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April 21st, 2019

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December 16, 2018



02/11/2019 01:52 PM 

The Birth of Chaos Part 1.

Thump, thump, thump. The beat of his heart in his chest he swore could be seen through the black hoodie he had been wearing that night. He wasn’t told much about it, just that he was going to move up from the street level thug he was. Usually to move up it involved a hit, and though he had already killed more than once, it was usually someone more important, more heat. Little did he f***ing know what they were really planning. There was Lenny and Rich leading him up the stairs, the way they were walking behind him, it made Vincent feel uneasy. There had been plenty of different jobs he had worked with these guys, and this just felt; different. Like they weren’t going to a job, but that he /was/ the job. The eerie silence that fell between the three since the car ride over here it was just off, like they knew something he didn’t.


A loud /C R E A K/ could be heard of the heavy thick doors opening to the office of Mr. Giovanni that both shut with a heavy /T H UD/. It didn’t help with Vincent’s nerves that were burning right now and felt like it was due to the heat of the sun. Azure hues scanned around, he noticed his father standing by the desk, along with Mr. Giovanni sitting behind the desk. There was a few out of towners, when that happen it usually meant they didn’t want anything coming back to them in anyway. Lenny and Rich being the only other two that were from around town. It was all unsettling to him, and made him want to bolt for the door, yet he wasn’t about to show fear like that in front of his father or the head of the family. Before Giovanni’s voice boomed almost through the silence. “You are all going to help me teach my daughter that she needs to be ready to take over when I step down. So, we are going to teach her a lesson.”


Vincent raised a puzzled eyebrow, not too sure what the hell he meant by that, other than maybe have her help with a hit. The male got up before he set his cell down, shutting the flip phone before cold eyes looked at the confused Vince. “You and the rest of the people in this room besides myself and your father are going to take my girl’s virginity. You will not ask, and if you would like you can be the first to solidify yourself in sort of an arranged marriage discussed between your father and I considering I don’t have an heir really.” The male was stocky, standing at 6’3” as he walked to the younger, inch taller male and placed a hand on Vince’s shoulder. “So, you should feel honored that you don’t have to do what we normally have you do, which is kill someone who betrayed the family. Cause those are never short in supply.” The hand went to smack the side of Vince’s face to smack his cheek as if to show dominance.


Vincent, having his father pretty much beat him all his life, had been getting to the point in home where he wasn’t taking it anymore. His hand went up and smacked Mr. Giovanni’s hand from his face before snapping at him. “I know you lost your f***ing mind on talking about your f***ing daug—” Vince was cut off with a loud cough and the sound a the /THUMP/ of the gun handle into the spot where his neck met his head and he was grabbed by Lenny and Rich, both men putting him to his knees and John Giovanni smacked Vince with a back hand, a disappointed look as if he failed some ultimate test, a knee to the inked male’s face before John turned and walked to his desk. “Kids these f***ing days have no f***ing respect.” At the same time Vincent went to push up at the same time as spitting, Lenny this time hitting him with his gun. Two barrels now placed to either side of his head, their hands held his arms back behind him like a vice.


At the same time the undenounced Rosa Giovanni was coming into the room, just in time to see Vincent be restrained, a shocked gasp as her hands covered her mouth. “Daddy what the f*** are you doing?!?” Her startled response caused Vince to turn to her though didn’t make much movement in fear his life would be over before he could do much. “Get out of here Rosa now!” Vincent snapped as if to scare her out of the room before she went to move towards her best friend, the two having grown up since they were children, their families having always been close. The five or so out of towners at that time were given the signal, the door locked behind her by one of them. She was caught before she made it to Vince, who turned his face to his father and her own father just watch from the desk as if it was normal. How the f*** did these two become so screwed up that this was their ‘normal’, what was worse, he idolized them, they answered to no one basically.


Rosa’s screams were a /B L O O D Y/ roar as she cried for help, while the men brought in to do the ‘job’ circled like a pack of animals. At the same time Vince was forced to watch one of them having to take their gun off him to turn his head to see it all begin. Her dress she had was lifted already and a knife was used to rip her panties off already, as the blade was handed to someone at her side to cut the dress and her bra from her form. The knife passed to a third guy who used it to fully finish the job by cutting a shoulder of the dress, as they were already half exposed getting themselves hard for what was to come. The guy between her legs, peeling them apart with his knees and hips as he slipped up to her untouched slit. Vince now jumped up again, an elbow given to Rich who was trying to hold his face, he tried to stumble out, as his screams filled the room as well as her pleas for them to stop this.


Another smack to his neck and this time he went limp and fell to the floor, azure hues drifted up towards the teen he tried getting away from to protect. Both males then slammed a knee into his back and craned his neck back to continue to watch the men take turns and all use her till you couldn’t tell who’s cum belonged to who. They took over an hour with her, till she finally stopped fighting and laid their sobbing, Vince attempted to get up a couple more times but ended like the times before, violent, and with the new position of both their weight on his back it was pretty much not going to happen at that point, he was just forced to watch. Yet the more he watched, and the more his best friend looked him in the eyes begging to help her, and the fact that it was supposed to be him alone doing it. All he could think of was killing ever single person in that room…….


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