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Solas ~Fen'Harel ~

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April 18th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 114
Country: United Kingdom

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November 08, 2015



02/11/2019 12:42 PM 



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  If there would be a day into whom had seen her, it was today to remember as a slave's tattoo the sound, after her thought as a reminder that the cattle were once wild creatures. 

 "I have not left, merely have I lingered in silence. How sweet to hear your voice again"

 "The living has an air to it" courted her with all the genteel gallantries of a minstrel.

  At this, in the middle of a talk as sudden it was, stoped as by the distance the soil, my best friend whom steps could hear as well as to an elven from the natures closed at the inns of my heart chanting towards her. The snow opened with greater flakes and wider spaces between their falls vanishing at the blowing dust whom earth tranquillises the vibes guiding me to listen with pointed ears at those steps, crunching the branches at the backgrounds of the forest standing, surveyed the lands.

  Since no descendants had remained in the other Kingdoms, the kings claimed again of the lands before the mountains and before, and the power had been seized by an evil lord who was in secret league, there for fortified the Weather Hills for the wondering ones. If I was at sleep for the past centuries at the my fade for the Dragon's Age, before the Inquisition the Valars knew well of my awakening. Instigating with a light nod without a mind or feelings raise my chin uplifting an eyebrow for her to run, at the second turn my back.

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  Pronounced manifesting an organic structure after my weapon's lit, absorbing Mythal into myself with eyes glowing "Lacho calad! Drego morn!" Sliding in the air from above my shoulder the Staff against Violation, striking the closest opponent on his dismissed to hurt without an honourable front sight, banging the electrical force from were it came from shooting itself away with a face flat on a rock, knocked out, with a wide step turned down stretching my left leg to skip another assault, leaning down impulsed to hit back at the sword who could not cut my spirit in its blood thirst sprayed from a thin line of it's neck at it's very sharp edge's instrument making a solid clap by the side of my feet, as fought for the dominion of men has come alerted in plain sacrifice of their emotions before the speed of my actions. 

  Upon the one side their sight reached drawing together unexpectedly forming auras across the open field of a close battle who could behold their mission by moving forwards as the times comes, when passing out another few made their way at my wrath launching the stave of my pilgrimage inwardly to pierce it roughly on the ground exploded a laser beam at the pointer of their projected images, with a knee venting down elaborated premeditation my path, and the void called their death spirits making them stronger than wiser. 

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  Asserting my personal space and ability to respond watched the existing survivals running faster in their mind than then bodies against my actual position were they came from, I would have my friends closely, no one knows what their irresponsibility is for asking my sign that it will be ever be otherwise Solas. And the valleys and shadows were veiled and admired the serenity above all things for the courage of taking aggression on the rites of my passage to let transform its formation, in my will to live passionate and free walked on removing the scars away. 

“Mind over matter – matter over mind”

"Who ever goes against its own command?"


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