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02/10/2019 03:03 PM 


Two New Connections:



1. Noah: After his mother was murdered he suffered from deep emotional trauma. In his adult years he is able to figure out who murdered his mother, but the story is far from simple. The man hired someone else to do his dirty work, and that person is part of the MC Lina’s father runs. Despite being away from her MC she often wears her jacket with the Mayan’s patch. Noah comes across Lina at one of his shows while she is wearing the patch and he comes to confront her. I will be starting.


2. Scarlett: With both of their father’s having less than legal business dealings it isn’t surprising they did business together. Lina’s father was able to handle certain business ventures for Scarlett and it wasn’t odd for them both to be present for certain events. The two young ladies were cordial, no hard feelings. However when Lina gets to LA, Scarlett is the last person she needs to see. A simple visit to a coffee shop turns into a blast from the past, and she divulges too much information which can get her tracked by her family. I will be starting. 


3. Brie: With both women have ties to an MC, it is Brie’s ties that keep Lina safe. The Devil’s Serpents MC has a sister club in LA tasked with the job of keeping Brie safe. They are also the men that helped Lina escape a potentially deadly situation. They provide her first place in LA which happens to be a safe house that Brie is currently residing. The two strike up a friendship, ultimately Brie gives Lina her first bartending job. I will be starting.


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