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February 06, 2019


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Charlotte Alexander - (RANDOM STARTER): Charlotte sent a random starter, and now we are just going with it.

Zachary Caldwell - Flatliners: Zach is reading up on the supernatural world and reads that stopping your heart can connect you to the afterlife. He gets a machine from the hospital to carry out his plan. He tells Bowie of his plan and she thinks he crazy. But is he?

Ella Hendrix - Blind Date: Bowie is set up on a blind date with Muse (either gender) but things do not go to plan. Although love doesn't blossom, a beautiful friendship does.

Hanna McCall - Horror Movie Marathons: Hanna and Bowie met at an outdoor screening of a horror movie, and instantly hit it off and bonded over their love of horror. Now the two females always make sure to have a horror movie marathon at each other's homes whenever they get the chance.

Alexis McQuillen - [BASED ON HER PLOT]: Muse B goes on a paranormal hunting tour with Alexis. During which they encounter actual ghosts when they get separated from the group. More can be added when it gets discussed further. 

Chelsea Graham - Misdirected Letters: [Based on her plot] An unlikely friendship forms between two people when Muse A sends a letter to Muse B’s house, not knowing that an old friend who used to live there has long since moved out. Muse B receives the letter, in which Muse A talks of childhood memories and wanting to rekindle a relationship, whether it be friendship or something more. Instead of discarding the letter or simply returning it in the mail, Muse B sits down and crafts a thoughtful reply, explaining the mix-up and offering some information about themselves should Muse A want to continue writing. Muse A and Muse B begin a correspondence by letters that evolves into a relationship that lasts for months, possibly years.

Melanie Buchanan - Hired Help/Friends: Melanie hires Bowie to help fix up her mother's garden that has been left to grow and it has become a wild mess. Bowie agrees and helps restore the garden and includes Melanie's mother's favourite flowers and creates a nice space for her to feel close to her mother. As Bowie works on the garden the two females bond over shared life experiences and becomes friends.

Blake McKay - Childhood Friends/Travel Buddies: Bowie and Blake grew up together and were best friends as kids. As the two grew so did their friendship and the two now live on the same street and are still as close as ever. The two often go away for the weekend on a mini trip as both of them love to travel.

Roxanne Matthews - Volunteering Friends: Bowie began volunteering at Roxanne's animal shelter and that's how the two met. The two bonded over their love of animals and became very good friends.

Savannah Reigns Monroe - [BASED ON HER PLOT] It's Three In The Morning: info soon, as we are roleplaying off the cuff.

Aspen Ramsey - Confusing Friends: Aspen moves in across the street from Bowie and realises Bowie looks familiar so goes over to say hello. Bowie isn't too friendly, as she thinks it's her twin Sophie, whom she doesn't like. The confusion is eventually settled and the two become friends.

Nikolai Peters - Amnesia: Muse A or B are strangers. Muse A or B sees the other gets hit over the head by a falling object and take them to the hospital. Muse A or B has amnesia and the other must help them figure out who they are.

Elliot Morgan - Volunteering Buddies: Elliot and Bowie met when they began volunteering at the same animal shelter together. The two quickly became friends over their shared love of animals.

Esmeralda Devereux - Shop Neighbours: Bowie's and Esmeralda's shops are located right next door to each other. Seeing each other every day, meant the two females quickly became friends.

Novaleigh Monroe - Dance Buddies: Bowie and Novaleigh met in a dance class and got to talking. Bowie stops by her shop, and the two talk further and build on their new budding friendship.


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