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09/16/2018 01:03 PM 

#11 Match
Current mood:  adventurous

Michael Cole:
"Ladies and gentlemen we are a month away from the first ever women's pay per view, you heard right an all women's pay per view where we will see all champions in action next month, RSW women's, SmackDown women's, raw women's, New Gen women's, Divas, women's championships will be all on the line also the inclusion of the HCW women's championship."

Josh Mathews:
"I be happy to announce it a women's battle royal, you heard correctly an all women's battle winner will get to pick between the HCW women's championship, SmackDown women's championship, women's championship, divas championship or the RSW women's championship their choosing of title opportunity."

David Otunga:
"First match confirmed for Evolution hopefully we get to find out what the other matches will be ten matches will be taking place at Evolution so far one has been confirmed."

X Division Championship Match
Austin Aries (C) vs. Tucker vs. Mark Andrews vs. Davey Richards vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin

The nine competitors in the ring now who look up at the title hanging up high ultimate x match 

Aries stares at the other men in the ring, Tucker and Andrews go after Devlin as they double team on him, while on the other side Bate and Gargano take the fight toward Shelley and Sabin as they fight against them Aries then begins to climb up the near turnbuckle Richards runs toward him as he attacks him to prevent him from trying to the reach the rope the battle for the x division starts Tucker and Andrews continued to double team on Devlin have him back against the ropes as they give him a double backhand chop right to the chest both taking turns Devlin grunts in pain feeling that one, Shelley strikes at Gargano "You want to run that mouth Johnny!" Shelley yelling at him, while on the other side Bate attacking Sabin slamming his face burst on over the turnbuckle multiple times continues to do so Richards grabs a hold of Aries as he holds onto him and strikes at him as they battle it out on the turnbuckle top.

Tucker looks both ways as he then grabs a hold of Devlin takes toward the center of the ring now holds onto him setting for a suplex, Bate walks toward them as he grabs a hold of Tucker in comes Sabin grabbing a hold of Bate, Andrews grabs a hold of Sabin, Shelley comes in grabbing a hold of Andrews Gargano comes in a as the odds are even up go for a collision of a suplex all men down in the ring Gargano making small movements now crawls away toward the ropes Andrews and Tucker crawl toward the ropes now Shelley approaches the near turnbuckle Sabin then slowly rolls off to the outside now, Bate taking deep breaths as he made some small movements now Devlin taking deep breaths supporting himself using the ropes as he holds onto the second rope taking deep breaths now Gargano taking deep breaths supporting himself up

On the other side of the ring Aries and Richards battle it out, Double AA then kicks him right between the legs playing a little dirty tonight as he then grabs a hold of him and tosses him out of the ring now.

Tucker sneaks behind Aries and then tosses him over the top rope now, Andrews sneaks behind him as he then tosses him over the top rope to the outside, Devlin sneaks behind him and tossed him to the outside now Andrews on the outside Aries, Richards and Tucker on the outside now Sabin on the other side of the ring.

Devlin start climbing up one of the turnbuckles as he climbed up as he then holds onto the rope as he then begins to move forward to the x division title as he continues his way toward it, Bate notices as he then climbs the opposing turnbuckle as he climbed up and holds onto the rope tightly as he then makes his way toward the x division title also coming close to Devlin who tries kicking him off it, Gargano begins to climb the turnbuckle making his way toward their direction Shelley jumps up on behind Bate as he then makes his way up wrapping one arm around his neck and then his legs around his neck Bate grunts in pain as he struggles to get him off, on the other hand Devlin attempts to reach the x division title Gargano makes his way toward the title attempting to reach it as he gets close so does Devlin as both superstars stare at each other attempting to get to the belt now both have the same motives to grab the title first, on the outside Sabin crawling on the side of the ring Aries crawled to the side of the barricade now Richards, Tucker and Andrews on the side of the ring now.

Devlin looking both ways as he then kicks Bate right on the chest using both legs held onto the top rope now holding onto it Bate could not hold on as he takes a hard fall on the ring Shelley was hanging onto him as both men on the ring down, Gargano reaches for the title as he grabs it Devlin grabs it also both men battling for the title now Tucker and Andrews slide in the ring as they grab a hold of Devlin and pull him down as they are successful as they pick him up and give him a double DDT as he felt the effect of that one, Sabin steps in the ring turning over Tucker strikes with a enzeguri kick to the side of his head as he felt that one, Andrews runs toward him jumps on Sabin surprises with a hurricanrana takes down with that one, Richards climbs up the turnbuckle as he waited for the right moment Andrews looks up Richards goes for a missile dropkick takes down with that one down went Andrews as he then slowly rolls away Aries in the ring now sneaky sneaks behind Richards and low blows playing dirty tonight then tosses over the top rope, Aries takes some time to gloat as he smirked feeling confident, Gargano finds a way to wrap his legs around the rope as he then begins to release the title, Aries looks both ways then up as he has a shocked look as he attempted to reach for Gargano who has a hold of the title and smirked as he gazes at Aries who was not too happy.

Christy Hemme:
"The winner of the match and new x division champion... Johnny Gargano...!"

Johnny holding onto the title as he then places it on his mouth biting it as he then now makes his way toward the turnbuckle holding onto the rope, Aries shocked as he then drops down to make his way backstage now, Tucker helps out Andrews, Richards supported himself up as he takes a deep breath and starts heading toward the ramp now Tucker and Andrews make their way backstage now, Devlin slammed his hands on the canvas as he crawls to exit the ring now as he made his way backstage now, Bate supported himself up Gargano big smile on his face getting the crowd pumped up tonight as he then steps down the turnbuckle as he holds the title proudly Bate raises his hand in the air.

Michael Cole:
"Go Johnny Wrestling! We got a new x division champion what a match that was at the end Johnny Wrestling to the fans won the x division championship tonight."

Josh Mathews:
"What a night it is for him congratulations on becoming the new x division champion as he gets his hand raised by a former champion Tyler Bate."

David Otunga:
"Big win for Johnny Gargano tonight what a match it was and a big moment for each superstar in their career this cruiserweight division on SmackDown is incredible all talented men who gave it their best effort tonight they all deserve a big pat on the shoulder, as we continue the action with a SmackDown women's championship match Queen Stephanie challenges Naomi for the title and that match ladies and gentlemen is next. "

Bate and Gargano are shown heading up the ramp together high five fans on their way backstage.


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