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03/14/2019 10:02 PM 

Have Courage

  Have Courage  
    The mist continued to pile on the grass, standing before the window my heart vapours, the stars overhead shimmered its illumination looks gnashed and lambert with moonlight, is has been a long time since I don't search into the night sky. And I know why this rawness is standing with binocular after that memory in Godric's Hallow town. I was just a teen who graduated from Hogwarts when I started to see high above all things, my heartbeat took over with fascination over you Gellert. Nights completed our meetings, every night at the outdoors of our conquest were the youth conveys comprehension to be free in the dense silver carpet, under the trees. Could not believe my mother had died when you replaced a sight in me, a touch, that docile smile and temper. Your sense of direction so immune to any existence apart, and the mist always that mist at this hour, reached in the moisture sheltered by the universe when you spoke For The Greater Good, becoming inseparable. 
  I had seen an equal not only mentally but, more than friends my breath stiffed in my lung for the memory in my body for when there was expansion, our intuitions grew and maybe we did terrible things, innocent to believe we were true.
  Now, your name all over the news. 
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 Untouched by the mist, held my arms folding them across my chest as if this gripped emotions I could hold by locking my elbows.  They made me aware of the passages I will face, but you are going so far, in a trancelike I think of you my friend, the vapour seems to have consumed half of the night, at least to know that you are free. Turned down my sight happening to anchor for oxygen if I held you now instead of the MASUCA getting you, caught like a criminal. You knew it in your dreams, you will follow them with any obstacles, hardly my back and shoulders cast emanations of strain as if I'm inside your body. "Have courage my friend"
Its him who made Dumbledore, Dumbledore. I will never recover from that day my brother got us, and why would I? Ariadna needed me, she stood in between to stop the fight, in laps of seconds all I ever desired, she was trembling and all the terrible things I have seen with her, how my mother died, how we hided the truth for the family status, it was a lie, she could't control it. And you were pushed away from me, like a criminal, again. 
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   It transcended logic, we won't be able to stop them and you will prove me to be stronger. And I still believe in you, in the impossible. Did not move bowing to the moon and to many other names from the dead "No!" When you had opened for me the secrets of the Deadly Hallows, could not help myself nodding went to drink water and light a cigarette with dumbfounded eyes searching in the smoke for the illusion of a result nodding like a puppet with a broken heart. "Have courage, remain present my friend" It was like draining his magic made mine impotent too, the guards, he is mirroring the guards, the one who controls you, can free you. You can't stay there for long my friend it has only stop the magic from the body.  

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The cold mist clog into my bones, the narrow of the windows in this old building come through as had aspired like a madman to curse aloud, I swore to him. My fingers vent towards my palm tightly slamming the table with the fist. Why? Wanted to storm and rave and if I can't make you mine, you have to do it your way. I was going to lose him no matter what.  Thudded my back against the wall and fought to keep my grief and bitterness, was I zealous too of his freedom and abilities, was I not guarding him well. Was it enough our meetings and could only weep like an imbecile for this acute void, the greater is this relationship the greater its distance. 
  The way of the hope and doom, for a moment in an instance of insanity because what do I have if I can't let go of it, following the foot steps of some old seer were privation refines the soul for my body has no other choice and walked to the mirror. 
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  When you touch without moving and pronouncing an effect was a blessing to his abstract taunt and weary muscles promising a vertigo and drank from his spirit profoundly were the knot in my soul loosened more than a bit, no cuts, no splits, the separation is an illusion were everything that orbits this atom will contradict us, will I die in you my friend, or will you first. He accepted the offer of this space and he stayed a few steps away to my greatest fear to move shoulder to shoulder because is this reflection who broad each other the wear minds who had made him to mine, would not destroy what I love to the shadows of each other's secret. And I said to myself.
"Have courage"  


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