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03/14/2019 07:31 PM 

Rules Blog

Roleplay Rules
Let’s get something straight right off the bat.  Writer is female.  Character is male.  Writer is married in real life.  This profile was not made to be a smut profile.  If you were looking for a hookup because the warlock face is Sebastian Stan, then I suggest you GTFO my profile now.  I don’t want you.  I have what I want and I married it.

My main profile is located here.  If I am not here, I am there.  My personal life is mine and I will not discuss it with you.  Just know I am female, I am married and I want no part of any OOC drama.  All I want to do is write.

1-This is a completely AU version of Salem.  I don’t go solely with the comics, the TV show or anything on Netflix.  What I do is a little bit of everything to make Salem completely my own.  Some find this refreshing, some do not.  If this offends you, then make your own Salem profile or find someone else.

2-I am more of a novella writer than anything.  I will not add Oneliner-Semi-Para roleplayers unless I know the writer.  Because of the style of writing I do, I feel that some of the writers in this vein will not understand me or have a hard time interacting with me.  Yes, I can be intimidating.  I get this.  I’m not trying to be.  It just happens.

3-I do not believe in the you add you start rule or the talk or be deleted rule.  I am realistic when I say that I know I can’t write with everyone.  If you interact with me on status, Discord or just chat in general, chances are good you won’t be deleted.

4-Because of the dark themes I will tend to engage in with Salem, I request that all who write with me be over the age of 18 in real life.  Can I strictly enforce this?  I am a mom in real life.  Chances are excellent that if you’re a kid, I’ll be able to pick up on it pretty damned quick.

5- I prefer OOC/Discussions in messages and roleplay in comments.  I’ll write in groups as well.  Because I pride myself in quality responses, you’re not going to get any sort of an answer in 24 hours.  Like I stated before, I do have another profile, plus I have a real life.  If you’re impatient and keep hounding me about replies, you’re going to be missing a cat on your profile.  I don’t like to cause a huge OOC mess, so I’ll just quietly remove myself from your profile and block you in the process.  If you’re patient with me, you’ll be rewarded for the wait.

6-I accept crossovers with Riverdale and Supernatural as well as other Occult themes.  Seeing that Supernatural is my main verse, it’s pretty obvious why I do that.  If you have feasible crossover idea, then I am certainly willing to listen.  I only give my Discord to people I trust if you want to discuss anything with me there.  Don’t get offended if I don’t give it to you right off the bat.

7-Salem can be understood while in cat form only by Sabrina because she has a telepathic bond with him.  If your character is telepathic, then you’ll be able to understand Salem in cat form.  I will allow science influenced crossover characters to use a universal translator on him. Even though Salem cannot be understood he can understand what you say to him. He also can switch to warlock form, but he is not able to maintain it long.  His cat form is actually a Nekomata.   He’s not just a cat. He looks like an American Shorthair that is solid black, but he is far from that.  The definition of a Nekomata and what they can do is listed on my profile if you would care to read.  If you do not wish to read it, then you can google it.

8-Roleplay is fun.  Please remember that.  If you start thinking of it as a job or it becomes tedious, then you need to reconsider whether or not you should be doing this, or you should actually change your character to be happy.  It’s not my job to make you happy.  I want you to be happy, but the only one to make you happy is you.

9-These rules are subject to changes or additions at any time as I see fit.

Please do not just write something boring on here.  Why not show me that you really read and understood what I’m saying by leaving something cat related here gifs, jokes, memes, I don’t actually care.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
credit: james kriet

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I like to understand in symbolic manner and gesture, to a metaphysical abstraction as well, I'm quite sympathetic for the elements in the arts as the relation in all science as for telepathy would risk to say is for kindergarten to be honest, being open to perceive when there is even so much in the little things of the whole, how could we hold it all once you found such a beautiful panoramic. As today and now, in a black cat. A black cat to me  absorbs such intense spot in the fragment of a big picture.

 The craft of poetry as a portal of divination is not really to get a goal, as much craving people can have for power, there is so much I'd like to present as a gift among creators, to keep inspired for the rules who marks us.

  I write from one chapter to two a day, so feel welcome, imagination is a shared prayer as much darkness can be found we can always re-shape history as a prayer of to be happy enjoying a multidimensional path. 

 Albus has his flaws as a younger adult, but will insist till the last days in the greater good. 

Kind Regards,
Albus Dumbledore

Posted on Sat Mar 16, 2019, 21:28

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