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September 15th, 2019

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October 21, 2016


03/14/2019 08:14 PM 

Untold Story of Draco Malfoy First Part.
Category: Stories
Current mood:  adventurous

Months after the war at Hogwarts School of Wizard and Witchcraft the war that separate him from his parents and he hasn't managed to locate them. He went back to the Malfoy Manor as he saw how his home look from the battle that took place here one of the events that lead to the war at the school. From that moment on he began to restore the Malfoy Manor slowly while waiting to see how much of the Malfoy money he has left to his name.

When the manor was finally restored and Draco was able to make some payments to have light and heat and other bills paid so he can finally be able to live there once more but this time alone. He walks through the rooms of the manor as he remembers growing up as a child having many memories of his mother and father. At night as Draco lays in his bed remembering his mother who use to walk in making sure he was all set to go to sleep how she would leave him a kiss before she left his room. Now he lays there at night as his past runs through his mind keeping him awake at night until he falls asleep around after 1 am in the morning.

*will finish soon*


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