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NPC Characters

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collins

The Collins met during the age of peace & love, and immediantly eloped after knowing eachother for just a few weeks. Their marriage was rocky at the start, but they overcame their obstacles and together had five beautiful children. When Mrs. Collins found out she was pregnant with her fifth child, fear struck her as she could barely afford to take care of the four she already had. The word abortion came out of both her and her husbands mouths, something they would never admit to Ricky. Ultimately, after having a dream of a baby boy that had her father's smile - the Collins decided to keep the pregnancy going. When Ricky was born, they both felt that their lives were complete. Five kids was what was needed all along to maintain a happy marriage. Mr. Collins felt that he was the son he always deserved as Ricky was an excellent baseball player and excelled in school. Mrs. Collins treasured her son merely because he was the spitting image of her dad, just as her dream predicted he would be.
Cliff Anderson

When Ricky was six years old, a rather large - little - boy moved next door in his neighborhood. At a first glance, the kid seemed unsual, he was quiet, held his prized Batman comic close to his chest, and could barely look at the kid next door as he tried to introduce himself. Their mothers quickly changed the tune as they forced them to become friends. Even though they had completely different interest, the two quickly became best friends. They weren't exactly the coolest kids in high school, but they were certainly the funniest. Once they graduated, their lives took them two seperate directions. Ricky was accepted into UT while Cliff was given a large sum of money after his grandmother passed away. They frequently saw eachother, and when Ricky was fired without warning from his job he was the first person he turned to.
Morgana Burke-Davies

A Real Woman of Mystery. After graduating with his degree, Ricky was put to work at a publishing company in San Antonio, Texas. When he started, he met the accountant of the company, Morgana. She was real coy, as if she had something to hide everytime they spoke. Ricky became infatuated with the woman the more they spoke. They started sneaking around after his first year, both of them agreeing that it was nothing personal - - - they were just using eachother for their needs. Both of them were broken souls who sought one another to fill the void. After four years of their "relationship," Ricky had intentions on making it official. He couldn't see himself with nobody but her. After one too many drinks at their company's holiday party, they wandered off into a nearby bathroom and started making out. To his surprise, his boss walked in and Morgana's heart stopped. "Dad!" she screamed, causing Ricky to freeze. For the last four years, he knew her as Morgana Burke. That moment, he found out that she took her mother's name and hid that she worked along side her father. Furious after his firing, Ricky told her to never find him again before taking off back to Houston.
Mr. Cecil Davies

--Coming Soon--
Dr. Atticus Watson

--Coming Soon--


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