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04/14/2019 04:59 PM 


The Roommate: Must be living in Queens. This can go so many ways, and of course will include many nights of one holding the other’s hair while they’re puking. Awkward shower encounters. Lucy eating all of the food (not even sorry about it either) many arguments and probably killing someone and having to drag a body down the fire shoot. You know, usual roommate madness.

The Neighbour: Must be living in Queens. MUSE hears banging and screaming and at first honestly just thinks their neighbour is getting a little lucky but when the screaming and cursing and banging continues and then just suddenly falls silent MUSE starts to think something is wrong. They decide to go check it out. When they open the door they notice that there’s an excessive amount of water leaking out from under Lucy’s front door. When they knock on the door and she opens it they notice the whole apartment has been pretty much trashed, most of the furniture ruined, towels on the floor trying to soak up the water the best they could… and an unconscious body on the couch… or are they unconscious? Will they ask questions? Will they offer to try help and at least attempt to fix the leak for the sake of the whole building? Will they ask questions about the weird person on her couch that doesn’t look like they’re even breathing? (a lot can be changed/added/taken out, etc. if you have any ideas just shoot me a message)

Road Trip: MUSE and Lucy decide to take some vacation days and run away from the city for a few days. Where will they go? Honestly they haven’t got a clue right now they didn’t think that far ahead. They stop off in the middle of nowhere at a dingy ass filling station. There’s one man working in the store, one of them goes in to get the goodies and pay for the fuel while the other stays in the car and notices a truck with a couple of men in it parked a couple of feet away from them. The person in the store thinks the cashier is weird and gets strange vibes while the other in the car watching the men watching them through the wing mirror thinks it’s a little weird. Eventually they get the car started again and continue on their journey only to realise that the truck is following behind them, keeping enough distance but when they start to speed up to lose them they realise the truck starts speeding to not lose them. How will the pair shake them? What will happen? If you like dark, twisted stories, we could go with this and make it dark as hell because I’m an a**hole who likes to make my character suffer.

Expensive Night: Even though Lucille isn’t short of money - in fact she could live comfortably for probably her entire life just on her father’s money alone it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to have her own money. Although, she probably could have gotten a decent, honest job, but where’s the fun in that? Lucille is an escort for Cinderella’s Escort Agency. MUSE hires Lucy for her services for a couple of hours (it could be for anything, company, make an ex jealous, arm candy for a night out etc). Everything starts off fine until everything ends up tits up and someone is crying in the corner, someone else gets glassed. (Depending on why Lucy is hired would help us figure out what kind of route we’d like to go with it!)


The Last House on the Left.



Child’s Play.

** More will be added soon. If any of these interest you either shoot me a comment here or a message on line (sevendevilsx). All ideas can be tweaked to suit both characters.


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