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March 18th, 2019

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March 07, 2019


03/14/2019 01:45 AM 

Category: Guidelines

Welcome to Arkham, thank you for adding our page.
Here are the ground rules, please read these thorougly and sign.
Please note that all content makers here have individual rules written, so read them also.

001. RESPECT; First off, please respect the staff. We (although just me at the moment) work hard on the content and of course, we are also roleplayers. We can't be here twenty four hours seven days a week. Please be patient if waiting on a request. That's all we ask for and we shall give you it in return. If you are nice to us, we are nice to you. Simple. Although we are not strict with this but please do not take credit for our premades, a simple credit in the captions is enough for us.
002. DRAMA; Like most people on this site, drama isn't wanted or tolerated. We simply do not care who you are fighting with or who is on the friends list. We are a very open and accepting place to be. You will see no hate here. At all. If you cause drama, you'll be blocked and not a single thing will be said about it. I will also not get involved in personal things either.
003. CUSTOM WORK; Some of the staff may offer custom work. This is one hundred percent free. We are here to help, not to profit. Please see which staff are offering such content and discuss it either with the page or the staff member directly. You'll find their links on our page. Also check what they offer before asking as some may not make exactly what you are needing.
004. SHARES; We're all about helping here and that is simply why we will often share status's / people looking for other writers. At the bottom of our page, we have a little marquee for those looking for a share out. People go up there for at least a week - two weeks and then removed until they ask again. It's just to keep it fair for everyone.
005. TUTORIALS; Those will be based around Photoshop, Photoscape (Jervis uses this for gifs)& other pieces of useful info. They can be found using the navigation on the main page. If you wish to know something or request a tutorial, feel free to ask.
Signed? Awesome!


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