torrie Wilson a former women's, divas and knockouts champion one of the only few women's to hold all three championships."

Tom Phillips:
"Other women like Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Candice Michelle and Eve Torres are a few of the women to have held all major titles but none yet to hold all five including the SmackDown and and Raw women's championship."

Byron Saxton:
"Our any of them have reached 7 or 8 title reigns? Has yet to be broken."

Torrie made her way up the steel steps as she then stepped through the second rope stepping inside the ring now as she looks both ways and then stares at her opponent Taryn and points toward her, Taryn just rolled her eyes at her opponent both women stared at each other waiting for the match to begin now 

Referee for this match Aksana a former two time divas champion points to both women as she then motions for the bell to ring now 

Daniel stands near ringside as he watches on "You got this Taryn come on get her!" shouting as he watched on from the outside.

Taryn and Torrie move from side to side as they lock eyes and then lock up for a collar elbow tie up getting the action started right away both then break it up at the same time, Taryn strikes with a knee strike to the mid section then runs toward the ropes and hits as she then runs toward Torrie direction who did the same and surprises Taryn with a leaping clothesline successfully took down with that one as she got up again and strikes with another leaping clothesline down goes Taryn feeling the effect of that as she got up again Torrie on her feet follows up with a dropkick and successfully took down Taryn with that one as she went down again as she now stumbling on getting back on her feet now Torrie grabs a hand full of her hair picking up from the canvas holding onto her by the hair and follows up with a hair pull snapmare sending Taryn flying across the ring face burst she hits the canvas as she rubs her chin Torrie all fired up motions Taryn to get back up on her feet Daniel slides in the ring sneaking behind Torrie grabs by the hair as he pulls back for a strong hair slam Torrie hits the canvas hard as she felt that one Taryn slowly supported herself back up on her feet as she approaches Daniel and kissing on the lips, referee Aksana motions calls for a disqualification Daniel and Taryn smiled at each other and then slowly start picking up Torrie setting up for a double DDT now as they got her set "Let her go!" Aksana shouts at them crowd booing them 

"Just Close Your Eyes" plays across the arena crowd erupts in cheers Christian runs toward the ring as he slides inside the ring both Taryn and Daniel let go of Torrie and then roll out of the ring now Christian not too happy about what happen invites them inside the ring now.

Christian looks both ways as he then checks on his wife now as he helps Torrie up Daniel and Taryn looking at each other as they seen a ghost made their way up the ramp.

"Here Comes the Money" plays now lights beamed green bringing out the commissioner of Thunder SmackDown Shane McMahon who looks both ways as he smiles at the crowd and points both ways

Shane McMahon:
"The main event so hyped up thanks for ruining it for all of us Daniel... Yeah but you won't ruin this main event i have planned... Cause it won't be any ordinary match it's going to be you Daniel Bryan and Taryn Terrell as you will take on Torrie Wilson and Christian in a first ever intergender falls count anywhere match... Tag team style but hey their won't be no tags, no disqualifications and no count outs As for the world title we will have Eric Paisano get his rematch against Roderick Strong in a good old fashion lumberjacks match.. Two big matches made so We will see you all in Orlando, Florida... " drops the microphone

Shane then turns away as he made his exit

"NO!!!!!!" Daniel infuriated shouting, Christian chuckled and points toward him 


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