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April 17th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 28
Country: United Kingdom

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February 10, 2019


02/10/2019 08:42 PM 


001. I am a twenty something chronically ill person in the GMT timezone. Due to low energy levels caused by my illness, I might not get back to you for a few days on occasion. This isn't me intentionally ignoring you, I just need to spend a day or two resting sometimes. It's unavoidable and usually unpredictable, but I will always mention in a status if I'm having a flare up and can't write for a bit. All I ask is that you be patient with me, please.

002. I don't do one liners. I like having something to work with & personally prefer talking something out beforehand. I mean, I'd hate for someone to waste time writing and sending a really good starter out of the blue only for my character to not fit in with what's going on at all, y'know?? I'm also fine with shortening responses to a couple of paragraphs if the situation requires fast responses to move forward. I'm a quality over quantity person.

003. I don't really write smut. If that's all you're here for then you can unfriend/block me. I'm by no means a prude or anything, it's just that writing it makes me uncomfortable. It's not what I'm here for, and I prefer to fade to black / skip ahead if it ever comes up.

004. I'm okay with romance happening in my RPs - but it's by no means required. Also please be aware that should romance happen that doesn't mean that we're actually dating. That's blending IC and OOC lines. Alex and I may both be anxious college dropouts, but I am not my character. She could easily be in a relationship in multiple RPs as I treat each RP as its own separate instance.

005. None of that godmoding bullsh*t should fights happen, please. Alex might be inexperienced with fighting but that doesn't mean she's a living punching bag for your super powerful OC to vent their frustrations on. Know to take a few hits. Also, don't try and dictate how my character feels or what she does. That's not cute.


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