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03/14/2019 03:10 PM 

I don't need to hide

I don't need to hide

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  For a moment my mind was filled with the memory of that day, an image so real that it seemed to occupied my bits of information left behind, thrumming slightly, clanked to stop they herd were I was, they could see me stooping above the rail shouting my name to surrender. I would destroy them I swear, if I could disappeared was all that I wished between the obscurus entity who elevated me. I couldn't control it, it had been new how they wear their masks in the mugler world, never had known the force that unleashes me as much they wished it to control it, it was my only salvation. 

  Yes, my mother had killed, go away, there is nothing for me turning back to pay tribute to their voices, they slam sweetly in my ear driving me crazy, who is that person with a short curlier hair nearing me as if to convince me with good modals, that I will be fine? So far away from my tangled nerve system erupting in obscurity, could tell was that's the only way that soothes me. 

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 Now, crowded not in the mountain far away the circus, far from her got tighter still overviewing the panoramic, still trying to visualise for have I not come along journey. He took his hands away his pocket giving me a wand allowing his voice to drop another notch, I knew he was guided to be gentle at me, they could fear my hyper sensibility, eternally wounded, here was a peculiar expression of concern on his face to a mythical black son. Why would Grindelwald need me if he is so powerful, it was as close as a sense of sympathy and recognition, perhaps the one my living never had as a white man who thought himself as the Good within the Greater and to me, his plot boy.

  "Queenie was looking for answers doing the correct without seeing it fit, and now the answers bring meaning to my pain I see you are here for your freedom?" 

   He was grinning and mopping his streaming eyes with his thick and gaging authority, the only person who neared me and could trust my growing power, that suffered is and something that light, away the mountain, that shine, seemed like a pretty nice thing to be away the city. You could tense pain, fear, cool loneliness and tortured discipline in a crowd, insults from the presumed, under a thick skin that little have known from what Queenie left behind, becoming resilient, stand away and non seem to understand her freedom, if she spoke of love and more magical laws, I was not aware of what she meant wasn't it fine to just be having what she held, at least. 

  "What is it for me to fight for?" And listened to his words as I have a brother who wishes to kill me.

  Inhale sharply as he throws the bird in the air, flaming its rage as the phoenix flying upwards, were it catches alight and explains me the meaning, the time transits in a slower motion as its winds vamp above our heads and hills becoming full sizes a reborn phoenix.

"It's your birthright, my boy.
As is the name I now restore 
to you,
Aurelius. Aurelius

  Turn my vision inwards as the power of my Obscurus can at least be channeled it's a part of me that needs no remorse and no forgiveness, I deny it. Pointing the wand at the window, a magic spell of immense power shatters the glass and breaks apart shooting the mountain opposite for whom ever has celebrated my torment. Perceive through the shattered glass my work. This is outstanding and its has just begun.

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