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Island of the Lost

Island of the Lost,
attn: John, Dean, Sam
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It was a dream come true.  Everything that Mary Winchester ever wanted came true.  She lived a happy life with her beloved husband John and their boys Sam and Dean.   Mary and John had lived their entire life in Lawrence Kansas.  John had spend a career as a mechanic while Mary pursued a career as a teacher.  After Sam had reached the age of 18 months, Mary had decided to go to college to pursue a degree in secondary education.  It was something that John fully supported her in doing, so he did what he could to help take care of the boys while she was a non traditional student.   It paid off for her in getting that diploma with her three boys in the audience making the loudest sounds when she received that degree.   Now the pair had accomplished much of their lives goals. Both had reached that ideal point in their lives where their house was empty, their boys grown and it was all about the two of them in their twilight years.

They still lived in the old house in Lawrence.  Mary and John Winchester were well known pillars of the community.  There wasn’t a child for the past thirty years in the quiet little town in the heart of America that hadn’t been in Mrs. Winchester’s Classical Literature class once they reached the seventh grade.  She had instilled in a generation as well as their children a love for Tolkein, Lewis and even Edgar Alan Poe.   Even the toughest nuts cracked when faced down with Mrs. Winchester standing in front of them with arms folded.  She didn’t back down from anything or anyone.   Kids that didn’t like reading left with books in their hands and a new found appreciation for the subject.

Mary and John had just celebrated their 43rd Wedding Anniversary in a big way at the Elks Lodge in Lawrence.  It was a party that was attended by everyone in town and talked about even three months later because of what both Winchesters meant to the average citizen of Lawrence.  Their sons were well known staples of the town as well with plenty of memories both good and bad of both boys.  The Winchesters were a prominent family in Lawrence and it all felt so normal to Mary.   It was what she’d dreamed for as a young girl and it’s what she got.  No one ever talked about ghosts, vampires or werewolves.   That was just how Mary liked it.  Her life was Mary Campbell, hunter, was a bad dream.

Gathering the family together didn’t happen as much as she’d like to have it as the boys got older.  It was something that Mary missed.  She understood why it happened, but it was something that pained her greatly.  Taking a vacation to the beach was just the type of family trip that the Winchesters could gather and make nice even though it usually erupted into something explosive.  The matriarch and patriarch of the Winchester family were entitled to this rest and they earned it.  Mary didn’t need the stress that came with a typical Winchester gathering.  She agreed to this so long as her boys could actually get along with their father.   Three headstrong Winchester men within a two mile radius usually meant disaster.  She exhaled and put on her happy face as they headed to the beach.  

Having given over the keys to the Impala to Dean several years ago, Mary and John arrived at the beach in a slick black truck.  In the back of the truck was two lawn chairs and a cooler full of beer.  She was certain that John put in a slab of ribs for him and Dean as well as something green for Sam.  After she got out of the car, Mary offered to carry a picnic basket with it to the site of the family picnic on this scenic beach.  Stepping out of the truck, she adjusted her sunglasses so that the rays wouldn’t blind her too badly.  She felt the warm breeze coming from the ocean caress her skin.  Her golden blonde locks were now highlighted by silver strands in and among those waves.  She went through a time when wore her hair short while she taught school.   But now that she was retired, she wore it long again.  Most of the time, she pulled it up, but today, she just let it flow in the breeze.

Everyone was there.  Seeing so many happy faces encouraged Mary.  She felt her anxiety lift and her spirits soar.  Seeing Sam first, Mary greeted her youngest son  with a hug even though she held the basket on her right arm.  Fact was, coming together like this was never without some sort of drama.  She gave her youngest son a knowing glance as she was already bracing for some sort of massive explosion.   The blonde was wearing a light colored blouse, tan slacks and slip on sandals that were conducive to a beach environment.   She hadn’t seen Dean yet, but she knew it wouldn’t be long.

Mere seconds later, her oldest son’s voice was heard calling her by name.   Dean seemed a bit shocked to see them all gathered.   She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek.  “Of course we’re here Dean.  Why wouldn’t we be?”   She was the peace maker in the Winchester Family.  The boys and their Dad would always listen to her and respect what she said.   She touched his arm patting it reassuringly like she always did.  Mary loved her boys, all three of them so much.  Now if they could just have a peaceful time at the beach, that would be heaven.

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet


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