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March 23rd, 2019

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July 21, 2017


03/13/2019 11:23 PM 

Angel Grace - This sh*t
Category: Blogging
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I am looking for a connection to play a stalker for a long term storyline.

There is a lot of back story here and for the most part you will be given creative freedom to write him how you want. I am a fan of graphic violence and a good old fashioned mind f***. Being scared is half the fun. 

Face claim in your choice, but there is a few I will never consider. No Ryan Goslings, Lucky blue Smith, Sean O'pry, or Zayn Malik. Anyone else is open to discussion. Johnathan Rhys Myers is always a plus.

If you are looking for sex, please do not respond to this. I want to write to the point that Angel is willing to sell her soul to the Devil to survive. Will she live, or die? I haven't decided that yet. Either way, please be creative.


You must add or find me on LINE. Comments are closed here because people are f***tards. 



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