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September 19th, 2019

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July 24, 2015



03/23/2019 05:06 PM 

A Heavenly Rose is Paradise

A Heavenly Rose in Paradise

   Going to rock a little in here along the river, the goddess of hatred and last breath between life and death and each hell till the clits of heaven, hum... was kind of like wondering were the Ferry man is after all his travels and courtesies to the tax payers, ah! He must be counting his coins, flipping them too of course, never ever randomly for me is all going to the Binding Oath's of my nympho concubines... since Hades is so polite to Olympus and Persephone sings kindly to the nearly dead, oh dear, what a loyal couple! hateful as usually, what else for the agitation of the spirit to revive out the corpses. At least, we all have a destination, and this end started to surface that my river circles 9 times at time, as the Eden lets cascade it down, not to forget that at the same time its bliss crashes the lower ground, again is all over my body this water...agh

  The upper world has nothing but sinful material, ashamed played all the misdemeanours, those minor wrongdoings starting to walk alone the shore to the tree of knowledge there as the water falls end, in the purgatory, I know were the ferry man makes the opulence, Therepupon, the triumphant chariot in its entirety is transformed after being trashed to pieces by the tail of the dragon. Every time the embodiment of mine emerge, thee its all bare naked watching the show for opulence, yes... This is the special spot were I love to God Mode and shouted out loud, again.. "You must pay the ferry man at every stop, with counted prayers, no one gets out of here without the influence of the river's currency VIA AETERNA!!!" 

 And the eagles and the scaled snakes took their price out the transmutation of every piece from the chariot, above as bellow my witty cunt. To the followers whom newly died, because the Queen of Hades can't manage, how will she stand to the number of only sketchily blessed spirits I account to see paying well the recognition of Opulence at the boundary of each continent. 

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  The Golden Spiral Stairway to the ascension up mine, take it easy on the hight. AH! Followers, and you think your own car will relate...  There are divine lakes up there, I'm moving on, never get stuck on traffic... jumping in the passage of the river down, my body curves in the air with a diving last splash out the tip of my toes, let them fancy the golden ladder, there are so many of my last souls I wish to last breath with, humm... the only swim I had ever possessed. 


  That angel seating with the records, so concerned with the question, unrolled the scroll that was upon his knees, points with his right forefinger at the rages that have been recorded, remarkably in his winged throne with severe unemotional judgement, I would put someone a little more melodic, a comedian perhaps but its the souls who can't stand a single stroke of imagination without taking it personal, to short eternity might say, we also need a brake. At the side, the dancing spirits welcoming those for whom families of noble craft, they guarded well and waited. Call me a classist, a tribalist depending were you are to hate me more, It gets me empowered, your relations matter! To me! As far as possible, please. 

  On the back the ferryman seat on his boats forging his hands for more, the heavenly delights is not the taste for the Greedy God, letting them souls watch the scenario, he was little of words indeed, no need too. The Opulence shows it right in your face. 

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  At my pity and mercy, because it happens to be that this nymph of me loves to mingle out with the leftovers of society who could not pay the ferryman, swaying and fluttering to breath again in my last breath of hope, that last thing you loose you know but its so poetic when they start to get the fells that they actually could not bare it. 

   My suffocating Poor artists, and drug addicts. My fishy freaks too and how they call it now up on earth, the mentally Ill, no they are not crazy, soon very soon they will complete a round of eternity and pass on if not transform into the mortificare waters of mine as a watery fairy, elven or nymph, no mermaids but sirens to alarm the shores of my river and overlapping with each other take advances of all the hells and heaves. 

   Not, many make it, of course this for I'm here submerged. 

  They all role in my waters without escalations or degradations no more than they already had in the past, but of course it takes time to mature and walk the lands again, if not a God as a deity of supreme intelligence. Many are now out there at the limbos of the river Styx, and the Abbys too collecting thrilling action to other regions in their original name, that who meets the wise devil will find death is not an easy pointed end but a final abstract destination.

   Hate me, hate death, the inspiration of a last breath too! You will all pay for not valuing the interest of the whole, one day the visions of my deity who proceeds the electrical algorithm of a magnet pulse who spheres in this whole, by it self, that of such luminosity won't stop, the dwell does not exist. 

    But listens to be, not even the angels of the higher hierarchy do, their principles are stuck in movement without the action of changes and ex-changes. Yes, yes some need to be closer to their God, it all has a ceremony to convince the workers. Or, are they in Holliday? Nah, they guard steadily diminishing beyond this. Good for the power of my rage! For my eyes are not yet able to discern a bowl from a holly grail, just that which is contained by the miraculous ambrosia, there is space for all to cheers, an amphitheater of states and who says non at any of them can be married, or in solemn communion, perhaps by any vow. 

    A the Empyrean drinking at the River of the Light, spear to stand out a rock, shouting without boundaries. "Breath me as if I'm God!" For those who believe in the coming is essence. "This Rose, oh, this rose for you who duel in paradise..."

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    Lowered down in a medium tone. "If you want to win me..." Shoved my arse and turned around for the flair is such, "...see inside the outer petals, there are indications to follow the line!" The river Styx had a name of her own to be known, the Binding Oath of Gods, Mortals till Nature, brake it and the furies will hunt you till last breath, not me.


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