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“During the exorcism he – it – showed me something. I saw the demon. Or, at least the form it was choosing to take. A form meant to shake my faith and my foundation. But, worse…worse was the vision of Ed’s death.”

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01/22/2019 11:54 PM 

Character Face Claims

  My Lorraine is some combination of completely made up backstory, the movies and facts about the real person thrown in for authenticity. I figured I'd give a little rundown of my NPCs/Faceclaims since they feature in my writing fairly often and it's good to know who they are. In case anyone cares, that is. This is still a work in progress. The siblings, best friends and uncle are all completely made up by me.

Also, though I've majorly shifted Lorraine's timeline in order to write most of my stories, she was actually born in 1927 and most of the famous cases she and Ed investigated were in the 60's and 70's. That's where the 40's slang and mentions of WWII come into play in my writings. I don't often get to write in her actual time frame in my storylines because everyone else is more modern characters and I've learned to roll with that. In case any of that causes confusion to people who haven't heard me mention it before.

Lorraine Rita Warren (nee Moran)

Vera Farmiga – Adult

Taissa Farmiga – Teen

Oona Laurence – Pre-Teen

Madeleine McGraw – Child

 Edward (Ed) Warren Miney

Patrick Wilson – Adult

Dylan O’Brien - Teen


Judy Warren - Lorraine's daughter

Sterling Jerins


 Margaret (Maggie) Anderson (nee Moran) – Lorraine’s sister, three years younger (born 1930)

Peyton Kennedy - Young

Alicia Vikander - Adult

Maggie's the outspoken and 'wild' sibling. She's very curious and also tries to be one of the popular kids. She wants to fit in and has a ton of friends at school and such. She's somewhat flirty, but still a good girl who gets good grades and doesn't get into too much serious trouble. She pretends she doesn't care about most things and can sometimes come off as stuck up or disinterested, but she has a good heart and can often be found helping Lorraine out with the younger kids despite pretending she would rather be doing anything else. Lorraine is the person she admires most, but she doesn't say so because...well, they're sisters and that's not something you tell your annoying older sister. Especially when she's fond of reprimanding you for just having a little fun.

Rita Anderson - Lorraine's Niece/Maggie's Daughter (Born 1950)

Zoe Blakely


 Joan Moran – Lorraine’s Sister, eight years younger (born 1935)

Raffey Cassidy - Young


Lauren Cohen - Adult

Joan is the tomboyish, athletic one. She loves gymnastics, camping, rock climbing, hiking...pretty much anything that can get her outdoors. She gets easily annoyed with Maggie, thinking she's stuck up and a troublemaker, but loves her anyway. She also gets annoyed with Ricky because he's the irritating little brother who alternates on which sister he's glued to on any given day. He follows them around like a puppy wanting to be involved in everything they're doing and she just wants to do her own thing. She can often be found going to Lorraine with any troubles or questions she might have because her oldest sister is the person she trusts most in the world and she's not afraid to show it.

 Richard (Ricky) Moran – Lorraine’s brother, ten years younger (born 1937)

Jacob Tremblay - Young

Ansel Elgort - Adult

Ricky is the curious one of the bunch. He's always asking endless questions and wanting answers to absolutely everything. He adores all three of his sisters and wants to be part of everything they're doing at all times. He is a huge animal lover and wants to be an animal doctor when he grows up.

As an adult, Ricky committed suicide after losing his son to Cancer. 
(That drabble is located here: - TRIGGER WARNING


 Betty Johnson – Lorraine’s best friend

Madison Davenport - Teen

Kat Dennings - Adult

Betty is the quintessential 'rich' friend. She has more money and material possessions than her two friends and she does like to show off at times, but she does her best to never rub their faces in the fact that she has more, often paying for things for them or sharing what she does have. She appears flirty and flighty, but she has a good heart and cares deeply for her friends. As an adult, she married into money and became a stay at home mother of one. She and Lorraine drifted for a few years, but have recently reconnected.


 Alice Carter – Lorraine’s best friend

Lia Marie Johnson

Alice is the third member of "The Three," a name the girls came up with when searching for a name for themselves that was more iconic than something like the Three Musketeers and failing. She's more quiet and withdrawn than Betty and often finds herself feeling jealous of the things her friend and others have that she doesn't, though she doesn't often voice these feelings. She's more of an introspective intellectual and is the one that Lorraine tends to turn to for advice more often than not.

As an adult, she married but had no children. She also drifted away from her friends through the years, but started to reconnect with them recently. Her husband was killed in a car crash and, in desperation, she begged Lorraine to bring him back, not really understanding that that wasn't something her friend could do. She's still coming to terms with all of that.

Neither Betty nor Alice were aware of Lorraine's gifts as teenagers as Lorraine had deeply hidden them by that time, trying to convince everyone - including herself - that they weren't real. Both girls just thought she was easily distractable and wrote it off as one of the quirks they loved about their friend.

William Moran - Lorraine's uncle

Ross Pardridge/Jake Gyllenhaal

William was almost more of a father to Lorraine than her own father. Growing up, he was her favorite person because he listened to her. Whether he actually believed any of the things she claimed to see, know, feel etc, he knew that she believed that and he accepted that for what it was. They were extremely close.

When Lorraine was ten, he became possessed by an unknown demon and everything started to change. He became moody, withdrawn and even sometimes outright mean. Lorraine tried to convince her family of what was happening, but it was thought that he had some medical or drug or alcohol related problem that was causing the issues, though there was no actual evidence of any of that, despite many doctor visits and examinations.

When Lorraine was eleven, William shot his wife and daughters and landed himself in a mental institution where Lorraine visited him as often as she could. This was thought to be the real explanation behind his personality shift and the only one that made sense for what he had done. Lorraine was allowed to visit in the hopes that she would see what she believed was nonsense and this was reality.

Upon her last visit with her uncle, the demon inside of him spoke through him, warning her that he was bored no, but he wasn't done playing. Shortly after that, William managed to get his hands on a gun and shot himself. It was widely believed his guilt over murdering his family was what brought him to that point. Lorraine never believed that was the case.

(Drabble for this is located here:

James Moran - Lorraine's father

Daniel Craig

James was a stern and strong father. Very no nonsense. His word was law and there was often hell to pay for anyone who disobeyed it. He was never actually overly abusive, but his family always knew that it was best to never step out of line. Lorraine was never particularly close to him due to him never believing anything she told him about her abilities and what she felt and saw. He was prone to telling her to grow up and stop making up stories. He died when Lorraine was twenty. (How is presently undecided.)

Georgiana Moran - Lorraine's mother

Sharon Horgan

Growing up, Lorraine was never particularly close to her mother. Georgiana was a housewife and mother of four, though Lorraine was often delegated the responsibility of caring for her siblings. She loved her children dearly, but she, too, could often be heard telling Lorraine to stop making up stories. Though she wasn't necessarily disbelieving of everything as her husband was. She was more afraid than anything and Lorraine often picked up on that, confused and wondering what she had done wrong. They were never very close, though Lorraine wanted nothing more than to please her mother and make her happy. 

They started to bridge the gap between them while Ed was away at war and it was mended completely with the birth of her granddaughter, Judy, whom she adored more than just about anything ever. Georgiana is the one who stays with Judy while Ed and Lorraine are away with work and she has a close and loving relationship with her granddaughter and a more understanding one with her daughter than they had in years past.


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