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04/14/2019 08:59 PM 

Angel Savoy -What if...
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I wrote this last year, and it's always been on of my favorites. Not sure why other than I love writing violence and fear. Anyway, enjoy.

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What if...

“No, that can’t even be possible,” looking down at the test on the counter. Pregnant! It said she was pregnant. 5 weeks and 2 days to be exact. How the hell did this happen. She had been on the pill since she was 13 years old. Her Mother made sure to that. Not that Angel was active, but she was in an industry where the photographers were grabby, and the drugs were always available. At 21 years, old this was death to her career and to her future. Angel could not raise herself, let alone a child.

Stumbling through the house, she had to make some quick decisions. Did she keep it, or should she abort the mistake? Could she even do something like that?

It was all a bad dream. She knew it was. Laying back on the bed, clicking her heels together, she would force this to be a dream. “There’s no place like home,” repeating those words over and over, the room spun, her eyes closed, and Angel was lost to the darkness.

“Wake the f*** up bitch. Did you think I was done with you yet?”

His eyes bore holes in her. Angel could feel the warmth of his breath on her face. A rancid smell that made her stomach churn. She was going to vomit. Yanked from her bed. Dragged across the floor of her home, for the first time, she knew the palm reader was right. She would die before her 21st birthday. What they failed to tell her is she would not be dying alone.

“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be his name…..” she was praying for the first time in years. Her cheeks now stained with tears, she knew death was knocking, but how quickly? One step, two steps, he was taking her down the wooden staircase, each thud sending waves of pain through her small frame. Where the f*** was he taking her? Why not just kill her in the bed and get this over with?

“Stop yer praying. God doesn’t have time for little bitches like you.”

Kicking her feet, her fingernails scratched along the freshly polished wood. She was beyond the point of screaming. Who would hear her anyway? The Savoy winery sat on 250 acres of farm land, and she was there alone tonight. The guard had asked for the night off, and of course, she allowed it not knowing this would be the one night he came for her. The boogy man.

Not stopping till he reached the front porch, the night air chilled her to the bone. It was 46 degrees, and Angel was not dressed to face the elements. In fact, she was not dressed at all. A t shirt and pair of panties was all that covered her slender frame.

“For the love of God, let me go. Please. I have plenty of money. I won’t tell anyone you were here. I swear, I will never tell. Just let me go.”

His hand released her dark locks, had she convinced him to let her go? Or was this all part of the sick game he played with her. Cat and mouse was getting old between them. 15 years they had been doing this same song and dance. He always allowed her to live in the past, but if the fortune teller was right, her luck had just run out.

Scurried across the floor of the porch, she huddled in the corner. It was his laugh that stopped her. The wind seemed to carry that sadist laugh, slapping her bare body with the echoing whispers of evil. What could turn someone into this? 15 years of vengeance buried deep inside and for what reason? She witnessed a murder as a toddler, but never told a soul. She never broke that promise.

The stench of cigarettes filled the air, and she only knew where he stood because of the glow from the tip of his cancer stick. People like him didn’t die from disease. They died of old age. Sad how the rotten apples could live, and the good people died.

“It’s time for you to pay your debt. I have let you enjoy life for 15 years, now, I am claiming what is rightfully mine. Your soul!

Before the last words were spoken, he once again had her in his grasp. Yanking back her head, she rested against his chest. This is how it would end. How she would finally die. Weird that you can wake up every day and not be thankful for what you have, but the moment you are in jeopardy of losing it, you can imagine a life without you in it.

“Please, god no, please don’t kill me. I want to live. Please!”

The first slice into her abdomen silenced her. Eyes remaining open, she watched the sun start to rise over the hills. Was it always this beautiful there? Chips of birds in the distance rang in her ears and the second, third, fourth plunge tore into her body.  Limp, the afterlife came quick for Angel.

“Get back here you little booger,” calling out, she chased her daughter through the vineyard. She was this beautiful blond with eyes so big and blue that they could melt the hearts of anyone around her. Her Mother stood on the porch watching them. Laughing at her only daughter and her granddaughter. She finally was with her Mama again. Calling out to them both, Raye laughed and told her she got a daughter just like herself. Moms curse, but Angel pride and joy. That bubbly little Princess was her world.

The world lost and Angel that day. Or so the papers would read. He would never be caught and his reign of terror continued till his death and the ripe old age of 90. Angel was his greatest regret. He loved that girl like his own, but a deal is a deal. She had to pay.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” screaming, she sat up in the bed, her hand to her stomach right away. No blood there. She wasn’t pregnant, and this was all a dream, or was it? The fortune teller said she would not live to see 22, and thankfully she had a few more months to enjoy what was left.

Still shaking, Angel stood, gathering her bearing before a quick run to the bathroom. She had a 9 am call at that morning, but everything went black the moment she seen the scratches on the floor, and looked down at her fingers only to find remnants of blood and wood.


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