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April 19th, 2019

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November 13, 2017



04/14/2019 05:58 PM 

5 questions -Millie Philips.

These five. 

Why? Why is it when you are in the other room my heart races each and every time? 
How? How is it you have this effect on me after years of being so close? 
When? When did these feelings start? The day I meat you, or slowly in time? I can't even remember anymore. All I know is they keep getting amazingly stronger as time goes by. 
What? What should I do with these feelings? keep on holding them in or scream it out loud for you and the whole world to hear? 
Where? Where did these feeling come from, was it from the charm, the smile, the way you look at me, or was I born to have these feeling for you? 
I have asked myself these five questions for awhile now, now I am wondering if it is time, I ask them out loud. Should I show you my cards? Put them all on the table and hope for the win? 



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