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Charlotte Alexander - One shot, two shot, three-shot, flour: The two meet at the store when Charley drops some pasta sauce and begins crying due to her pregnancy hormones. Bowie goes over to her and offers some help, and the two begin talking.

Zachary Caldwell - Flatliners: Zach is reading up on the supernatural world and reads that stopping your heart can connect you to the afterlife. He gets a machine from the hospital to carry out his plan. He tells Bowie of his plan and she thinks he crazy. But is he?

Ella Hendrix - Blind Date: Bowie is set up on a blind date with Muse (either gender) but things do not go to plan. Although love doesn't blossom, a beautiful friendship does.

Hanna McCall - Horror Movie Marathons: Hanna and Bowie met at an outdoor screening of a horror movie, and instantly hit it off and bonded over their love of horror. Now the two females always make sure to have a horror movie marathon at each other's homes whenever they get the chance.

Alexis McQuillen - (Based On Her Plot): Muse B goes on a paranormal hunting tour with Alexis. During which they encounter actual ghosts when they get separated from the group. More can be added when it gets discussed further. 

Chelsea Graham - Misdirected Letters: [Based on her plot] An unlikely friendship forms between two people when Muse A sends a letter to Muse B’s house, not knowing that an old friend who used to live there has long since moved out. Muse B receives the letter, in which Muse A talks of childhood memories and wanting to rekindle a relationship, whether it be friendship or something more. Instead of discarding the letter or simply returning it in the mail, Muse B sits down and crafts a thoughtful reply, explaining the mix-up and offering some information about themselves should Muse A want to continue writing. Muse A and Muse B begin a correspondence by letters that evolves into a relationship that lasts for months, possibly years.

Cody Andrews - Chivalry Is Not Dead - (FOR MALE TAKER): Bowie is in the park having lunch by herself. When she opens her can of soda it explodes, showering her in its stickiness. Muse A offers Bowie a handkerchief/napkin and buys her another soda from the vendor. The two sit together and have lunch.

Evelyn Porter - Outbreak: When a disease similar to chickenpox breaks out in a local preschool, it leads to a quarantine of the whole town. Though it seems harmless at first, it turns out that its symptoms include violent outbreaks that cause the children to break loose and terrorise the town, the children kill anyone and anything in their path. Muse A and Muse B find themselves stuck in quarantine together, and both must venture out to get supplies. Can either one kill a child, even if it means saving everyone? 

Ethan Fitzgerald - Male Best Friend: Ethan and Bowie met a few years ago when he kept coming back to town for family stuff. The two built up a friendship and eventually became best friends. The two look out for each other and have each other's backs.

Oakleigh Reynolds - Drinking Buddies: Oakleigh and Bowie have known each other since they were kids. These two females love to drink and can often be found at the bar drinking together. Of course, they spend time together outside of the bar, but whenever they hang out they always seem to end up with a drink in their hand.

Valerie Hendrix - Hunted: Muse A and Muse B have been friends for a while, as they are going on a late-night hike they discover a dead body. After calling the police and waiting for them to arrive and take statements they return to their homes. The next morning both receive a note that has been slid under their doors saying 'I'm watching you'. The two don't think much of it until they again go on a late-night walk and they pass the spot where the discovered their body. They see two dead bunnies and their names written in blood along with a message that says 'run'. The two-run and realise a man with a machete is chasing them. The two need to work together to return home alive. 

Melanie Buchanan - Hired Help/Friends: Melanie hires Bowie to help fix up her mother's garden that has been left to grow and it has become a wild mess. Bowie agrees and helps restore the garden and includes Melanie's mother's favourite flowers and creates a nice space for her to feel close to her mother. As Bowie works on the garden the two females bond over shared life experiences and becomes friends.

Kali Saylor - Be careful you're going to fall: Kali and Bowie are at a rooftop restaurant. They hear a commotion and a man argues with his wife before climbing over the railing and standing on the ledge. Bowie and Kali go over and try to help but he pulls one of them over the railing with her and threatens to throw the female off along with himself. The other must try and talk the man down, and get their friend back.

Ayden Kaine - Dog Walking Buddies: Bowie and Braylon happen to be at the same dog park. Braylon lets his dog off its leash and it runs around and finds Bowie's dog Baxter and the two dogs start playing together. The two begin to chat and build up a friendship and spend a lot of time together walking their dogs.

Marisol Knox - Childhood Friends: Bowie and Marisol grew up together, and then grew apart when Bowie went travelling. Once she returned to town, the two met up and worked on their friendship. Now it's like they never spent any time apart from each other.

Blake McKay - Childhood Friends/Travel Buddies: Bowie and Blake grew up together and were best friends as kids. As the two grew so did their friendship and the two now live on the same street and are still as close as ever. The two often go away for the weekend on a mini trip as both of them love to travel.

Roxanne Matthews - Volunteering Friends: Bowie began volunteering at Roxanne's animal shelter and that's how the two met. The two bonded over their love of animals and became very good friends.

Taleigha Woods - Friends: Bowie and Taleigha met through Cody, who introduced the two of them. Taleigha and Bowie became good friends and Bowie often babysits for Taleigha. Taleigha recently asked Bowie if she'd promote her clothing line on her blog to drum up business and Bowie was more than happy to help.

Dixie Sinclair - Old Friends/New Friends: When Bowie was a child she lived across the street from Dixie and Dixie babysat her for money, not much money but it soon adds up. Now as adults the two are friends.

Emily Stark - Hiking Buddies: Emily and Bowie are hiking separately in the woods when they both stumble across each other. They strike up a conversation and then decide to continue on their hike together, and then they become hiking buddies.

Robert Bernett - JIGSAW CONNECTION: Bowie and Muse get kidnapped and are locked in a room with ten other people. A voice over the intercom asks them if they want to play a game. Bowie and Muse then have to complete different tasks in order to make it out alive.

Katrina Parker - Murder Mystery: Muse A and Muse B are dressed up in old 20s style clothes and go to a mansion. Neither know each other but get to talking when they meet at a murder mystery event. After dinner, the cook screams and says there has been a murder. There are ten people there, each been given a description for their character. Muse A is a rich bitch, that doesn't care for anyone else. Muse B is a cleaner, of the lower class, and speaks with a southern accent. Muse B and Muse A have a disagreement and try to get the group to believe the other is the murderer. In reality, it was person x.

Ace Alexander - Under Fire: Muse A and Muse B are at a restaurant, dining separately. A gunshots sound and screams can be heard. There is a stampede of people trying to escape or hide. Muse A and Muse B end up hiding together in a broom closet. The two are scared and just hug each other without saying a word, only breaking the silence to ask questions about what happened. After a while of being stuck in there, they are rescued by a police officer. After the event occurred, they meet again by chance. 

Savannah Reigns Monroe - [BASED ON HER PLOT] It's Three In The Morning: info soon, as we are roleplaying off the cuff.

Riviana Gallagher - Therapy Buddies: Bowie and Riviana meet during a therapy session as both are attending the same therapy group, for their own personal reasons. The two get to talking and become friends.


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