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03/14/2019 06:39 PM 

Family is Forever

Wanda Maximoff.

Family is FOrever

Wanda held vision in her arms, eyes fixed on the damaged circuits within his robotic brain. It saddened her dearly to have lost a wonderful friend, and also to have been the cause of his demise. “I’m sorry I failed you.” Wanda whispered, knowing pretty soon Thanos was going to get his way, now that he had all six stones in that golden gauntlet. Millions of lives would be lost… and it was going to be all her fault.

  Suddenly the snapping of Thanos’s fingers echoed through the entire Wakandan forest. In response, the witch’s tired lids closed shut, waiting for whatever disaster was about to come their way. Oddly, all that followed that fateful snap was complete and utter silence. That was until Bucky called on Steve, confusion lingering in his voice.

Wanda glanced over to the Winter Soldier, watching in astonishment as his body turned to ash. Moments after he vanished, others from the team followed suit, until suddenly it was Wanda’s turn. Having her entire person erased from civilization was painful, and yet brief. She was grateful for that much, at least.

  When she arrived to the afterlife, she was met by a familiar face, one she suspected she’d never see again. “Pietro?” His name escaped her mouth in sheer disbelief. “In the flesh…” He teased, while flashing that goofy grin of his. Wanda still had a hard time believing this was possible, and yet… she knew this wasn’t a dream. Dreams were for the living, which Wanda was no longer.

  Pietro took a step closer, if only so he could pull her into a tight, and welcoming embrace. God how she had missed this… how she had missed him. “It’s really you, isn’t it?” She began to sob into his shoulder, hot tears staining his plaid shirt. “Yes, Wanda… I’m here.” He promised her, letting out a soft sigh as she buried herself into his chest for comfort. “This reunion is bitter sweet. I’m so happy to see you, and yet sad at the same time. You should not be here.” He admitted, tucking strands of her red hair behind her ear.

“I could say the same to you.” She retorted. “But that doesn’t matter… All that matters is that we’re here together.” She said, allowing a small smile to spread across worn features.

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